natural beautyRecently thought about why girls are so afraid of naturalness? Quite often I hear that women, being married for a long time, never showed narrowed without first making make-up. And let at the same time you need to get up at five o'clock in the morning! They can not imagine their life without her painted lashes in three layers, shadows and blush. Why?

After all, a girl who looks after itself: watching the face and body, in my opinion, should not hide it under the ball of foundation, powder and bronzer.

Naturalness never goes out of fashion, it requires a lot of effort and time than applying makeup every day. The beauty that is given to you by nature, can and should be emphasized!

Let's look at foreign stars, who were and are trendsetters.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Minaj nicki - a vivid example of the fact that fundamentally changes the natural girl and makes her expressive and pleasant.



style="vertical-align: inherit;">Knowles Beyoncé , emphasizing its great eyes and beautiful hair, decently presented this her natural beauty.

Agree, emancipation, about which so much talk in the community, not so greatly influenced by the question of naturalness! The influence of advertising and the beauty of the beau monde, forcing women to submit to their laws.

I could not ignore the opinion of men about this. Some argue that they are not willing to see their beautiful women without make-up because it is a fashion statement, so to say "beauty - requires sacrifice", others - against saturated makeup, but "for" something to the girls stressed their beauty, whether -That eyes, lips, cheeks. Still others are against the presence of any "color" on the face half. For them it is insecure, and therefore not worthy of the girl. Let's be honest, we - the girls, try not only for themselves but also for their strict and expected men.

natural-beauty-old photoI do not argue, we make them the first impression appearance. But, under the "war paint" you can see the gentle, sensitive and caring girl? After all, we just want to be loved and protected. So why not show them themselves initially? Why not give them a reason to care about us? Show me emphasize, be confident in yourself, do not be afraid, our strength lies in our beauty, in our inner world, and if someone had not considered it, it's not terrible, terrible thing to lose yourself.

Natural beauty - it is a natural beauty. And most importantly, our unstoppable force!


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