Women's fashion has been varied at all times. Women love to be different from each other. Therefore, most of them spend a lot of time at the shops in search of the original blouse, scarf or hat. Knitting things for women special treatment.

This type of clothing helps to keep warm during the cold season and can make a woman a real queen. Knitted blouses worn by women since ancient times. It is known that in ancient Egypt, this element of the wardrobe was every resident. Since then, the sweaters changed its appearance and composition, but the love of the product is preserved.

Of course, the most original and beautiful can only be associated with needles blouse own hands.

To manufacture such a product is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

The first step is to choose the model blouse. Knits are long sleeve, short sleeve and 3/4. Jacket can be free cut or skinny figure. Assign spokes suitable model will be easy if you have a circuit. Even a novice can understand how to knit product, if the circuit is good quality and the next will be given a description. Such schemes can be found on our website.

This season, fashion knit sweaters can be beige, gray and white. Timeless sweaters will also be all shades of red. In addition to the jacket can be linked or crocheted rose, beads, jewelry in the form of fruit.

Beginners craftswomen best tie blouse simple scheme. One of the easiest options is knitting a jacket with a collar. Performing this operation will take about 8 hours. The hardest part of knitting jacket - choose the size. To obtain the product has come, it is necessary at all stages of its work to try.

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To tie a sweater, we need high-quality wool. It is best suitable LINIE 130 CHAMP of ONline. The brand has long existed in the market and established itself on the positive side. If the store will not find this type, you can buy any wool yarn pleasing color. It is important to pay attention to the fact that they are of good quality: the color should be smooth, the thread itself is solid and homogeneous.

Quality tool required for knitting. Acquire the spokes should be in a specialty store. Well established needles ADDI or Knit Pro. For our products require needles №5 and №6.

several steps can be distinguished:

1. Elastic fit in a simple way: alternating two end loops and two purl. This performs gum width of about ten centimeters. It must be said that the proposed scheme is suitable for knitting size 42-44 models. If you want to associate blouse larger then the width of gum should be larger.

2. The main pattern.

Assign pattern may be as follows. Elasticized knit series of simple loops, without sc. Next row is knitted from the sc. Therefore, you should alternate between rows of an eye does not get the desired length. Please note that all loops must be the same size, or when connecting parts of the model are obtained, they are not identical.

3. Back knitted as a separate piece. For its manufacture is required to dial 80 loops on the spokes number 6 and tie a rubber band ten centimeters. At this stage it is necessary to make the details of future blouse together to assess the result obtained is correct spokes defects.

4. The sleeve is knitted by the "gum". On the spokes number 5 46 dialed loops. Further knit ten centimeters "gum". Starting from the next row to be added three loops. Then take spokes № 5 and knits pattern until the end of the sleeve. For bevel sleeves should add eight loops. We close the loop.


5. Once again check the compliance of all parts to each other. Then the connecting parts by means of a needle or the sartorius associate hook from the inside. To perform gate knit circumferential rows 15 in a conventional manner. All loops close freely. Sew a zipper.

Decorate the finished product in several ways. On the collar, you can sew a large button. Once the hole for it should think in advance. Another good way - to decorate the product related colors. They are very fast, but the clothes give a beautiful appearance and a little festivity.

On the jacket of white color will look good black satin ribbon or belt. Such clothing is perfect for the office, because it looks both beautiful and strictly.

We can say with certainty that if one performs needlewoman knit sweater, she definitely will want to repeat it again.

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