Women's handbag - it's like another dimension. There is everything you need, and that need is not there too. It is a repository of all the female secrets, secrets and tricks. It is therefore not surprising that each of the fair sex have at least a few bags, handbags and clutches. It is about the past and will be discussed further. Fashion clutches Winter 2017 - what are they?

Popularity clutches growing from season to season. And since they are designed to keep the most intimate secrets of women, their size becomes larger and larger. Now this is not just an accessory for an evening dress, which fit a lipstick and a mirror. Some models of clutches 2017  are not inferior to the size of handbags. But one thing remains unchanged - it is necessary to wear a clutch in her hand.

A variety of clutches 2017 is striking. The collections of fashion houses can be found clutches large and small, hard and soft, square, round, colored and transparent. Especially popular are still in clutches envelopes . They not only look stylish, but also very practical - they can easily hide your favorite tablet or address book.

Extremely popular this season are also fur clutches . This is not surprising, after all winter. Fur can be both short and long - it depends on taste preferences fashion housewives. Furthermore, in a trend clutches 2017  from elite leathers (crocodile, snake, Cayman, ostrich) or a stamping under a reptile. Very original look metallic, gold and silver clutch. They add the image of luxury and glamor. For publication should select clutch of velvet, fabric or suede, which in the winter 2013 season is also very popular.

As for color, crazy popular clutches of black, blue, red, green, gold and silver. Decor clutches Winter 2017  is truly magnificent. To decorate this stylish accessory using the beads, crystals, Swarovski stones, embroidery, chains, sequins, studs and lace.

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Some designers prefer to make an emphasis not on decorations of the clutch, and in its form. Hence, there trapezoidal pattern, round, in the shape of a bow or a keg. Clutches in the form of the book is still kept at the top of popularity and enjoyed great attention fashionistas around the world.

Obviously, the clutch - must-have of the season winter 2017 . It is convenient, practical and relevant in any fashionable way. He can be laconic twist dress, perhaps even imperceptible in a luxurious evening dress stylish fashionista. There is no doubt that the clutch can be worn anywhere and with anything anything anything. The main thing is to please yourself as a fashion accessory winter 2017.

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