Dogs, like many other pets, are subject to helminthic invasion. Therefore, de-worming (prevention of worms) is carried out at least twice a year. This is done using special tools that you can buy in every pet store.

Worms - this is the most common problem for canine and feline health.

Before giving the dog anthelmintic, it is necessary to visit the vet, so he had a pet inspection. Only a professional will be able to calculate the required dosage is not only for treatment but also for prevention purposes (for this purpose anthelmintics since 2 months).

Deworming is carried out only after consultation with a veterinarian, so as soon as the expert, to assess the overall condition of the dog's body appoints the necessary dosage, which depends on the state of health of Fluffy and power of anthelmintic. If the worms are in the stool and vomit, the infestation has gone far, no trip to the vet can not do. Only he will determine the kind and degree of infestation of worms, on the basis of which to draw conclusions and prescribe the right drug and dose. For example, if carried dehelminthization "Kanikvantelem Plus", the drug dose is determined on the basis of body weight - 10 kg - 1 tablet. But "Pyrantel 'are given only in the event that the puppy less than a month (on 1 kg - 20-30mg).

How to give a dog anthelmintic?

The drug is given within 3 hours before serving, or 2 hours after it. medicine sometimes give again, as some media types require reuse in two weeks.

Even if the dog is not infected with parasites, prevention is still carried out, because the worms can for a long time not to be hung. Veterinary examination twice a year to each dog.

Some anthelmintics have an attractive animal smell, others can also be wrapped in a piece of meat or a favorite treat to not have any problems with medication.

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Do not buy unknown anthelmintic drugs, are not credible. It is necessary to be exactly sure what this or that means for an animal, you need to follow the recommendations of a veterinarian and always check the validity period of anthelmintic.

After 40 minutes after administration of the drug can be given to the animal 3 ml sunflower oil (1 ml kg- 3). This is done in order to better absorption.

If a pet is scheduled vaccination, it is necessary to know exactly when to give anthelmintic dog before inoculation. This is done in advance, for 12-14 days.

It seems that everything is simple: to get high-quality anthelmintic drugs, give it to his Fuzzies (according to weight) and the problem is exhausted, but the recommendations of experts and masters themselves in this area vary much. Some owners after giving anthelmintic often face health complications of their favorites. Therefore, you should know a few rules.

All worms are divided into flat, round and tape. Each variety of dangerous and harmful in its own way. These parasites make up the body of higher animals compete for food resources they eagerly absorb many vitamins and other important compounds (which leads to depletion).

However, the maximum harm to the dog cause the waste products of worms - toxins. At high concentrations they begin to mechanically damage the intestinal wall. Flatworms harm the liver, other roundworm can get into the brain, complications in the lungs give the pulmonary nematodes and so on. D. Plus, in the attenuated parasites body easily penetrate all kinds of infections. Because of such a dog actions may lag behind in development even if a balanced and quality nutrition.

It is clear that with Ascaris must fight, we must clearly understand that the majority of anthelmintic drugs are essentially poison (although the permissible doses), and that the higher animals, of course, far nepolezen. And while many developers anthelmintic argue that the impact is only on the parasites and harmful substances in the blood of animals is not absorbed (ie, do not cause harm to health), it is not always the case.

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Very often, when the dog had worms, after the application of anthelmintic agent, for 3 days, they went out in the stool (although this may not be, often under the influence of drugs, they simply dissolve in the intestine). In any case, at this time you need to carefully monitor the pet. To prevent re-infection, as soon as the parasites will go, all you need to quickly clean up.

Anyway, deworming should be reduced to the minimum possible. How do we determine it? When giving the dog anthelmintic?

Infestation occurs early, even at the time of fetal development, when the eggs of worms enter the body the baby on the mother's blood. When a puppy is born, then the worms get a boost development and begin to grow rapidly.

At the age of 12 or 14 days roundworm become mature blood and filled with thousands of new eggs. It turns out that even a small number of worms easily becomes the cause of severe infestation.

When to give puppy anthelmintic? Many recommend giving anthelmintic at the age of 12-14 days. Naturally, in such a small dose of age should be half of the calculated weight standards (and tool itself - with the greatest exposure to mild). Action on the principle - less is better than more. Here the task is not to get rid of parasites completely, and to kill some of them, the puppy did not lag behind in development. This approach allows the baby to get some rest from the attacks of parasites and gain strength. Plus, part of worms that have managed to stay in the intestine after ingestion, strongly ill and do not become sexually mature at the time of re-testify medications (age three weeks).

Other deworming strategy assumes that puppies need anthelmintic at the age of 2 months. Here it is a decision for the owner and the veterinarian.

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How to give anthelmintic puppy?

Convenient way for kids - it's worming paste.

If after the second garden tools stored appreciable yield parasites, then 10 days later a third time anthelmintic full dose. If after the first drug administration there is a negative reaction, the drug change.

Remember that when the infestation with worms is great, the day before receiving the drug can be given to the dog chelators leading out from the body of the toxins. Then half-day break and re - anthelmintic, 5-6 hours in large numbers again give the sorbent. They can be food clay, "Smecta" or "Enterosgel".

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