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Kurchata broilers chihayut and hriplyat. Scho Robit? Їm vzhe 10 dnіv. Dyakuyu for vіdpovіd.
Hello. Thank you for contacting us. In your case, the situation is quite unpredictable, because the disease is diagnosed correctly on grounds impossible. The fact that the wheezing and coughing are symptoms of many diseases.
In your case, I would advise to consult a seasoned vet, especially if you purchased a large batch of chickens.If you do not know where to find this, I can say that every poultry farm must have its own specialist. Still, if you decide to treat the chickens yourself, start with some simple measures. Typically, in such a young age is sick because of violations in terms of content. This heating may be wrong, unintended drafts, increased humidity and so forth.

First you need to remove all drafts, make additional normal ventilation to remove all moisture. Then it is possible to install an additional display. At the same time remember that the lamps should be at a certain level above the heads of chickens, and not on their level or below. Improperly installed heating lamp lead to the fact that the chicken is overheated, and then he went away a little to eat, quickly cools, and thus ill. The final stage will sing a broiler vitamins.
Next, when you sneeze a good idea to powder your nose chickens powder streptocide. For this preparation rubbed, poured on cotton wool and rub into the nostrils. Thanks to this simple treatment of the infection does not get further into the bronchi and lungs birds. But this will work only if the disease is no longer delayed. You can also immediately after purchase will sing broilers antibiotics.
For this is well suited chloramphenicol and tetracycline. The dose is 1 tablet in about 1 liter of water. Such treatment is not more than 4 days. Also, your symptoms may indicate bronchitis. For its treatment is now widely used two drugs, it isatizone and Lozeval. Instructions for their use is in the packaging.
In this more than you will not frighten, because, and I do not know what your chickens. As already reported, coughing and wheezing - it's quite common symptoms of various diseases.

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So once again I advise you not to treat yourself, and turn to local experts, let him examine your broiler and diagnose.

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