Freckles and age spots is no longer a problem.

As freckles and dark spots - a manifestation of surplus production by melanocytes melanin pigment cells.

Freckles - melanotsintov overlay each other (cluster in the group) is shown a visible spot on the skin. If freckles from early childhood, which means that melanocytes are genetically defined location and to get rid of freckles impossible.

But it is possible to take measures for their "liquidation" and then with the help of special creams to maintain skin clarified (ie, instead of the traditional day and night creams are used day and night creams with ingredients inhibiting the production of melanin - a whitening care line).

Brown spots (chloasma) are of different sizes and shapes, from light yellow-brown or dark brown color, can appear at any age and have a variety of reasons. Most often arise for liver, gall bladder, pregnancy and solar irradiation long inefficient.

Chloasma is especially pronounced in women with dark skin and brunettes; they kept it harder and slower cure. Persistent considerably darkened spots can also be a consequence of the application of irritating creams. After all, sometimes lovers of beauty are at their own discretion.

Remove these stains is difficult, it takes a lot of skin repair system and careful selection of tools to maintain a normal state.

With the appearance of age spots it is necessary, first of all, to consult with a specialist - a dermatologist or beautician, and determine the cause.

It is important to focus on the solution of the internal problems, then remove the consequence of this problem is not difficult, and the result will be positive. Do not use bleach on their own discretion because they have helped someone. It was the right action at the beginning of spots provide good treatment outcome

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Folk remedies for removing age spots:

The following recipes of traditional medicine to eliminate age spots give a lightening effect and make them less noticeable. These funds are recommended to be applied only to areas of pigmentation and after the procedure lubricate the treated areas with a nourishing cream. To get to do every day several times a more pronounced effect of these procedures.


Curdled since the days of our grandmothers used to eliminate age spots. Lotions of curdled desirable to owners of dry skin type. Exposure Time curdled into areas of pigmentation is fifteen minutes, after which you must all wash away. Yogurt may be replaced yogurt and buttermilk, kefir.

To eliminate pigmentation for oily skin type effectively helps mask of minced horseradish and apples, taken in equal proportions.

Lemon juice is also an effective means of whitening pigment spots. It is necessary to dissolve 1 tablespoon lemon juice with 10 tablespoons water. The resulting mixture is lubricated several times a day the affected skin.

The mask of lemon juice and starch is also widely popular means of getting rid of pigmentation. Dilute a tablespoon of starch lemon juice to form a thick slurry, which must then impose on dark spots for 20-25 minutes.

Apart from lemon juice to remove pigmentation effectively help grapefruit juice, cucumber, pomegranate, juice of fresh parsley and dandelion leaves. During the day, you need to wet the areas of pigmentation in any of these juices.

Cosmetic white clay can also be an effective tool in the fight against pigmentation. To prepare the masks need to take half a tablespoon of white clay and dilute lemon juice to a paste. The resulting mass should be applied to pigmented areas of skin and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Furthermore a lemon, can be used pomegranate, cucumber, grapefruit juice and juice from fresh parsley. Furthermore, in the same manner breed white clay can be yogurt, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with a small addition of water.

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In the case of pigmentation in the body can take a bath with celandine.

To eliminate beauticians pigmentary stains and apply more drastic methods , including stepwise (multi-session) removing the top layer of skin jets fine sand aggregate. Also recently laser therapy is widely used for the removal of skin pigmentation.

If dark spots are not a signal of disease or hormonal disturbances, get rid of them hardly worth it.

But if you feel that they ruin the lives of catastrophically, keep in mind that the treatment should be carried out, firstly, in the cold season and, secondly, to the dermatology clinic, and not in a beauty salon, even the most prestigious.

In any case, we must not forget that fashion is changeable: the photographs for glossy magazines to erase the spots on the bodies of beautiful women and then suddenly find themselves at the peak of popularity of freckles and birthmarks resembling a starry sky map.


It looked so last year the beautiful mannequins at Dior.  

So who knows - perhaps tomorrow freckles become your main highlight!

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