the latest technology, the city built, factories, homes today are constantly being created in the world. To do this, use the materials that nature gives. Many animals and plants in the fight for the life of a person losing. The consequence of this is the disappearance of some of their species. If you do not create a defense to them, they can do the abyss, like some extinct species of plants and animals.

extinct plants

Extinct species are divided into two groups:

  • those who disappeared during the revolution;
  • those on which the disappearance of the person affected.

Because of the people lost a lot of plants, it said to the various sources of research. Nature progressively poorer, since the atmosphere ejected industry waste. Many hillsides stripped lush forests humanity.

extinct species There are rare and endangered species of plants, which have continued to fight for his life. Obvious examples is:

  • yellow water lily;
  • bell dolomite;
  • kladofora spherical;
  • Lily Sarankov and others.

Human activities impact on nature is not the best way. At the moment, you can list these extinct species:

  • Barguzinskaya wormwood;
  • Chii brilliant;
  • Norwegian astragalus;
  • Krasheninnikov plantain;
  • bloodroot Volga;
  • goodyera repens;
  • ling and other plants.


Extinct species of plants each year are counted. Statistics show that every year 1% of tropical rainforests disappears, dying about 70 species of animals and plants. Disappeared 10% of biodiversity in shallow water, namely coral reefs. It is believed that a further 30% will disappear in the coming decades. Such changes occur due to the fact that the climate is greatly changed, contaminated water, caught a large number of reef fish.

plant protection

endangered species of animals and plants Endangered plants in Russia are under strict protection. These include:

  • Amur cork;
  • boxwood;
  • tis common;
  • Pitsunda pine;
  • lotus and other types of shrubs, trees, grasses, which were in the Red Book.
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If you do not create the proper protection of these plants, in the future this will lead to a complete destabilization. After all, there is in an ecosystem food chain.

It has been observed that as a result of the disappearance of some species varies the size and nature of the other inhabitants. Each plant bears a certain DNA molecule. If it disappears, irreversibly lost with it the genetic material. For example, only annual wormwood able to cure malaria, because it contains a part of artemisinin, which was not observed in any other plant.

Cause for concern

endangered plants red book Endangered species of plants and animals should be known to everyone. That there are certain reasons:

  1. Biological entities disappear, reducing the richness of nature.
  2. destabilization of ecosystems. In nature, everything is interconnected, so the extinction of one species destroys the whole chain.
  3. Other species susceptible danger of extinction. After the disappearance of a certain type of other plants and animals can reduce their numbers. From this changing ecosystem.
  4. It lost a unique genetic material.

A list of some endangered species

rare and endangered plant speciesAllocate such endangered species of the Red Book, which need to be protected:

  1. Lilium Martagon. This elegant plant that is able to please a few years in a row. The flowers appear in summer. They are pink color with purple stamens. The leaves are very original, painted specks.
  2. Strode high. The plant belongs to the orchid types. It is in danger, as it can soon add to the list "Extinct species of plants." Photos can be viewed in different sources, each of which shows a high herbaceous perennial up to 1 meter. The plant has no leaves, but pleases gathered in the brush flowers. In autumn it gives fruit with seeds.
  3. Japanese pogonia. The plant is able to grow by 20-40 cm in height.
  4. Lunaria rediviva.
  5. Schitolistny nimfotsvetnik. It belongs to the family of shift. The plant has oval leaves, floating in the swamp.
  6. Dwarf euonymus. It is a beautiful shrub that pleases its green leaves.
  7. Cornflower Taliev. It has amazing pinnatisect leaves that decorate the baskets of inflorescences creamy.
  8. Ginseng. It is believed this natural wonder.
  9. Lily of the valley. Flower, who fell in love with many, is on the verge of extinction.
  10. Astrantia large. The plant lives several years. It is very high, grows up to 70 cm.
  11. Fine-leaved peony. It refers to a family of peony, pleasing to the eye with their colors raspberry hue.
  12. Shlemonosny orchids.
  13. White water lily. It is a very beautiful plant.
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Red Book

endangered plants in Russia All endangered species Red book put together by sections and categories, depending on the status, the degree of protection. They are five:

  1. The first category is carried species that are subject to extinction. If people will not use security measures, then save them will be impossible. These include a large horsetail, royal fern, white fir, polyanthus, volchnik upland, lady's slipper.
  2. The second category. Here are recorded the plants that have a high number, but it is rapidly decreasing. From this can be gone a number of plants. These include: Baranez ordinary, bear onion, Isoetes lacustris, European globe, white water lily.
  3. The third category is attributed those types of plants that grow in limited areas. They have a small amount. They have not yet threatened with extinction. The list includes: water fern, rhododendron yellow, low salt away, Siberian iris, anemone wood, ivy, water chestnut, birch dwarf.
  4. The fourth category. Here we describe plants that are poorly understood, but their small number. These are: martagon lily, violet swamp, cow parsnip ordinary.
  5. The fifth category includes species that have been the restoration of the number. This contributed to the special security measures. But among the plant species of very little.

Some species requiring special attention

There are some rare plants that need attention and protection of the person. One of these is Arizona agave, the number of plants is rapidly declining. Some species grow in the National Forest in Arizona.

It should be noted that close to extinction Enrubio bush. This happens due to the fact that he was eaten by many animals. But the number of these plants is not as dire as the western prairie orchids. She is on the verge of extinction. She now grows only in 5 US states, mostly in the wetland environment. Because of global warming, grazing plant is slowly disappearing from the face of the earth.

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extinct species of plant photos



Endangered species of animals and plants every year replenished with new ones. If the person will not take action, it will lead to destabilization of the ecosystem. As a result of the disappearance of some species will die other, as in nature there is a chain of life, all connected to each other.

In the future, the extinction of species can lead to a big disaster in the world. Therefore, the need to create adequate protection to all plants and animals, but pay particular attention to rare species. Because their existence depends on humanity. Each person should think about it and take care of nature!

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