Furunculosis - disease manifested by the appearance on the skin of two or more foci of purulent inflammation of the hair follicle. These lesions are called "boils". Abrasions in children requires special attention from adults, and before applying any medication (especially antibiotics), should find out exactly causes the disease. In addition, not all treatments may be applied in paediatrics.

Boils formed by the penetration of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland aureus (sometimes white) Staphylococcus. Abrasions - disease unpleasant and quite dangerous, especially when the problem occurs in a child, and pustules appear on the face or neck area chosen. From what there is this disease and what to do if the boil has appeared?

The causes of boils in children

What are the causes of this disease in children? The first reason - it's penetration into the skin of the child through microtrauma pathogen and its subsequent reproduction there. As a result, it develops necrotic process that affects the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues.

However, there is a reasonable question: why Staphylococcus aureus, getting on the skin of millions of other children, does not cause them abrasions? It's really weird, because the skin microtrauma - the phenomenon frequent enough, and Staphylococcus aureus refers to the spread of pathogens.

It turns out that one of the main reasons for the mechanism of occurrence of inflammation is to weaken the immunity of the child, local or general. It lowered immunity allows staphylococci introduced into the internal environment of the body. The reasons for the failure of the immune system in children can be very different: poor circulation, general diseases of the body, the instability stress, endocrine disorders, physical (or psycho-emotional) strain. It turns out that boils in the eye, face, head, ear, and even the pope child has a combination of general and local damaging factors. Local - Staphylococcus this penetration through the skin microtrauma (in the ear, for example, such an injury can occur from too hard the sanitary cleansing) general - is reduced immunity. Of course, we can not forget about hygiene practices, ie. A. The frequency of contact of the skin of children with the causative agent of the disease is increasing in unsanitary conditions.

The symptoms of boils in children

When abrasions on various parts of the baby's skin ulcers appear. In its development, the boil passes a certain cycle.

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  • First, there is a pustule (a small painful boil), then comes the infiltration stage, during which the pustule and its surrounding tissue sealed.
  • The hair bulb is exposed necrotic meltdown. It is a dense core in its center. Later, necrotic tissue are rejected, the wound is cleaned and boil zarubtsovyvaetsya. Small boils disappear without a trace, and the place of the deep tissues of the skin lesions often are scars.

Even one is able to deliver a boil discomfort, and if a lot of ulcers, suffer overall health of the child. Boils are painful enough, and depending on the place of its location often interfere to perform routine household activities. Ulcer on the priest interferes sit on the head - to turn his head, on his face - gives pain when you touch your eyes or nose, armpits prevents movement of hands to do. Very boljuchih is boil in the ear. When a child abrasions sometimes show signs of intoxication. It rises in body temperature to subfebrile, deteriorating health, excruciates headache, decreased appetite. However, abrasions in children, if properly treated, is faster than adults.

diagnosis boils

Because inflammatory lesions are superficial location (except for ulcers in the ear), abrasions easy to diagnose. But long-term, can not be cured abrasions may need to be expanded diagnostics to determine the exact causes of the disease. In this case, a immunodiagnostics, full blood count, and boil examined for bacterial inoculation of pus. If the study was inconclusive, it is necessary to do a full examination of the body, ie. A. Furunculosis may be the result of a general disease (blood disease, diabetes, and others.).

complications boils

With long-term course of the disease complications can occur:

  • chronic abrasions - inflammation, prone to relapse, which is difficult to treat;
  • thrombophlebitis - thrombus occlusion of the lumen of the venous opening, accompanied by inflammation of the blood vessel walls;
  • lymphadenitis, lymphangitis (inflammation of lymph nodes);
  • cellulitis - an inflammation of adipose tissue;
  • abscess - an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the abscess, causing them to melt, causing pus-filled cavity is formed. abscess treatment is possible only in conditions of a hospital, antibiotics are vital.
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risk areas

When a boil appears on the child's head, arms, legs or the pope - a pleasant, of course, a little, but there are areas more dangerous from the point of view of the consequences of the disease. This neck, nasolabial triangle, natural folds (groin, armpits, mezhyagodichnoy area, etc..), Genitals. In addition, the danger is boils on the face, especially moving to the eye, and placed deep in the ear.

Boil, took a fancy to any of these places, it is dangerously close to the blood vessels, and if it is wrong to treat local inflammatory process can easily go into sepsis, which have been treated in a hospital. Vein thrombophlebitis, located on the face, can cause the spread of inflammation into the cranial cavity, and then the probability of occurrence of sepsis, not only, but also meningitis, which can lead to fatal accidents.

Treatment of the disease in children

Boil on the cheek of a childBoil can occur even in infants. What to do, how to treat the disease in a young child? Can I use antibiotics? First of all, you can not try to squeeze the boil, cut, puncture and so on. N. In this case, the probability of occurrence of the above complications. In general, when abrasions in children should not be treated assign yourself (especially antibiotics use), without being an expert. Only a doctor will prescribe the correct treatment and explain to parents what to do with ulcer, considering in what stage of development is a boil. Typically, in the initial stage of the disease (before the formation of pus) is sufficient to treat local abscess by ultraviolet irradiation and antibiotics is not required.

If moved to a boil ripening stage, then the doctor may prescribe antibiotics, or more precisely, their defeat obkalyvanie place. Treat abrasions and possible ichthyol ointment, putting it on the abscess twice a day and covering with a thin layer of cotton wool. This treatment is repeated as long as the boil will reveal not. When abrasions on her face, you can accept and other treatment, for this there is a decent arsenal of drugs.

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When treatment led to opening of the ulcer, the ulcer should be treated resulting Furacilinum or hydrogen peroxide. Thereafter, the wound dressing must be imposed with a solution of sodium chloride. Some people try to remove the rod boil. You should not do that! If it is not ripe and will break during removal, it will provoke exacerbation of purulent infection, and then have to treat the disease for a long time.

Prevention boils

How to avoid unpleasant disease called "abrasions"? Of course, it is important to observe good personal hygiene, all the scrapes and cuts immediately aseptic processing means. To avoid an abscess in the ear, not to use for cleaning the ears of any sharp objects that could cause injury. And again, abrasions not really "loves" those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

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