Breastfeeding - it's very useful, but sooner or later there comes a time to introduce your baby to the "real" food. Power five-month baby can include vegetable and fruit purees, egg yolk, juices and water. However, this rule applies to not all children of this age. With the introduction of complementary foods, there are nuances that must be considered by teaching the baby food other than breast milk.

We make baby menu in 5 months

Some kids 5 months already know the taste of vegetable and fruit puree, happy to sip juice, while others have not tried anything other than mother's milk. Parents grudnichka in this case, usually start to worry if their child to get used to a different diet to go, rather than breast milk. If the baby is getting enough breast milk, he eats, putting on weight and feels great in the 5 months it is not necessary to introduce solid foods. According to the World Health Organization, up to 6 months, an infant should not try any new foods. Thus, the child's menu in 5 months, a breastfed, can consist only of mother's milk.

However it happens and so that the pediatrician may recommend to introduce solid foods to five months. Usually the reason for this is the shortage in weight. In this case, the child can begin to introduce new products, but it should be done gradually. As time passes and addictive crumbs to a new food menu, it should come close to the classic, calculated on a five-month baby. Feeding at 5 months will be described below.

Children who are bottle-fed, often begin to try new products with 4-4.5 months. As a rule, are juices and purees, as adapted milk formula can not provide all the nutrients necessary for the full development of the child. Therefore, upon reaching five months of bottle-eat according to the standards described in the classic menu for this age child.

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What can you give a child to eat in 5 months

At the age of five months, the child eats five times a day. Meals start at 6:00 am and end at 10 pm. It is stipulated that this applies to children who are bottle-fed. Breast kids eat on demand at any time, unless the mother does not adhere to the principle of feeding schedule.

Permitted products for baby 5 months, their norms and reception time:

In the intervals between feedings have to drink baby water and fruit juices.

This is a classic menu option for the child who has reached the age of five months. This is the recommended diet for feeding the baby, however, as described above does not mean that, as soon as the child is 5 months, is necessary to change the usual feeding option on offer. To this should be approached gradually.

How to organize the lure

The menu, described in the previous section provides a number of different foods: egg yolk, vegetable and fruit puree, juice. If up to 5 months, the child did not try anything other than breast milk, to introduce new products in his diet should be gradual, starting with half a teaspoon. It should monitor the reaction of the kid to a particular product is not whether there will be a rash, red spots, if the character of the chair has changed. The date of administration, the product name, the quantity, as well as the child's reaction to them may be recorded in special institutions for this purpose notebook or notepad.

The interval between the new products should be 1-2 weeks. You should start with monocomponent vegetable purees, as if put into the lure of first fruits, the kid can subsequently give up not as tasty vegetables. Puree must be thoroughly abraded and the fruits and vegetables for them to use boiled or steamed. In addition to the baby should be given mashed egg yolk. It should be knead and add a little bit of breast milk or formula.

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Allowed to-eat products in 5 months: zucchini, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, apples, pears, egg yolk (Do not protein It is not recommended for children under one year). If the mother herself prepares the mash, it should not add any salt in it, no sugar, no spices. Of course, it may seem that the child will be fresh and quite tasteless. However, this is not true: the baby does not know the fragrance of spices, sugar, sweets and salt taste, so it will accept any vegetable puree, for granted. If mom buys the finished sauce in a store, you need to make sure that the list of ingredients does not contain seasonings described above.

Be healthy, grow big!

Feeding a child at 5 months is a preparatory stage to its subsequent weaning. How long would my mother did not feed the baby breast milk, with each passing month more and more new products will be introduced in his diet. Starting with the child to lure five months, instilling in him a love for healthy and tasty food, nutrition. Subsequently, it will play an important role in his eating habits and culinary preferences.

When artificial feeding in the fifth month of life the child changes diet. Introduced a second lure. Now five months the child is given for two more dense feed. One - vegetable soup, the other - porridge. Kashi semi necessarily need to cook a variety of cereals, and adding them 2-3 teaspoons of curd. Children with manifestations of exudative diathesis is better to give buckwheat porridge, cooked in milk, and broth of vegetables. The saying that porridge butter will not spoil, it applies only to adult food. The cereal portion of the child can add up to a tea spoon of oil.

Porridge (first 5 percent cooked on milk, half diluted with water) beginning to 1 - 2 teaspoons milk before feeding. And a half weeks, its volume was adjusted to 150 g, and then the cereal, which is added 2 teaspoons of curd becomes self feeding, complemented scraping (grated) fruit or apple puree. If the porridge made from whole grains, it is necessary to rub through a sieve. It can be boiled gruel of the appropriate flour (rice, buckwheat, oat). Cooking it takes much less time. If there is no sale of flour needed to make it a home, resins cereals and the usual coffee grinder.

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Industry produces dry cereal baby food, convenient for quick cooking baby food. It is composed of flour (rice, oat or buckwheat), dry milk, sugar, butter. To prepare 150 g of a liquid (5 percent) of the dry cereal product is sufficient to dissolve a half tablespoons of the dry powder in 150 ml lukewarm water and boil as indicated on the package, a few minutes.

It is very useful and tasty porridge can be cooked quickly in a dry blend "Frutolin" imported to our country from Yugoslavia. This mixture contains in its structure cooked flaked wheat flour with various additives (apples, pears, oranges, bananas, honey), and vitamins A, E, C, of ​​group B. For the preparation of 150 g of fragrant porridge to 150 ml of hot boiled 70-80 degrees water temperature is added 4 tablespoons of dry cereal and a half teaspoons of sugar, all mixed, and the food is ready. Such cereal baby may be given as a second feeding 1 - 2 times a week. Children eat it willingly.

As can be seen, artificial feeding a five-month baby is already significantly different from the feeding of his peers, who is on the breast-fed their mother's milk.

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