All friends ever sit on a diet, are afraid to eat the extra grams and talk about how you jealous? Do you feel too thin and dream a little bit to get better? Then these tips are just for you, because this article is just about how to gain weight skinny girl at home.




First of all, you need to understand you are not evil because of illness there. With that in the truest sense of the word. Sometimes we lose weight due to various diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer or parasites inside us. Be sure to contact your doctor if you started quickly and without any reason to lose weight, although all his life differed curvaceous.

But if you always been such a constitution, it is likely that you have a fast metabolism. There are many different ways to check this, for example, by calorimetry or calculate body mass index.

How quickly gain weight skinny girl at home?

How to gain weight skinny girl at home quickly

Gaining weight using folk remedies

Many people use folk remedies, it is one of the most affordable and easiest ways for each girl.

Here are some recipes:

  • two or three walnuts, add a spoonful of honey and pour a mixture of a glass of beer you need to grind. After that, all you need is a good stir and drink at a time. If you use this drink for a month, you get better at three kilograms.
  • Take walnut kernels, fry and grind them, again mixed with honey in the following ratio 2: 1. Should be used three times a day after taking write three tablespoons, and the need to drink a mixture of warm milk.
  • You can also make a special sour cream with the addition of a cocktail of beer. Take 250 ml of dark beer, adding three spoons 20% cream, throw a pinch of salt and stir. Drink once a day for a month.
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There are recipes of traditional herbal medicine for fast weight gain:

  1. Cornflower is a natural pathogen of appetite. To do this, take 10 grams of flower and pour a glass of boiling water. We give it brew for half an hour and take on a third cup for half an hour before eating;
  2. Rosehip not only calms the nervous system, but also normalizes metabolism. To do this, you need to make tea from the plant. Take a cup of boiling water, 1 teaspoon fill hips and cover for 10-15 minutes, in order to present it well. Drink tea such can be 1-2 times a day;
  3. The infusion of mint - this is a very useful remedy in atonic indigestion. It is necessary to take two teaspoons mint leaves and pour a liter of boiling water, leave for at least two hours. The resulting infusion should be consumed half an hour before a meal - to increase appetite, or after a meal - for better digestion
  4. The infusion of the roots of gentian - is a good way, which stimulates digestion. It enhances the secretion of gastric juice and digestion of food in the digestive tract. And in conjunction with proper diet will gain a couple of kilos. For the infusion need to grind two teaspoons of the roots of the plant and pour a liter of white wine. Let it brew for a few days, then take the 100 grams before meals.

How to gain weight with a fast metabolism?

How to gain weight with a fast metabolism?

Many are advised to adhere to a special diet. It is logical that with fast metabolism is necessary to choose high-calorie foods, but they need to be healthy.

Here are some rules that should be used when designing the menu:

  • food must be fractional. In addition to three main meals, snacks should be. Last admission for 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. When you choose a needed something easy that the rapidly digested and will not interfere with sleep;
  • calorie - it does not mean fast food. After all, so you can earn even more health problems. It is better to include nuts menu, fatty fish, natural oils, cheese, dairy products, meat;
  • includes any bread on the menu. Garnish choose pasta, cereals and potatoes;
  • in one meal should get fat protein and starchy foods;
  • you can make protein shakes (Creatine);
  • you should not dramatically increase the calorie diet, do it gradually, so there was no overload on the stomach;
  • do not forget to maintain the water balance.
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Exercises girls for weight gain

Exercises girls for weight gain

Also, experts advise doing sports. After all, you do not want to simply grow a fat and have a beautiful and harmonious shape. But here it is worth to be careful, because some workouts will only hinder the set of desired kg.

That is why it is worth considering the following nuances:

  1. avoid any aerobic exercise, such as dancing, bodikombat, running - they just will dry you;
  2. better to go to a gym and do weight training 2-3 times a week;
  3. possible better to train in the morning, as this will ignite the appetite in the afternoon;
  4. do not use the sauna and solarium.

Gain weight if you have gastritis

Gain weight if you have gastritis

If you lose weight with gastritis, then there should first of all understand the connection process. The fact is that this disease is produced inflammation in the intestinal mucosa, and it interferes with the absorption and the splitting of the components, which is an order reduces appetite.

By purchasing a chronic form, there is also pain in the stomach after eating and people unconsciously limit itself to the amount of food.

Is it possible at home to adjust their diet and regain the weight?

Yes, but it will be quite difficult. The first thing you need to gain a menu, you'll stick with it.

Menu for gastritis should be:

  • balanced;
  • portions should not exceed 200 grams;
  • Avoid snacking on the move;
  • eating 4-5 times a day.

There are many different recipes and dishes, but with gastritis need to give up fried, too salty, fast food, too greasy food .

Here is a sample menu for the day to gain weight with gastritis:

Breakfast: oatmeal, a cup of coffee with milk;

Snack: baked apples with honey and nuts;

Lunch: soup with beef, vegetable salad, a small portion of any cereals;

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Snack: a handful of nuts and dried fruit;

Dinner: a piece of baked fish with potato, vegetable salad;

Snack: a cup of yogurt.

Tips on how to gain weight skinny girl at home quickly

Tips on how to gain weight skinny girl at home quickly

So we advise to stick to a healthy way of life, bad habits, too, should be abandoned. It is no secret that cigarettes interrupt appetite and increase energy expenditure.

Also in today's world have come up with a lot of different pills, with which you can gain weight. Of course, not all of them are completely safe, and a choice is better to examine this issue in more detail.

These can be vegetable complexes, biologically-active additives which contribute to the restoration of appetite due to stimulation of hunger center.

Video how to quickly recover the girl at home

In general, weight gain - it's not very complicated, but it requires patience. If you follow all the tips, then a month later to see results!

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