With the arrival of spring, the girls all over the world thrive, acquire lightness of mood and bright colors in clothing style and image. Similarly, in the spring 2019 will be dominated by light bright color nail polish. In this collection we will see the best photos of spring 2019 nail design.

Thus, the  nail design Spring 2019 photo novelties

What are the best ideas spring manicure today presented a selection of modern damsels? What nail designs will be most relevant in the spring of 2019? And what sets this nail art will be most in demand in the spring of 2019?

Manicure on long nails news

I suggest to look selection of interesting ideas manicure on long nails, which are worth considering.

Photo Nail Gel nail design 2019 spring

Sometimes only one or two layers of gel material in a special feathered or supplemented pearlescent vtirkoy for achieving splendid concise manicure. Spring 2019 Trends coming year does not exclude the popularization restraint and conciseness individually applied coating without further hoisting of the nail plate scenery as adhesive tapes, paste, foil, mica, kamifubikov, molding, drawing, and other decorative nail inventory. This may include the following variations fashionable spring manicure 2019 :

  • Rainbow monophonic - such trend today colors like mint, rose, rosy, bright azure, soft coral, sky blue look great, striped alternately applied to the individual nails of the fingers. Such a nail design trend of different fresh, spring colorful and perfect simplicity. It is considered the most appropriate application of non-ferrous materials such short nails;
  • two-color combination - often polzuemym Nail design is considered to be the combination of the nails as possible successfully combine colors. Spring orientation involves coating the nails in one monophonic and bright color selection nail unnamed and middle fingers other vibrant color. Bright combinations coming of spring 2019 are considered to be yellow with violet, blue and red, light pink to sky blue, dusty-gray with fuchsia;
  • gradient shading - another version of pure gel dressing, manifested in the combination of two colors on one nail with a smooth graduated transition from one color to another. This style of Ombre gained a name and is quite popular type of nail coatings spring season 2019.

Manicure Spring 2019 on short nails photo

And here's a video compilation of interesting options for manicure short nails.

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In general, summing up innovation nail art, it is possible to note the dominant feature of the season: allowing loyalty to creative ideas, trendy manicure keeps a kind of boundary separating art decor from excessive vulgarity, bad taste, and excessive congestion means of decoration.

New items manicure Spring 2019 fashion trends photo

The most beautiful and feminine manicure traditionally decorated with drawings. Then the ever-changing fashion trends can not something radically change, new ideas can only offer fashionable colors, the manner and style of the drawing.

Nail Service is ready to propose and implement the most complex and unbelievable idea. Fashion industry has also been a truly fantastic offers a diverse arsenal of tools for nail decoration. However, choosing your manicure, do not blindly follow fashion. Listen to yourself, consider your wardrobe and lifestyle. Sometimes unobtrusive restraint in decoration looks more stylish and fashionable than the striking abundance of ornaments and decor bright colors. Remember that the trend individuality and naturalness.

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