Our stomach provides intensive mixing of food, which is held in small flaps. This condition is quite important as food, impregnated with gastric juice acquires a strong acidity. For this reason, desirable that such acidic mixture fell to other parts of the body. If the upper valve can not cope with the task, the food mixture with aggressive media gets into the esophagus and, thus, will be the cause of heartburn.

It is widely known that heartburn is not associated with the heart, but in some cases, burning pain in the chest when resemble similar to a heart attack.

Below, we look at what NOT to do in terms of prevention of heartburn.

Take a horizontal position after a hearty meal

After a meal you need to sit down, be superfluous pillows or wedges, holding up the upper part of the body during sleep. A similar trick will profilaktirovat hit strongly the mixture into the esophagus because of the constant of gravitation. Also interesting is the fact that sleep sitting reduces the likelihood of undesirable eating.

There are large portions

When the walls of the stomach are experiencing excessive pressure from the food, the likelihood that the intensive digestion of acid mixture to spill into the esophagus, much more.

Excessive use of products provocateurs

Many of us are familiar with heartburn firsthand. But units know that the primary cause of such problems are the products that trigger the production of excess amounts of acid. It should be noted that the list of hazardous products for each individual. As a rule, the "black list" includes spicy foods, acidic fruit drinks, soda. For some, they are harmless, but for others - a taboo.

Thoughtlessly indulge themselves with milk

If you are characterized by occasional bouts of heartburn, the best way to tackle will be the adoption of natural food antacids. Keep in mind that the milk is not for you (although sometimes its use may temporarily calm the stomach), since it contains proteins in a short time activates the production of acid, which is naturally aggravate the already deplorable situation.

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Ignore prolonged seizures

If a burning sensation in the esophagus is repeated more than two times a week for more than four weeks, it is time to think seriously about visiting the doctor. This need stems from the fact that it can signal a more serious chronic illnesses. When it comes to frequent heartburn after meals, it may point to an ulcer.

Now consider simple ways to get rid of heartburn home

potato juice

Potato juice is one of the most effective ways to deal with heartburn. Juicing worth doing immediately before use, because the juice is rapidly oxidized and loses its beneficial properties. To prepare at one time, we need 3 large potatoes without greening and germs. Thoroughly washed out, clean the eyes and rub on a grater. After squeezed through cheesecloth. Should take on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. The course of treatment 10 days, but in the first few days you will feel the improvement.

The infusion of chamomile

The infusion of chamomile well helps reduce stomach acidity. The day should drink 3 cups of infusion. In 1 cup boiling water is 3 tablespoons chamomile spoon infused 20 minutes after which tseditsya and drunk in small sips. The course of treatment - 3 weeks.

Activated carbon

A simple and very effective way to combat heartburn is activated carbon. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that it is able to absorb stomach acid. Often it is sufficient, at the first sign of heartburn, drinking 2 water with activated charcoal tablets.

Buckwheat from heartburn

Probably the most affordable option to get rid of heartburn is buckwheat. For the preparation you need to fry grits on a dry frying pan until brown color. Then pound in a mortar to a powder in a coffee grinder and grind. Accept dose "pinch" and drink water 3 times a day for 30 minutes. before a meal. It is also recommended to simply add to the diet of buckwheat dishes.

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Mineral water

It is recommended to drink with heartburn scheloschnuyu or hydrocarbonate mineral water. You can find them in pharmacies, note that such water should be only in a glass container.

A few words about the gastric juice

In the stomach, the food is cleaved with participation of hydrochloric acid solution. As is known, this is a strong chemical substance used in industry for cleaning of steel products from rusting. By corrosive ability hydrochloric acid is not less effective than, for example, concentrated sulfuric acid, which is used in batteries. Every day, the stomach is released about two to three liters of a caustic liquid.

A solution of hydrochloric acid in an organism carries a pair of functions. Firstly, it protects against harmful bacteria that affect the gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, this acid activates a number of other digestive enzymes involved in breaking down proteins.

Stomach itself is impervious to acid attack because of its inner surface has a thick layer of mucus. In addition, the stomach rejects the old, under mucus cells and replaces them with new ones. This requires only a couple of days.

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