Foot massage - a popular procedure performed in the medical, preventive and cosmetic purposes. The most basic massage techniques used in ancient China. Written mention of the therapeutic massage feet and toes are found in treatises that are more than 4000 years. They describe the effect on the acupuncture point region, whereby a plurality of diseases treated. In European countries, foot massage have adopted much later. Classic massage techniques have gained popularity only in the 20th century. Today, used a variety of types of foot massage. Many of them combine elements of oriental and traditional techniques.

foot massage story
Massage technique appeared in ancient China

Popular treatments

There are three main types of foot massage:

  • Rolfing - used primarily for therapeutic purposes and involves deep study of tissues. The procedure starts with surface effects, gradually increasing the pressure force. This massage is very effective in lymphostasis, accompanied by swelling of legs. Used classic methods: stroking, rubbing, pressing, capture, vibration.
  • Acupressure - refers to Eastern practices. The impact of the fingers on acupuncture points, which are connected to the internal organs, makes it possible to achieve a therapeutic effect and significantly improve the condition of the person. Efficiency of the procedure depends on the professional masseur: no clear knowledge of the location of active points and their relation to a specific organ or system.
  • Segmental massage - also applies to the reflexology techniques. It based on the relationship of separate bodies with their "projections" on the skin: the individual segments or areas of the skin.
    point foot massage
    View point foot massage

In addition to the above general classification, emit certain types of therapeutic massage and facial massage, which is appointed by slimming the legs or to eliminate cellulite.

The procedure is carried out manually or by hardware. At home, you can use all kinds of massagers - for example, special massage doormats. They are very convenient to use for massage children, turning boring for kids procedure in a fun game.

For very advanced and very poor fit foot massage diamonds. Despite the relatively high price, the new procedure of the field of luxury cosmetics is gaining popularity. According to customers, the effect of a session is comparable to the week-long holiday at the most prestigious spa resorts. The procedure completely removes the feeling of fatigue, pain and accelerate recovery processes and even restores emotional background. The diamond massage can be enabled and so-called diamond grinding, as a result of which the eliminated layer of keratinized cells, normal skin begins to "breathe". This not only improves its appearance, but also normalizes metabolism, blood circulation and lymph flow in the legs.

In some cases, prescribe a foot massage

Indications for massage are:

  • tiredness and pain in the legs;
  • circulatory disorder;
  • lymphostasis lower extremities;
  • cellulite.
    Anti-cellulite massage of feet
    Foot massage cellulite

Foot massage is used in a wide variety of diseases and conditions. The most common of them:

  • headache;
  • Foot disease;
  • disruption of the digestive system;
  • nausea;
  • arrhythmia;
  • back pain;
  • increased anxiety;
  • insomnia;
  • stress.

Special foot massage for children is shown in the following diseases and congenital or acquired defects:

  • high arch of the foot;
  • flat feet;
  • diseases which developed due to lack of movement or wear uncomfortable shoes;
  • amyotrophy;
  • clubfoot;
  • hypotonia or muscle hypertonicity;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • any orthopedic diseases.



What exactly is useful foot massage? If we talk about the aesthetic effect, it is possible to improve the condition of the skin, eliminate the flabby muscles, to reduce the severity of cellulite, to a certain extent to achieve slimming thighs, calves.

the effect of foot massage
Massage improves blood circulation

The therapeutic effect is mainly to improve blood circulation and lymph flow in the lower limbs, stimulating the local metabolism, elimination of pockets of stagnant and active excretion of degradation products. During the massage the muscles relax, eliminates stress and pain.

Massaging the reflex zones (they are mainly concentrated in the area of ​​the foot) allows you to indirectly affect almost any system of the body and individual organs. Vigorous rubbing stop at cold promotes rapid healing.

Using a special massage the toes can improve the condition of the ears, eyes, teeth, gums, stimulate the sinuses.

Carrying out procedures in childhood increases the tone, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the leg muscles, contributes to their proper development. Preventive treatment is helpful for all children, regardless of whether there are any abnormalities. During the massage the feet, experts recommend to use the special mats. These devices provide:

  • solution to the problem of flat feet;
  • correct formation of the foot and curative effect on it;
  • strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the foot and lower leg;
  • normalization of internal organs by acting on the active points on the foot;
  • improving skin condition and preventing foot formation corns and calluses.



The procedure is not carried out in the presence of the following issues:

Contraindications to massage feet
We have contraindications of massage
  • acute febrile illness;
  • heat;
  • bleeding tendency;
  • blood diseases;
  • skin diseases and nails;
  • allergic diseases accompanied by skin rashes;
  • purulent process (regardless of location);
  • acute inflammation of lymph and blood vessels;
  • thrombosis;
  • cerebral atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease;
  • aortic aneurysm;
  • swelling;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • hypo- and hypertensive crises;
  • acute myocardial ischemia, other severe heart disease;
  •  mental illness;
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Foot massage, foot and toes is not carried out in the period of pregnancy and in the active phase of the menstrual cycle. During childbearing is particularly dangerous reflex effect on the foot massage certain points could trigger premature labor.

When varices shows a special type of massage, provides for extremely gentle effect to improve vascular condition and stimulate blood flow.

A few simple rules

  • During the session, it is important to choose the correct posture. Better positioned horizontally. Knees should be relaxed. When the tension in the blood circulation in the area disturbed. Can be put under the knee rolled towel or small pillow.
  • When severe pain in the legs and an increased sensitivity massage at home is better not to spend. It should seek assistance from the specialist.
  • It should not be too hard to massage the feet. We can not allow the appearance of discomfort or pain.
  • Women first massaged his right foot, then - left, and men - on the contrary.


How to prepare for massage

Pre-advised to make a ten-minute warm or hot foot bath. The water can be added to the foam baths or essential oils. After the procedure, wipe dry feet and gently massage for relaxation.

preparation for the foot massage
To use massage oils and creams

It is important to choose the right oil, cream or lotion for the session. Experts recommend using the cream: it has a thicker consistency and is best suited for foot massage. To soften calluses in the feet to use the oil better.

You can also create your own combination of massage oils and creams, combining them in accordance with the characteristics of the skin. For relaxing the procedure suitable aromatic oils (aroma with vanilla, lavender, almond).

If the purpose of massage is to eliminate the heaviness and pain, it is better to use creams or gels with a warming effect. When varices massage application means not shown.

Used oil is better preheated - this will increase the comfort of the procedure. Excessive use of cream is not: an excessive application of massage is a means to ensure that the arms will be very slippery, and the procedure would be ineffective.

His hands before the massage you need to warm up and stretch, a good rubbing his hands.

Patient during a session lying or sitting. In modern salons use special comfortable chairs for foot massage. They are equipped with a special stand, on which the legs. The kit includes a low chair lined for most of the masseur.

! Regardless of the practiced art, all movements when foot massage must be directed to the heart, i.e. up. In the field of stop applies a special point impact in combination with classical techniques.

The treatment begins with a massage the toes, then go to the treatment of the feet, ankles, calf muscles. knee area need to massage very carefully. Popliteal fossa can not affect. After massage the knee bottom part of the thigh with the transition to the middle and upper parts. Some types of massage also include the elaboration of the gluteal muscles.

Method of implementation

Basic foot massage

Keeping both hands on the lower leg, top of foot massage, gradually increasing the pressure as it moves to the sole. Then change direction and to massage in an upward direction. The pressure force is reduced.

kinds of foot massage
Basic foot massage

Go to massage the heels. This part of the leg work out with your thumbs. Make small circular motions, rendering medium or strong pressure. Walk across the surface of the heel. Repeat a similar action on the foot with the force holding the pads of the thumbs up and down.

Commit to heel cross friction when a finger moves downwards, moves up the second.

Circular movements clockwise and in the opposite direction to massage the area around the ankle and then rub the upper part of the bone.

Trench foot massaging his knuckles clenched fist hand. This technique should be done vigorously enough. Fist twist from side to side, as if kneading dough.

Go to massage the toes. Each finger has to be worked out separately.

Go through your fingers, gently sipping them. At the same time may cause a crunch, but the discomfort should not appear.

The tip of the index finger to slide on the hollow between his fingers. Move them back and forth. Forefinger and thumb to massage the base of each finger.

Carefully insert all 5 fingers between the toes, gently rubbing a cream or massage oil.

Embrace foot with both hands and strong short strokes to pull in one direction and then the other side (10 times).

Another interesting technique (from the Indian art foot massage) foot holding hands, put thumbs on the central part of the basin. Make your hands back and forth motion, simulating squeezing wet towels.


Clenching and unclenching the muscle fibers, properly knead the area of ​​the Achilles tendon and the lower leg. Gradually increase the force of impact and velocity. Massage the area of ​​the Achilles tendon to the fingers.

Applying a similar technique, slowly move toward the bottom of the tibia. In this area of ​​the foot and calf muscles are connected. Kneading contribute to their relaxation.

Gently sip the foot to the knee, ankle and then make the rotational movement. One hand holds the leg, and the second rotates the foot around the ankle. In this case, the ankles are a little crunch, but the onset of pain or discomfort should not be allowed.

Hold long massage leg muscles, Achilles tendon at the beginning and ending at the knee. In the area of ​​the lower leg to do warm-up movements, rubbing. To work all the muscles in a circular motion using the knuckles. During the massage this part of the legs can also put pressure forearm. The hand moved slowly, crushing elbow to the foot.

Popliteal fossa are not massaged. Hands bypass it and go up to the hips. It is necessary to vigorously work out all muscles of the front, then the back of the thigh.

The next step is a thorough kneading of the gluteal muscles. Used such methods as grinding, tingling, kneading. The last movement is a light stroking the entire surface of the legs. They are made in the end of the massage.


The procedure begins with a superficial massage - light strokes using massage oil. After the relaxation of the muscles can be gradually increased pressure force. Slight reddening of the skin indicating the activation of the circulation of blood and lymph. After that, the impact force can be reduced again.

a deep foot massage
Kind of deep foot massage

In the next stage are arranged on the palm side surface knees soft and pushing movements moved along the outer surfaces of the thighs towards the groin. Fingers while gently knead the tissue. Admission should be repeated 3-5 times.

The third stage - the tapping. The palm is perpendicular to the thigh. Tapping the hip edge are alternated with the palm open hand pat. The reception should be carried out rapidly enough, but it should not cause pain. Likewise, all parts processed. After processing all of the thigh should be repeated reception.

In the next step the fingers strongly prominaetsya thigh muscles, observing the direction of the upward movement. After this welcome was repeated, giving a more dramatic effect with both hands, placed one above the other. It is necessary to work out the deeper tissues. In the groin the impact should be very soft. There can only be made with light circular strokes.

On the penultimate stage, one hand is on his knee, the other - on the border of the thigh and gluteal muscles. Putting pressure on the cloth, his hands moved towards each other until they touch in the middle of the thigh. Admission is repeated 3-5 times.

The final part of the massage includes light strokes by which normal flow of blood and lymph.

This massage helps to reduce the thickness of the fat layer, the slimming down, increases the elasticity of muscle fibers.

Especially procedures for lymphostasis

Massage is one of the most effective ways to treat lymphostasis feet. It can only be done by specially trained expert, because improper execution of the procedure may lead to further stagnation and increased lymph edema.

lymphatic drainage massage the feet
View lymphatic drainage massage the feet

Direction of massage movements should strictly comply with lymphatic drainage. Techniques are slow, and the carefully worked out areas of lymph node location. The first part of the thigh massaged, and then worked out the shin. The purpose of massage is to stimulate lymphostasis when lymph flow, and without warming up the muscle fibers and activating blood circulation.

How to massage the legs with varicose veins

When varicose leg massage is used to eliminate the discomfort caused by swollen veins. In this disease, not all types of procedures are useful. For example, can massage worsens symptoms. Not recommended the use of stimulants: creams, honey and so on..


Clasp hands ankles and produce light stroking movements in the direction of the knees. The skin in this case should not be moved: the palm just slide on it. Strokes should be done within a few minutes, then you can move on to the soft circular grindings shins. The direction of movement - from the bottom up. First, you must have a very low impact, gradually increasing the intensity of doses. Movement like squeeze excess blood from the veins and sent it to his heart.

massage for varicose legs
Antivarikoznye foot massage

Again embrace the lower leg two palms and begin to knead the muscles of the knee to the direction.

The procedure finishes with the initial reception - stroking tibia for 2-3 minutes.

Similar techniques are performed on the thighs. Movements directed towards the groin.

The best time to massage with varicose veins - the morning. The good result of the procedure after the physical therapy or yoga exercises.

Using massagers


Foot massage mats are plain rubber, covered with spines of varying heights and densities. The surface shape should ideally repeat the arch of the foot: only under this condition, the procedure can get a good effect and to avoid discomfort.


How to use

Mat placed on a flat floor and stand on it barefoot. perform a few exercises recommended for massage. They are very simple and are suitable even for younger children.

mat and foot massage
Pad foot massage
  • Cross on his feet.
  • "Rolls" with heels on your toes.
  • Put your feet on the outer arch of the foot and 30-60 seconds to stagnate.
  • Squatted down and trampled again (20-40 seconds).
  • Raise your toes for 5 seconds and stay in this position. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • Stand up straight and lift alternately with the right pad, the left leg. The foot of the raised leg to perform a simple exercise: pull the sock on, and then goes down.
  • Get up on your toes and a few minutes to cross from foot to foot.

This foot massage can be performed until fatigue or blunt pain.


Hot tub for foot massage is a multifunctional device for treatment of feet. This is a plastic container with one side covered with a visor to protect the surrounding area from spray and roller-equipped with nozzles that are controlled by buttons, switches or remote control.

bath and foot massage
Bath with foot massage

Typically, the reservoir has several massage modes: mechanical, vibratory, jacuzzi, as well as tips for a pedicure. heating function allows you to select the optimum water temperature.

Foot bath massage can be of several types:

  • Tonic - provide maximum muscle relaxation, thereby eliminating the stress and fatigue.
  • Contrasting - alternately turns on the foot impact of hot and cold water, resulting in improved blood flow, increased vascular tone disappears feeling of heaviness in the legs.
  • Cleansing - the set includes a brush, salt, baking soda. With these devices during massage removed horny layer, open pores, the skin begins to breathe better.
  • Medical - have special rollers that have an impact on the active points on the foot surface. Such reflex massage helps to normalize the functioning of internal organs. Some models are equipped with trays for essential oils (their use enhances the therapeutic effect).
  • Bath massage with magnets - on foot during the procedure is affected by the magnetic field.
  • Baths with infrared radiation - such exposure improves the condition of the joints and improve their mobility.

Heating pads

These devices are intended for warming and simultaneous massaging. Heating pad with massage for the feet - is worn on the leg or boot slippers, which are generally made of soft and pleasant to touch materials. Some devices have the form of a rug. Devices are equipped with a temperature control mode. Using elektrogrelok very easy: after a hard day at the same time they are warm feet and spend a nice relaxing massage.

When the result is seen

At therapeutic massage feet to achieve a stable effect it is necessary to go all the recommended course. If massage is done as a preventive measure, it can be done less frequently.

Anti-cellulite treatment is effective only during the regular conduct and subject to a special diet. Adherence to these rules is necessary and during a massage for leg slimming.

cost of

The classic 30-minute massage of legs in a Moscow clinic costs from 350 to 1500 rubles.

Therapeutic massage is much more expensive. The prices for it start from 900 rubles.

Children curative and preventive massage costs mainly in 1000 and more rubles.


"Varicose veins I have appeared after the birth of her second child. Treated him ointments, wear special stockings, but benefit from them, to be honest, a little. A friend told me that she had a similar problem, from which it escaped with a special massage. She took me to her masseuse. Until then, I had always thought that it is impossible to massage the legs with varicose veins. It turned out, this is a special effects technique aimed at eliminating the stagnation of blood in the veins. Stir gently, sometimes with pressure. After the third session sensed lightness in the legs, and a month veins become less noticeable. Recommend that all women who have this problem "- Veronica, 35 years old.

"Foot massage helped me get rid of cellulite and fat deposits on the thighs. This part of the hard body can be corrected with the help of exercise. But intensive massage from a professional - just what you need. However, the diet will still have to comply with, or simply throw money down the drain "- Angela, 30 years old.

"Our baby has clubfoot. Appointed massage and gymnastics. The essence of the procedure - the gradual gentle correction of the defective position of the foot. First, we go to the doctor, but then I myself learned all techniques and have to massage yourself. It really is a very effective technique. I advise all parents whose children suffer from this drawback: after a year, you'll forget about it "- Julia, 26 years old.


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