Heroes of the 17th issue I soromlyus Svoge tіla from 05.24.2018 will be already known to you - Thank Gritsaenko Svetlana Drozdova, Irina Kvasyuk. These are very difficult patients, which we return to a normal life any one year. The history of their disease shocking. Like the case of our new patient Oleg Ghiletchi. Today you will see how the project I soromlyus Svoge tіla 5 season changed their lives. And yet - you will witness our unique achievements! We will deliver on its feet 25-year-old Igor Bondarchuk, who in an accident lost both feet. His tragic story does not give us peace. And now we will return to Igor's ability to walk normally. Want to see it? See I soromlyus Svoge tіla 5 Issue 17 on 05/24/2018 just now!

Do not miss the new release I am embarrassed of his body in a week!

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