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The latest trend of modern clothing style and image of youth - is the emphasis on their individuality, and the most brilliant way to emphasize their uniqueness - to experiment with your hair, both with the shape of the hair, as well as their color. To attract the attention of others, and hit them with their appearance, you can use the hair dye in one of the shades of blue.

Of course, this bright and bold shade like the young women of fashion. According to psychologists, a girl with blue hair - this is likely, bold and decisive personality, to the same kind of color talks about the subtleties of creative nature fashionista. As a rule, it is a creative person resolute character and sensitive vulnerable soul.

Blue hair talking about brightness and outrageous personality able to attract a lot of attention, surprise, or even shock others with their creative ideas. Girl with blue hair color bright and unusual.

There is also a view that the beautiful girl with blue hair may be a result of infantile lack of attention in childhood. However, looking at the cheerful, positive and dedicated fashionistas with a hint of curl, it's hard to disagree.

To go hair blue?

Blue Hair color - this is a very risky experiment, and one can never know for sure whether you will be to face a shade. A sure way to check it out - try a wig proper shade of the nearest store.

Yet there are a few general rules, who will suit blue hair:

  1. Light blue color will be white-skinned, blue-eyed face to the young blonde, in harmony with a touch of eye, blue hair will become part of the image and the girl style.
blue volosy1 blue volosy2 blue volosy3
  1. Muted blue hair color fit light-skinned women of fashion with bright and expressive features - black eyebrows, big dark eyes.
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blue volosy4 blue volosy5 blue volosy6
  1. Dark blue color, close to the blue, is more likely to be in harmony with dark skin and dark eyes, although there are exceptions.
blue volosy7 blue volosy8 blue volosy9

In general, we can summarize that whatever your appearance, hair color blue is likely to suit you, provided that you very carefully choose the shade and hue.

Hair blue - variations

The easiest solution for the blue hair can be called, of course, one-color version - long, thick strands of blue turn you into a beautiful fairy of good children's story. Such an image will never be left without attention and will attract huge interest from others.

blue volosy10 blue volosy11 blue volosy12

Do you like blue hair color, you are sure that it will suit you, but you do not like the idea of ​​painting a full head of hair? In this case, you can focus on your hair without such drastic measures - pay attention to the idea of ​​the blue strands in her hair. On the bright colors it will be unbeatable in harmony with the blue eye color.

blue volosy13 blue volosy14 blue volosy15

Brunettes should choose the stylish female accessory blue for harmony of his image - necklace, handbag, or even paint makeup.

blue volosy16 blue volosy17 blue volosy18

One of the most popular ideas among young people - is a variant of dyeing hair with blue tips. This part of the image - the perfect way to express their creativity and individuality to stand out from the crowd, and this is particularly important in a thin teenager.

blue volosy19 blue volosy20 blue volosy21

Blue hair - some rules

Selecting blue hair color, do not forget that your image has to be complete and harmonious. For example, is unlikely to look beautiful this hairstyle with a bright red dress.

The clothes must be chosen main cold light colors, bright and warm as can be expressive accents - for example, light blue or white dress with an orange belt.

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Also pay attention to makeup - with the shade will not combine warm colors.

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