Smooth skin - the dream of every modern woman. Unwanted hair on the body beauties always deliver a lot of trouble. Razor, sugar, wax, epilator - primary instruments in the struggle for beauty. However namuchavshis bitter experience endless waxing, women are in the eternal search for a magic method that will help remove excess vegetation on the body forever.

Today we are ready to help modern technology to remove hair permanently and without pain in just a few sessions. Beauty salons offering laser hair removal services, electrolysis, hair removal, hair removal, etc. Quantum

Remove hair permanently and can be at home, using the old folk remedies. Using them is not entirely safe, some of the herbs are poisonous and may leave a burn on the skin, cause allergies. Not afraid of? Then experiment.

Iodine + ammonia - a popular and effective means. Mix 35 g of the alcohol, 5 g of ammonia, 1.5 g of iodine, 5 g of castor oil. The resulting solution lubricate the skin with unwanted hair 2 times a day. After a couple of days the hair falls themselves forever.

Walnut shells - one of the most popular and effective ways to remove hair permanently. Here are some recipes on the basis of the shell:

- Take the green, immature walnuts, cut in half and rub the juice was made by a problematic place. Repeat this procedure several times a day. Soon unwanted hairs fall out themselves and no longer grow.

- Chop the walnut shells mixed with water to form a slurry and rub the skin 3-4 times a day. Repeat until the complete disappearance of unwanted hair.

- a glass of young walnuts crushed, add a tablespoon of tar. A mixture of cover and put in a dark place for 2-3 weeks. The finished tincture rubbed into the skin every day, until it stops hair growth.


Pine nuts are often used in the fight against unwanted hair. Interpret cedar shells into flour. Add a little hot water and rub weight in the problematic areas of the skin for several days. The hair should be gone forever.

Similar results can also be achieved by formulating a concentrated decoction husks of pine nuts and lubricate their skin regularly.

Seeds of nettles dioecious devastating effect on the hair follicle. Oil from the seeds of nettle when used regularly, remove body hair. Grind 40 grams of seeds. Fill them with 100 ml. vegetable oil. The mixture was put in a dark place for 2 months. The finished tincture filter and lubricate the skin, where it is necessary to remove the hairs.

Datura . The root and seeds of this plant are poisonous. Be careful when cooking these recipes. Before applying to the skin, check to see if you are allergic to this plant.

Option 1: Seeds of Datura grind in a coffee grinder. Pour a small amount of vodka (to make a thick mass) allow to stand in a dark place for 2-3 weeks. Apply the mixture on a place with increased hairiness several times a day to achieve the desired result.

Option 2: Root stramonium (150 grams) to boil a liter of water to obtain a strong decoction. The resulting broth lubricate seat with extra hairs every day, until you notice the effect. The product is suitable for hair removal in the bikini area.

Green grapes can rid you of unwanted hair. Squeeze the juice of unripe grapes wild and lubricate the skin in problem areas. Repeat the procedure every day. The product is suitable for hair removal on sensitive areas of the skin, even in the face.

Quicklime to stop the growth of unwanted hair on the body. Mix 10 g of burnt lime to calcium sulfite pharmaceutical preparation. It should get a thick paste. Lubricate the skin with unwanted hairs, half an hour, rinse with warm water.

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Potassium permanganate . Prepare a strong solution and treat the skin. Repeat daily until the hair does not fall out yourself. Be careful, you can get burned. It is not recommended to use potassium permanganate during the summer season as well as a means to stain the skin and it is difficult to wash off.

Mack - a folk remedy for hair removal. The people noticed that cornrose helps to combat excessive hairiness. Burn the entire plant thoroughly and then polish the resulting ash problem areas.

Remedy for facial hair .

To get rid of facial hair is much more difficult than on the body. This is a particularly sensitive area, where conventional hair removal can cause stubborn stains, burns and scars. Try the following recipe: lubricate the area of ​​unwanted hair on the face, "rivanola" solution at a concentration of 1: 1000. Soon the hair will disappear.

Hydrogen Peroxide get rid of unwanted hair. Use the "Blondeksom" to discolor the hair, making them thinner and weaker.

You can cook yourself bleaching composition. Mix spoon hydrogen peroxide (6%) with the same amount of liquid soap. Add a mixture of 10 drops of ammonia. Spread the mixture boring hair and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water or broth chamomile. Repeat process 1 time per week. Hair growth slows, they become thin and inconspicuous.

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