Recommendations to parents about nutrition in the kindergarten and at home when entering preschool.

Subject:   "About nutrition in kindergarten and at home"

Purpose: Formation at children of a holistic attitude to their own health, the development of skills of proper nutrition as an integral part of a healthy way.


-pomoch understand that health depends on good nutrition;

-zakreplyat skills sanitary rules for the use of food;

-vospityvat children conscious attitude towards their diet.

    Catering children in kindergarten must be combined with proper nutrition of the child in the family (at home). Parents of children should strive to ensure that food is a kindergarten supplemented diet produced in preschool. In our garden in each age group is available on the menu every day to ensure that parents have full information, what dishes and products got their child during the day.

  For dinner, the home recommended diet foods that the child did not get in the kindergarten. Often we conduct interviews with parents of pupils. We try to convince them that in the morning, before the departure of their child in kindergarten, it is not fed, because it violates the preschool diet, leads to a decrease in appetite, in which case the child does not eat breakfast in the group. However, if the child's early lead (1-2 hours before breakfast), then it can be given juice or some fruit.

  Before entering the kindergarten parents are advised to bring food and diet regime for the children's collective terms, to accustom him to the meals, which are often given in kindergarten, especially if the house he did not receive. If the child can not or do not want to eat alone, the first time it is fed educators. If a child refuses to eat, in any case it is impossible to feed him forcibly. This will further strengthen the negative attitude to the team, to the garden.

  Dear parents, we hope that our recommendations on nutrition will help your children to quickly adapt to the kindergarten. Properly organized and balanced child nutrition in the kindergarten and at home is very important for the health of each child. A preservation of the health of children is the main concern of educational process in our preschool.

Recommendations to parents on child nutrition :

1.Pitevoy mode-compliance with this regime is an important condition for maintaining the health of each of our pupil.

2.Organizovano balanced diet is a balanced diet, characterized by an optimal amount and ratio of food components (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins).

3.Vospitanie culture and table manners skills.

    In order to raise standards of behavior and develop the skills of table manners in preschool children, we encourage parents to pay attention to the following questions:

How did your child eats;

-What is his behavior at the table;

whether he -umeet use a spoon, napkin.

 From an early age, we recommend that parents follow these rules of table etiquette:

-on your desk should always be order, cleanliness and beautiful tableware;

-this table should always be with a clean face and hands;

-zastole should take place without shouting and sharp observations of the adult;

-Children should properly use cutlery and napkins;

-The need to pay attention to children to ensure that they necessarily gave thanks for the food and eating together.

   Dear parents, remember that the rules of behavior at the table, and all the rules of etiquette must be respected both at home and in kindergarten. What we adults: parents, educators -nauchili child at an early age, will last a lifetime.

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