Hair color for brown eyesFinding the perfect hair color that suits your skin and eye color may seem a difficult task. However, there are universal tips and tricks that will help you better choose the hair color that will accentuate your face and make you more attractive. To learn more about how to choose a hair color for brown eyes , read on.

Hair color that you choose should be a perfect fit for your skin tone and eye color, or the wrong choice will make you look ridiculous. Ethnicity become blurred, too pale or too bright. Sometimes it can even wear out visually.

One of the most important criteria that should be borne in mind, is the tone of your skin. After that you should decide on the color that perfectly complement your appearance. Girl with brown eyes can rest easy, because there are many options for colors, which is perfect for their eyes. And in this article I want to tell you about them.

skin type

First, determine your skin tone. The easiest way to do this, take silver and gold earrings, and bring them to face. Watch those which option looks at you best. If silver does your facial features more attractive and adds to your appearance, so you have a cool skin tone. Conversely, if gold makes you look brighter and gives a healthy glow to your face, then you have a warm skin tone.

In addition, people with a warm type have a yellow, tan skin tone, and with a cold pink and rosy.

Warm skin tone

One of the best options for hair dye it darker shades of brown. Choose a rich dark brown, medium brown and chocolate hair color for brown eyes. You can also pay attention to the color of caramel or honey, which will frame your face contour. This will allow brown eyes look brighter and more attractive. Also pay attention to the color of cinnamon and mahogany. This will further accentuate your look. Deep red color, such as brown or dark red shade also looks good on a woman with a warm-skinned and brown eyes.

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Hair color for brown eyes
Hair color for brown eyes

Cool skin tone

You should try these colors like caramel, toffee and honey. They will give you a more soft and romantic image. Also, women with cool skin and brown eyes should pay attention to the ashy blonde and rich shades of brown. You can try more vibrant colors, such as golden blond, wheat and ashy shades applied to the darker main color of hair.

Hair color for brown eyes

Hair color for brown eyes

Remember, the eyes are the brightest part of your face, and the right choice of color will only accentuate your beauty. Choose a hair color for your brown eyes, which resonates with colored spots iris. Also paint should complement your skin tone, so you can feel more vibrant and attractive.

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