Bouquets of fruits, berries and vegetables take pride of place on any celebration. This is not surprising, because it is bright and unusual addition to any table. Today, bouquets of fresh fruits can be seen at weddings, children's parties, romantic dinners and other events.

Bouquets of fruits with their own hands

Fruity bouquet created with your own hands, you can surprise your friends and family, because such a composition - a "new note" among the usual bouquets. It is important to note that the preparation of fruit bouquet is quite easy and you can easily make it yourself - this activity is available for children from 12 years. The main requirement is to have the desire and the necessary material:

  • skewers;
  • toothpicks;
  • knife;
  • scissors;
  • tape.

Only in this case you get an unusual and tasty souvenir.

Production of bouquets of fruits is similar to creating candy compositions. Therefore, you have no experience in creating "edible" bouquets, we always recommend reviewing their methods of preparation.
Unfortunately, in our day, the stores do not meet educational books on the compilation "tasty" bouquets, so fans of unusual gifts and souvenirs should learn this lesson on their own uncomplicated. Drawing up of fruit flowers is considered fun and interesting activities for children and their parents. The main thing in this case the stock variety of fruits that will be used for unusual crafts.

If you do not want to experiment, you can order ready-made bouquets of fruit in St. Petersburg, is especially important proposal, if before the festivities were a matter of hours. for fruit bouquets Prices start at 999 rubles, or slightly exceed the purchase price of high-quality fresh fruit.

Classic bouquet of fruit

For the preparation of this bouquet, you will need a variety of fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, apples, pears, raspberries, orange and so on. All fruits pre-washed and cleansed from the peduncle. With the orange and banana peel. After that, figuratively cut fruit.

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Dish of the bunch to be with high edges, but not very deep. At the bottom of the dish Put the apples, cut into small slices (preferably wide to them well were fixed skewers). Then pushed onto the skewers a few pieces of fruit and berries. Remember, berries must be not only the top but also the middle layer. After filling the skewers carefully insert it into the apple. Side skewers slightly tilted to give a bouquet circle.

It is also important to properly combine colors, such as green pear complement strawberries or other bright slice. And orange can be easily supplemented with apple or mango.
The refrigerator is a bunch of stored long enough.

Bouquets of fruits with their own hands

Bunch of grapes and strawberries

This bouquet will emphasize good holiday table, since it is bright and colorful, thanks to the strawberries. Take a shallow dish, put it around any fruit (the larger the circle, the higher will the bouquet). Is placed on a toothpick or skewer pre-washed and peeled green grapes one go two things. Following anchoring strawberries spout upwards. As a result, on one skewer should be only one strawberry and a few grapes, depending on their size.

Carefully fasten skewers in fruits. As a result, you get a magnificent bouquet, where the strawberries - it's flowers and grapes - leaves.

Bouquets of fruits with their own hands

Unusual bouquet of pineapples

This bouquet will look unusual and bright on the holiday table. Take small plums, grapes, raspberries, pineapple and green apples. Pineapple cut small florets, cut the clove in a few places the arc. Apple slices cut in the form of leaflets. On skewer or stick on a barbecue skewer leaves, then pineapple slices, and we put on the middle of any berry, depicting core flower. Berries must be alternated to the bouquet turned out bright and unusual. Decorate the dish can be strawberry, lemon and grape.

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Bouquets of fruits with their own hands

Bouquets of fruit - it is easy and fun. Thanks to him, you can not just show imagination, but also to surprise loved ones.

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