Stylish business-woman and a teenage girl tender, Hollywood star and modern housewife one thing in common - the desire to look great and confident and be a trend. Fashion trends relate not only clothes and lifestyle, but also the important details like hair. It determines the image of every woman, and how it will perceive the surrounding. Popular bob haircut cascade, regardless of the length of the hair of its owner.

Bob haircut cascade

Hairstyle cascade approach girls with any face shape. A variety of possible embodiments of such a hairstyle allows each woman to choose the perfect stage for the square itself. Cascade can be supplemented with a bang (for oval face is better to make a straight bangs for round - asymmetric), unusual parting and sharp transitions between the layers.

Photo 1 - bob haircut cascade create a set of images

Photo 1 - bob haircut cascade create a set of images

A special haircut technique allows you to change the image, depending on how you put your hair: carefully and accurately, or creating the effect of slight negligence.

Bright and unusual looks cascading effect square sun-bleached locks, adding color accents, lightening or darkening all. On this hairstyle looks harmonious coloring. Modern hair dyes do not cause them any harm, but rather gives them a healthy look and shine.

Careless cascade on the middle rack of the hair often choose women aged 25 to 40 years old. Such hair does not require a special approach to installation. Easy inaccuracy, combined with lush hair effect is playing into the hands of the possessor cascade quads.

Sleek stylish bob cascade approach girls with hair of different lengths. In this case better to the hair structure is dense, then the hair will look well-groomed.

Correctly chosen square stage will emphasize the dignity of every woman, regardless of face shape and hair length. To emphasize their individuality and make the hairstyle more stylish, you can experiment with colors and shades on the hair, making the effect of burnt strands, lighten or darken the ends.

To learn how to do bob haircut cascade learn of the proposed video.

Kare cascade of long hair

Cascade bob for long hair - seemingly incongruous alliance, but this hairstyle can completely change the image, almost no cutting length. When choosing a hairstyle to give preference to a square cascade is a girl who dreams to make a fashionable and stylish haircut, that will always look good and do not require a special effort during installation.

Photo 2 - Kara cascade of long hair length allows you to save

Photo 2 - Kara cascade of long hair length allows you to save

The undoubted advantage is the ability to maintain long. Shearing stage in the hair tresses are long and there are shorter strands. Cascade square gives extra volume, which is especially important when, due to the length of the hair becomes heavier.

Such a haircut perfect girls with thin hair, when the latter lacks the density and splendor.

Create the impression of more volume of hair can be due to an uneven cut line and superimposing several layers of hair on top of each other. Shorter hair on top affect the larger volume and lower saving curls provide a desired length.

Kare cascade of long hair provides volume and length curls simultaneously. Stylish haircut bob eliminates the need for daily styling for a perfect appearance of the hair.

Kare cascade to medium hair

The average length of hair allows you to experiment with fashion. With such a length can easily do without the fancy hairstyles and painful pilings and thus look great every day. Kare cascade chosen for holders of medium hair, hair volume will provide a better fit and young women with thin hair.

At the same time, you can do a cascading square and thick hair. In this case, the extra amount goes to each layer, leaving hair lush at the roots, but laid at the ends. Kare cascade fit girl with hair smooth, non-porous structure, providing a neat and tidy hairstyle.

Photo 3 - Kara cascade on medium hair done in layers

Photo 3 - Kara cascade on medium hair done in layers

Cascade square on medium hair is achieved by the fact that the tips of the cut is made in layers, without complying with the clear line. Curls given light volume, and the hair looks more natural.

Cascade square on medium hair is often confused with a buzz "ladder", but the transition between layers of different length in the case of a cascade is more visible, and the hair becomes sharp, not blurred the brink of transition.

More extravagant look This hairstyle is when the strand is slightly ruffled, noticeably slight negligence.

Conversely, the ideal smooth square stage, suitable for evening or business image, the girl gives confidence and makes her look more sexy and attractive.

Smooth cascade squares fit and girls who want to soften coarse facial features, and torn - will create an image of the femme fatale, even when the doll's expression.

Kare cascade for short hair

Cascade bob for short hair can either go up to the jawline and be ultra, giving the image a special glamor and eccentricity. Smooth bob to chin fit girls with oval or triangular face, high cheekbones and a low forehead.

Twisted ends would smooth inside massive chin. Slightly elongated in the front and shorter back, a square and complement the image of women with a round face. Such hair softens lines and gives a soft, gentle expression.

Photo 4 - Kara short hair accentuate the image of confident women

Photo 4 - Kara short hair accentuate the image of confident women

At the same time, a ragged bob short hair suit stylish and self-confident women. The most popular is it in fragile girls, stating their identity.

This haircut for short hair lets you endlessly experiment with images and colors.

Incredible volume careless curls or perfectly smooth, mirror surface of the hair - all of which can afford the owner cascade quads. Easy stacking via lacquer capable of instantly changed daily hairstyle on luxury, suitable for evening image cut.

Versatility cascade hairstyle allows each girl to experiment with your image and choose the most suitable to her hair cut depending on hair length, shape and facial features.

Laying haircut cascade

For any hairstyle look well-groomed and neat, it is necessary, first of all, take care of the health of the hair. It is recommended to make a mask for the hair, and the ends of the applied special oil. Hair care plays an important role in the home.

Bob haircut cascade not only refresh the image and give hair light volume, but also the time to look for tips, trimming and even trim their length.

Photo 5 - A new haircut is part of a new image

Photo 5 - A new haircut is part of a new image

Make a cut - the first step to ensure that the look perfectly. It plays an important role and styling. You can use it to radically change their way almost every day. Basic steps for laying quads cascade:

  • washing hair with shampoo suitable for your hair type;
  • application of protective means;
  • hairstyle simulation using a rectifier and dryer;
  • the effect of consolidation.

Owners of long and medium hair in preparation for drying should apply protective measures on the ends of her hair to avoid aggravation. Modeling tools (gel, foam, mousse) is applied, on the contrary, at the roots of his hair, trying to avoid contact with skin means head and pollution.

A feature of the square stage in the short hair is that protective equipment is better to put on the full-length, as in the case of a hair ends often to cut and hairstyle - is updated.

In order to obtain perfectly smooth stage, it is recommended either to lay hair with a hair dryer and a circular combs a large diameter, or allow the hair to dry naturally, providing a flat surface via ironing.

In the case where the volume of the stage seems to be inadequate, it is easy to comb the hair at the roots of thin flat comb, while sprinkled a small amount of varnish for fixing.

You can change the direction of laying the ends with a round hairbrush. Spinning during drying tips inward to face, it is possible to visually narrow down and make way more stylish. Twisting the ends to the outside, it is easy to give obrazuromantichnost and flirtatious.

The peculiarity haircut cascade is the ability to maintain long form. Having laid the hair while drying, there is no need to keep fit every day.

Thus, rack cascade - a universal cutting, which can be performed on the hair of any length and structure. This hairstyle is able to emphasize the dignity and individuality of every girl!

Haircuts stage for many years remain at the peak of popularity, only slightly modified in line with fashion trends. And to a greater extent that the demand determined by the natural lines and the possibility of haircuts to hair of any length. For example, cut a square limited to a certain length, and its clear lines can not be called natural. In addition, a haircut cascade can be considered universal, since this technique haircuts can create a hairstyle that will perfectly fit the shape of the face, hair color and thickness.

Haircut cascade of 2016 is one of the most popular. There are many variations of this hairstyle, in the case of a correct choice of the girl emphasize particular appearance. This haircut is considered to be universal, it is suitable for any hair length, perfect fit with or without a bang it.

Knowing the basic secrets of laying woman looks glamorous every day, easily changing the appearance of both parties or social events, and for daily outputs.

Holders of long hair are always faced with a difficult choice - to leave the length of the hair or to look fashionable and elegant, haircut. That haircut cascade of long hair will help to solve the problem of choosing optimal. Based shearing stage possible, without touching the length of the missing so long to give hair volume and fluffiness. A kind of "ladder" - Unlike bob haircut in which all the hair, haircut cascade fall of the cutoff line. Hair ends are located at different heights, increase the volume. Even thin hair, cut in such a way will seem stronger and more resilient. And if they are a little twist, the hair takes a particularly elegant look. Cascade with bangs on long hair - cut, timeless for many years.
Elegant hairstyle for long hair a cascade of pale light brown shade harmoniously looks with styling tips with a heat gun and a light fleece basal
Haircut cascade of long, thin hair looks perfectly in tandem with oblique elongated fringe and highlights in the coffee-brown tones
The idea of ​​a haircut cascade of long hair pale light brown color will look good with the daily chaotic and laying thick fringe length below the eyebrows
Trend Cut cascade of long hair dark brown color will look great with bangs to the side and laying in the style of artistic disorder
Original Women's Haircut cascade of long hair thin type looks good on the straightened tresses, dyed copper-chestnut shade
Stylish haircut cascade for long straight hair makes the image memorable, combined with the coloring of black and emerald tones and straight thick fringe


Medium length hair clipper stage are best suited. Unruly curly hair that are so poorly to any installation, in such a hairstyle looks neat and stylish, straight hair does not lie dull strands. To cascade hairstyle looked carefully enough just after shampooing your hair dry with a hair dryer. A curling iron and hair curlers allow fashionistas independently on the basis of the cascade haircuts create fashion creative hairstyle. Hairstyle stages with different intensity can be both calm and more challenging. Particularly stylish look to the average length of "ragged haircut" hair. "Softer" haircut cascade on medium hair , in which the "ladder" is done only at the tips, suitable for women of any age, and the elderly as well. With the cascade haircuts can easily solve the problem of split ends. Varying cascade on medium hair with bangs or without, wavy or smooth, you can every day to look fresh and new.
Creative haircut cascade with ragged bangs for medium hair ashen
A spectacular cascade haircut for thick hair of medium length
Haircut cascade with bangs and highlights for medium hair
Stylish hairstyle idea cascade with bangs to the side for straight hair of medium length
Beautiful haircut cascade of blonde hair of medium length
haircut cascade option for medium hair ginger tint
Trendy haircut cascade of hair of medium length light light brown shade
Creative haircut, made in the technique of cascade, is an excellent choice for owners of medium hair, supplemented by oblique bangs and highlights in light brown shades
Original haircut cascade with short bangs for medium hair copper-brown hue
Classical haircut cascade to medium hair black color blends well with the straight thick fringe and for creating everyday image
Option haircut cascade to medium hair black color
Haircut cascade of light fine hair of medium length

Trend Cut cascade for short hair with a long oblique bangs and highlights
Creative haircut cascade with elongated strands for short hair black
Women's haircut cascade for short hair coppery
Trend Cut cascade with styling for short hair dark brown color
The idea of ​​a cascade haircuts with bangs to the side for short hair black
Classical haircut cascade of thick short hair dark brown color

In order to perform a haircut cascade not have to be a professional hairdresser. In the first stage purely washed and dried hair should be divided into direct central parting and wet. Then both sides are pulled forward and positioned parallel to the floor small equal strands, which will be determined by the length. The rest of the hair fixed on the back of the head clamp.

After the first strand will be trimmed gradually from the fixed hair strands and get off new hair cut on the first level. Gradually, all the hair trimmed at the same level. The final step is a thinning clippers, which imparts the necessary volume of a hairstyle and makes a final hairstyle form.


Depending on the structure of hair haircut cascade has the features you need to know in order to make it easy stacking every day and look at this simply charming.
Women's haircut cascade for thin short hair ashy hue
Stylish haircut cascade for long curly hair chestnut shade amazingly combined with stacking in large curls in retro style
A spectacular cascade haircut for thick medium hair ashen
Option shearing stage for thin straight hair type looks good with straight bangs up to the eyebrows and coloring in chocolate color
Haircut cascade with bangs oblique fine hair of medium length
The idea of ​​a cascade haircuts with bangs and highlights for direct medium hair


It is important to note that not only the structure of the hair, but also the shape of the face influences the choice of hairstyle. Note some of the features of the face, which should take into account before you opt for a haircut cascade:
Option shearing stage for long face and long hair copper-red hue that perfectly complemented bangs below the eyebrow and deep parting
Proper cascade haircut for long hair and oval face, supplemented bangs to the side, amazingly combined with blond hair with a slight yellow tinge
Option asymmetrical haircut cascade with bangs for medium to thick hair evolved elongated lower strands and pale golden hue curls
Trendy haircut cascade to medium hair perfect round type to owners face and stylish looks with bangs to the side and casual styling
Haircut cascade with Highlights for medium hair and a triangular-shaped face
Volume haircut with bangs cascade to medium hair types and square face


Based on some of the features of appearance when choosing a hairstyle stage should be given a large amount of attention when choosing the form of bangs. Since making the right choice, you can perfectly accentuate the beauty of your face, or otherwise spoil the look.
Option haircut cascade for short hair of medium thickness harmoniously complement oblique fringe and staining in natural ashen
Haircut cascade with jagged bangs short hair dark brown tone
Laying female haircut cascade with straight bangs and long hair coloration in ashy color is well suited for creating a romantic image and for casual style
Women's Haircut cascade of long hair perfectly complemented by short bangs, coloring black and bold styling to every day
Haircut cascade with straight bangs for medium hair pale light brown color
Haircut cascade, made in the original dual technology, harmoniously complemented by a thick straight bangs and hair dye in a golden blond


As is known, haircut cascade is one of the most popular among a lot of other options, since it does not require great effort in installation. In everyday life, this haircut is not even always need installation, by itself, it looks beautiful. We tell you a few tips on how to style your hair cut stage.

Laying haircut cascade on every day for fine hair of medium length, painted in dark brown color, and supplemented by an extended bangs to the side
Casual styling haircut cascade to medium hair with highlights
Laying haircut cascade on each day for medium hair black
Laying haircut cascade to medium hair thin ashy tone
Evening styling haircut cascade with oblique bangs for long hair
Trendy haircut cascade to medium hair dark light brown tones complement the daily pattern, combined with the bangs to the side and laying the strands using a lacquer or a mousse

Haircut cascade on long hair will look beautiful if the wind the hair on large curlers, then a little comb it and fix the resulting hairstyle lacquer.

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