There are several types of female figures. Depending on which has advantages and disadvantages, you need to choose clothes that look as aesthetically pleasing. Despite the fact that on this subject written by hundreds of thousands of books, many women continue to blindly follow fashion, forgetting about their individual characteristics.

Usually distinguish several basic types of female figures:

"Hourglass" or "eight" - the most successful figure, when the shoulders and hips about the same width and the waist thin. On this figure looks great any feminine clothes: dresses and skirts that emphasize the waist, blouses, allowing not hide his shoulders. The disadvantages of such figures are often short legs that corrected clothes and heels.

"Pear" - type figure with a heavy bottom part and narrow shoulders. As a rule, these ladies legs and thighs are always part of the problem, where the fat is not going away in any diet and fitness classes at the thighs and buttocks quickly become bulky. Adds more grief and tummy. In this graceful hands often enough. On such a figure would be very good looking things, emphasizing the shoulders, chest and waist and hiding the fullness of the legs and thighs.

"T-shaped" figure or "inverted triangle" - the broad shoulders and back, severe chest full of hands, hips, shapely legs and hardly expressed waist. Accordingly, the focus is on the benefits: slim hips and legs, and in the upper part of the body can only emphasize the chest, trying to hide his massive back and shoulders. Classic jackets - the best option.

"Rectangle" or "pod" - is, as a rule, a thin woman with elongated proportions: narrow shoulders and hips, unexpressed waist, shapely legs. When a woman grows stout, fat is stored primarily in the stomach, without weighing down the thigh. So, the emphasis needs to be done on the legs, hips and shoulders, without emphasizing the waist and chest.

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"Apple" - full figure, with a big belly, breasts, full hips. As a rule, such a figure indicates severe obesity or endocrine problems. Owners of such a figure fit loose-fitting clothes, skirts below the knees, and the sleeves below the elbow.

The main principle in the selection of clothes for various types of shapes

Dark and monotonous visually reduces, light and bright eye-catching, vertical stripes visually lengthen the figure, and the place of the bulge hide under things loose-fitting.

Full or short legs require dark (preferably black), tights, pants and skirts, always with a high waist, not tight. Very well looked skirts and flared pants down.

Full hips should not be too tight clothes, trousers and skirts should choose dark colors, not short.

Big belly and a lack of adjusted dark waist corsage or loose clothing. Do not attempt to tighten the belt around the waist, it is only emphasize the defect.

No matter how you figure and what clothes you choose, one rule remains the same: in these clothes you should be comfortable. If the clothes for any reason causes a feeling of discomfort, you will never look "at 100".

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