If you change to a smaller clothing size, and stop, finally, gasping, rising to the second floor for you - an impossible dream, it's time to Bodyflex.

Body flex - it is a popular and fairly effective charging direction for weight loss. One has only to read rave reviews on the net, and the desire to do gymnastics with an unusual name arises by itself. Maybe we'll try?

So, what is Bodyflex

Bodyflex (from the English "flexible body.") - is a comprehensive program of physical exercises aimed not only losing weight, but also on the overall strengthening of the body, creating a flexible, healthy and beautiful body.

Bodyflex creator, American  Greer Chaydelrs , just the same world turned their compatriots in leading healthy lifestyles and gained millions of followers around the world. The system has proved so effective that a month after the occurrence of furor and made its creator a real star.

It all started trivially easy. A simple American housewife and mother of three children, was of the 50 th the size of clothes and desperately trying to lose weight. Greer used all known methods - diet, swimming pool, jogging, rope and even a whole bunch of different lotions that are likely to have tried every one of us. However, if some method and gave the result that after a certain time extra weight back again.

In the end, the girlfriend has advised the poor thing to go on some courses, which cost 15 thousand dollars for 10 classes on an individual program. They were "some strange breathing exercises," as she responded after Chaydelrs.

Desperate to lose weight Greer decided yet to try one last time. After a week of classes it has measured its volume ... and it turned out that they have decreased by 26 cm !! It was a real shock!

Since the classes cost is too expensive and lasted too long by the standards of ever-employed Americans, housewife decided to improve the exercise. Thus was born Bodyflex - daily fifteen-minute lessons, which are now used all over the world lose weight.

Now, actually, about what is the essence of these techniques

Bodyflex deep diaphragmatic breathing

Bodyflex: deep diaphragmatic breathing

At the heart of Bodyflex lies deep diaphragmatic breathing. This breath, as the practice Chaydelrs, plus stretching and static postures, plus help to burn fat and build muscle.

breathe properly

In order to deal with Bodyflex need to breathe properly. It's not the way most of us are accustomed to breathe during charging noisily exhaling and dropping with fatigue from feet.

  1. So, let's begin. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees, bending the waist and resting his hands on his knees. And-and-and started! Putting his lips into a tube and trying to exhale all the air, which is in our lungs. Now just Close the lips and Freeze for a few seconds.
  2. Now sharply inhale through the nose, picking up as much air as possible. Breath is supposed to be a loud, noisy.
  3. Now the hardest part. We must learn to breathe the air, trying to engage in the process of the lowest muscles of the diaphragm. To do this, open your mouth wide and breathe hard. I should get the sound "Pa!" Coming from the lungs.
  4. After exhalation, hold your breath and mentally count to eight or ten. At that time, tilt your head to your chest and pull your stomach up as much as possible - this will help to make it flat. After relax and breathe through the nose.

Now the actual exercise

Bodyflex have a lot of different exercises, today we look at the most basic help to lose weight.

Exercise for the lateral muscles:

Exercises for the lateral muscles

Exercises for the lateral muscles

Exercises for the lateral muscles

  • After doing breathing exercises, lower left arm, his elbow on the bent knee.
  • Without taking his foot off the floor right leg out to the side, pulling the sock. Now all the weight should fall on the left knee.
  • Raise the right hand and pull it as high as possible, keeping right. You need to feel the muscles stretch from the waist to the armpit.
  • Count to ten, after the arm is omitted.
  • Now do the same with the left hand.

All repeat three times.

for buttocks

Exercises for buttocks

Exercises for buttocks

  • Get on all fours, bending your elbows. Now you are standing on the elbows and knees.
  • Pulling the right leg back, resting his fingers on the floor. Heel is looking up.
  • Breathing exercises - exhale-inhale-exhale, breath holding, thus plunging the stomach.
  • Now the leg is lifted up, as far as possible, pulling the heel up. Freeze in a position opening and closing the buttocks.
  • After relax and lower your leg.

There are plenty of exercises for the muscles of the chest, neck, head and other body parts. Start small, and perhaps you will be able to repeat the success of Greer Chayderls that ninety days from the fifties could jump in the size of the forty-second.

Good luck!

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