Is it possible to imagine a female without a bag? Without this fetish, carefully guard the ladies? Unreal, is not it? Why is this an inanimate object so cherished by women all over the world? Try to understand.

Bags and handbags, large and small, business and evening.

Whence came to us "Bag"?

Fashion historians say that their appearance is required to bag pocket! Yes, yes, expensive.

However, not a simple pocket, and royal. In the XVII century, Louis XIV brought into vogue pockets, ordering them to decorate his coat. Sun King quickly found a use for them, he kept there spirits and gold coins. Subsequently pockets began to decorate jackets, pockets and later appeared on his trousers.

men the most valuable items before this time were in the bags on the belt and the women hid small bags under her skirt.

In the XV century, the money began to wear in "pockets for good," which is attached to a leather belt.

When these pockets Burgundian courtyard, called "omonerami" have been an integral part of the court toilets.

Each court tried to demonstrate their status by appearing to the court with the most original, decorated with jewels, omonerom.

Bags are no longer hiding, they were shown, they boasted, they were proud.

Small bags, pouches (or handbags) came into vogue in the XVII century. Handbags nobles richly decorated with beads or beads, could be either braided or knitted.

In the XVIII century handbags lace (with a coquettish called "pompadour" in memory of the Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV) turned the ladies head. The ladies of high society competed in the manufacture of exquisite and elaborate handbags.

Bag "pompadour"

Bag "pompadour"

Trunks appeared in the late XIX century, people began to travel more. In 1896, the fashion house Louis Vuitton has offered the ladies are not bulky suitcases and his collection of easy, but roomy ladies' bag.

Bag of the XIX century

Bag of the XIX century

The beginning of XX century was marked by yet another revolution in women's fashion - came into fashion very long, narrow skirts with intercept below the knees. Think room for pockets no more?

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And then in the side seams of women's clothing began to sew hidden pockets. And the size of the bag began to increase.

Women's Fashion to play different games. A bag made friends with a new invention - the strap. Fashionistas immediately recognized this innovation and evening bags on a long strap or an elegant chain immediately flew off the shelves.

Modern women can not be imagined without this accessory.

Now the bag has many functions. The most important of them - it holds literally at hand, things are basic necessities.

In addition to the undeniable practicality, the bag acts as a "part of the external image of the lady." Therefore it is necessary to consider certain criteria when choosing a bag.

It is desirable that the bag was in harmony with the style of clothing a woman and her figure.

Bag - this is not a silent accessory. It can tell us about the character of its owner.
Therefore tasteful bag will become your reliable companion in any situation!

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