How to lose weight at work  - an issue that concerns many women. Lose weight at work really, it's even easier than just sit at home and follow certain diets, thinking only of one thought: how to quickly lose weight.

Certain rules that will certainly help get rid of excess kilos, being at work:

1. Try to think less of excess weight. The idea of ​​losing weight should not be intrusive, distracting, do some favorite work, provide assistance with joining the SRO, or help a colleague reports. Mental attitude is one of the most important elements for weight loss.

2. In the morning breakfast is absolutely necessary, even if it must be done by force. For breakfast, better to eat oatmeal, buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad, green tea, low-fat meat dishes of beef and poultry.

3. commute to and from work on foot, try to spend more physical energy by burning calories.

4. Increase the amount of snacking at work, there should be slow and often. Excellent if you eat once a day, half a grapefruit, it is very well burns fat. Try to drink more, ezhte vegetables, fruits, lean meat, poultry, fish.

5. Do not eat food after 18 pm or up to 3 hours before bedtime. Morning then with an appetite will eat his breakfast.

6. Do not linger on the job at the same place, often get up to stretch, torso, squat.

7. In order to lose weight at work, for dinner you can eat salad, cooked poultry, lean beef, sea fish. Remember, you need to spend more calories than you consume. Avoid starchy foods, greasy, spicy, smoked foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, potato chips, nuts. At night you can drink a glass of yogurt - it will help to clean the intestines.

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8. Do not forget to make slimming massage after a hard day's work. If a trip to the salon get expensive in terms of money, a massage can do yourself with the help of special masseurs or in the bathtub using massage gloves, or ask someone from relatives to help. Massage will increase blood flow, the work of all organs and systems will improve. This promotes efficient burn fat, to remove toxins, salt.

9. Also remember bath, sauna or hot tub, at least once a week after work, better on Fridays. Clean body scrub of sea salt or coarse coffee. This will clean the pores of the skin, which will facilitate the conclusion of salt and water from the tissues. Good tool in making hot tubs - 0.5 cups mixture of grape juice, and 1 spoonful of honey. It is necessary to put on a hot body is a tool and after 15 minutes rinse. Grapes - excellent drainage means, honey provides a better fat burning.

10. Over the weekend, do gymnastics, dance, clean, and plenty of good cheer.

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