In recent years, worldwide growth is observed incidence of various diseases of the lungs. This is due to the negative impact on the respiratory system of human factors such as pollution, smoking and the effects of infectious diseases. To be honest, most people, when it comes to the dangers of smoking or unhealthy environment, just shrug and do not want to waste time on this kind of talk.

The process of respiration , seems familiar to us and we think that our bronchi and lungs, like a car air conditioner, will be the end of life to clean the cooling and heating of the air we breathe. But the trouble is that the filters can be changed in the car, and purify our bronchi and lungs from settled over the years of dust particles, smoke and germs in this way we can not. Hence the conclusion - take care of the lungs! The strange thing is that many people, having full scientific certainty about how many smokers die each year from lung cancer, do not give up this bad habit and stubbornly ignore the facts, hoping for a miracle that this dangerous disease it has touched.

If you are concerned about the constant coughing , wheezing, breathlessness, heaviness in the chest and other breathing problems, do not delay visit to the doctor. Modern diagnostic methods allow to detect disease of the lungs and bronchi in the early stages, when they are still probably fairly easy to cure.

But quite often people refer to serious breathing problems, commenting on the appearance of cough and shortness of breath small words: "Apparently, I'm sorry, you have to take pills for cough" or "Shortness of breath tortured, it is necessary to give up smoking." Meanwhile, the cause of these symptoms can be so serious that any delay in treatment could cost lives. For example, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - the most common disease that is on the 4th place among the diseases that lead to permanent disability and death. Meanwhile, the existence of this disease, many smokers do not know, naively believing that smoking can cause lung cancer only.

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The first symptom of COPD , which often occurs in secret, is a chronic cough. Commonly referred to as its "smoker's cough". It called it due to the fact that the constant exposure to smoke and nicotine bronchial tubes become inflamed and narrowed, resulting in dramatically increased mucus production and difficulty breathing. Therefore, many smokers as early as 45-50 years of complaining of shortness of breath and dyspnea when climbing stairs and inclines, or even with some light jogging. In old age a person starts to choke even at any physical activity. For example, when dressing, and bathing in the bathroom. Determine if you have any breathing problems is very simple. To do this, try:

1. Hold your breath . If you breathing all right, you have to hold on, not breathing, not less than one minute. If you can not stand so much, it means you are not breathing normally.

2. Try to inflate a balloon in one full breath. Does not work? Quit smoking and take care of the lungs!

3. At the bottom of the birth try to blow out all the candles with a cake from a distance of 80 cm. If you failed it the first time, the lung function have been reduced.

One of the main causes of COPD are considered frequent bronchitis and pneumonia, but in 90% of cases, the disease causes light smoking. Statistics show that more than half of men in Russia - smokers, and one in ten women - smoke. Despite the constant warnings about the dangers of smoking to stop smoking people is not so much. It does not help and the risk of death, but because of diseases caused by smoking, only in our country, kills about 1 million. People annually. This is much more than from road traffic accidents, by drug use and AIDS. Smoking man did not immediately notice the deterioration of their health, such COPD symptoms such as dry cough and shortness of breath, exercise, usually only in smokers with great experience, when already the person has become chronically addicted to nicotine and stop smoking without help practically it can not .

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Unfortunately, COPD is incurable, but ignore this disease is by no means impossible. Timely diagnosis and supportive care much facilitate the condition and prevent the development of lung cancer - a very common disease today.

But not all so dramatic, the development of COPD can be prevented! To do this, not to smoke, to the end of all cure colds and complications, try not to be in a room where there is a strong smell of harmful chemicals (dyes, acids and poisonous gases). Particular caution should show smokers with the experience after pneumonia and influenza. They must undergo chest X-rays every year and explore the function of respiration.

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