Cats - one of the most magical animals in the world. Her aura is so great that it covers not only the cat, but its owner, the house and the area that the cat is committed. Because cats can be both positive and negative purposes should be careful with them. They clearly feel the emotional state of a person, and they are almost impossible to cheat. Cats use a well to protect the house from evil spirits . Especially suited for this white and red suit.

Cats aura is so strong that he would "throw away" any negative vibrations cat out of the territory that the cat is committed. Therefore, we must try to get the cat thought you, your family and the apartment of its territory.

Cat not only protects the house from evil spirits, but also saves the house from her, if it was there before. Finding the house otherworldly force , the cat first time watching her, as if trying to determine her intentions. Making sure that the astral nature threatens her safety and that of her surroundings, she is attempting to "crowd out" the essence of your energy field. If she is not, she would have "pulls" it withdraws into itself and out of the house.

If you see that the cat is in a certain place in your home, in a tense posture, and obviously for something watching, you know - she sees otherworldly force . To help an animal, you can fumigate the place some ointment or even wormwood.

A cat can easily get rid of the house the astral body of the deceased. The presence of cats will also protect you from applying your power harm. When talking to someone who is unpleasant to you, keep your cat nearby, and even better to put on it with both hands, as if stroking it.

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Because cats are conductors of cosmic energy, they can bring into the house of prosperity and well-being of energy. Cats love to be in the areas of strong flow of energy, in the so-called gepatogennyh areas, actively transforming negative energy into positive .

Cat in nature can serve as a conduit between the man and the other world . It is believed that in the cat house establishes a relationship with a man.

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