Toothache: analgesicWomen's Club «Femme Today» Today will talk about how a toothache can be eliminated . An anesthetic that can be found in any home medicine cabinet, it is necessary to know how to apply, as they have considerable toxicity and can cause considerable damage to health. To minimize the risk, you need to know about how to take various kinds of drugs, what is their maximum dosage, and how they act on the body.

Of course, all this information can be found in the summary, which is usually accompanied by a package of pills. However, some types of drugs sold in pharmacies without instructions for use. Sometimes annotations are simply lost.

However, any civilized person should ever dumb to understand the medications , because in some cases, a detailed reading of the instructions do not have time. So, pain medications in accordance with the mechanism of action is divided into several groups.

This kind of drugs relieve pain for many decades and in many cases they are quite effective. These include aspirin, paracetamol, analgin , etc... These products are not only well relieve pain, but also take away the heat, as well as anti-inflammatory effect.

It should, perhaps, make a reservation, which is west of dipyrone, both from the painkiller, has long been abandoned, because it adversely affects the hematopoietic functions . However, our physicians continue to use it quite frequently, especially if there is very severe pain or rises too high a temperature.

If the toothache is not very strong , then as an analgesic may be used paracetamol . This drug has long been won and trust, and respect for doctors. In addition, it is much safer to dipyrone. However, to cope with a sharp pain paracetamol or its Western counterparts, such as Efferalgan not cope.

One of the most effective drugs in the case of the appearance of pain or inflammation is aspirin . This tool is widely used and familiar to mankind for a long time. The main drawback of aspirin, or acetylsalicylic acid , it is irritating to the mucous membrane of the stomach, so some doctors recommend taking it after meals. We do not recommend aspirin for fever and pain in children .

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If an adult is quite strong pain, doctors recommend to take both aspirin and a single pill analgin . This combination can even cope with very severe pain.

Experts recommend the use of funds in this group of medicines means no more than once or twice a week.

Good painkillers are such new tools as ibufen and ibuklin . Website assures the funds fairly well removed pain and stand out for their safety. The main rule when using this kind of painkillers - monitor the dosage . The daily dose ibufena for adults - no more than four tablets . Contraindications to the use of the drug is pregnancy, lactation, lasting blood and liver disease.

Ibuklin is a combination ibufena and paracetamol respectively combines the qualities of both drugs. When a toothache, these painkillers are allowed to take even children for which drugs are available in the form of syrups.

Much more powerful analgesic properties have such means as ketanov, nize, aktasulid and other means, which is composed of nimesulide . The disadvantages of these agents include a variety of side effects and some contraindications, so use them with caution. The daily dose of nimesulide - no more than two tablets. Categorically denied reception preparations containing nimesulide, children and pregnant women.

If the question is about how to remove a toothache, without losing a moment, it is best not to use tablets and injection : so much drug gets into the blood before and will act, bringing almost immediate relief.

Even if you are concerned about a very strong toothache, analgesic agent should not be used drug group . Drugs such as Promedolum, omnopon, morphine, fentanyl is actually very well relieve severe pain. Their action is based on the ability to disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain and spinal cord. In addition, these tools act on the human psyche, causing a release of tension that arises in connection with the appearance of pain. All of these tools can be addictive , so use them, usually to relieve excruciating pain in cancer last stages. These analgesics can not be found in the free market, and they can be purchased only by prescription, which tend to prescribe drugs in extreme cases of hopeless patients.

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By aching pain in the tooth will help to get rid of such means as Drotaverinum, papaverine, no-spa , and other drugs that target the removal of spasm of smooth muscles. Toothache as analgesics, they are used rarely, but is completely justified their use for pain relief when combined with other analgesics. For example, if the toothache does not give sleep to help a combined injection of papaverine, diphenhydramine and dipyrone. It is also possible in this case to take a pill shpy combined with analgin .

In any case, if there is a toothache, pain medication without medical supervision should not take longer than three consecutive days, and as soon as possible to see a specialist, which will eliminate the cause of the pain.

The emergence of debilitating, exhausting toothache is familiar to everyone. A condition in which hard about something to think you can not work, brings discomfort. Much hassle sleepless nights when the tooth aches in the morning, and the whole head. Even worse, if it happens to a child. Native willing to do anything to relieve his suffering, especially when it has teething. He was crying, unable to sleep and eat. Which to choose a pain reliever for toothache to help adults and a child? Let's see how to take drugs that it does not harm the body.

When there is an acute toothache, and get to the dentist is not real, - help popular drugs "Analgin" Paracetamol ". They are found in every medicine cabinet. It has proved effective "Nise", "Ketonal". It is important to know that these drugs can not cure. They only relieve symptoms. At the first opportunity you must visit a doctor. If the carious tooth hollow - you can lay back turunda moistened dental drops. Help and folk remedies. To the relief of acute pain in the cavity lay a piece of propolis, ground garlic. It is advised to rinse and hold mouth vodka with salt.

Dental disease in pregnant women - a special case. At that time, it formed the skeleton of the baby and is actively taken calcium from the mother's body, which leads to tooth decay. Women in this situation should be closely monitored for oral severely restricted because the list of drugs for reception. If it happened that you can not just go to the dentist, I recommend rinsing with salt or baking soda. Mute the pain will help cotton wool soaked pine oil, which is placed in the tooth cavity.

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If you want to use drugs - it is done only in consultation with a gynecologist. Quench dental pain, reduce inflammation and help Paracetamol Nurofen. Assign them to the first and second trimester. Banned strongly acting drugs Diclofenac, Ketorol. It can reduce the pain a poultice of novocaine, but it should not be done without approval of the gynecologist. At the first opportunity to visit a dentist to put teeth in order.

When a toothache in a child, the parents, first of all, you need to examine your mouth to understand what brings anxiety. Sometimes it is necessary to rinse the mouth with soda solution or sage, to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms. If the cause of a disease state - caries or inflammation - be aware that medication for pain relief it is not treated. Be sure to visit the dentist.

At home, you should start treatment with folk remedies. There is very little pain killers from a toothache, which have no contraindications for the child. Put cotton wool in the hollow tooth with eucalyptus oil or pounded cloves. Calm the pain a piece of fat, which is put to the sore spot. If the baby teeth erupt, the state will help facilitate special gel from a toothache. Medications should be given to a child only in exceptional cases.

If a child unbearable toothache, and immediately go to the dentist is not possible rescue Ibufen. Available in the form of a syrup or capsules. The active substance - ibuprofen - reduces pain, lowers the temperature. Effectively relieves Paracetamol. Carefully read the instructions to drugs - for each age group defined its dosage. After 15 years, the child is allowed to give Ketonal for relieving symptoms. Get rid of a toothache helps aspirin tablet, wrapped in cotton wool. It is important that it does not hit on the gum - otherwise it will burn.


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