Unfortunately, our skin tends to lose its freshness. With age, it is stretched and sag, wrinkles appear. Care for the skin around the eye is necessary in the first place, because it is our eyes - it is our business card. Rejuvenating mask around the eyes long drive away from us all these problems and our skin will not issue our age 🙂

Anti-aging mask for age at homeSelf rejuvenating mask around the eyes, has not less popular than Industry. Every second woman prefers to cook a variety of homemade mixture to age at home, rather than spend on them a considerable sum of money in the store or pharmacy.

Skin of the eyelids and around the eyes is very thin, so the first wrinkles appear in this area. The reason may be bad habits, exposure to the environment and even the strong mobility of persons.

Completely abolish the aging of skin, of course not possible, but slow it down quite real. Begin to care for their eyes is necessary from a very young age, and not wait until the corners of the eyes will fall, the skin loses its elasticity age, sagging, and the so-called bags appear under the eyes.

Most often dry skin of the eyelids, and is in constant motion: because the eyes are the most mobile in the face of authority. When we smile, schurimsya, open and close our eyes, our eyelids stretched.

At a young age the skin elasticity and firmness of age, even though we are making a day about 20,000 eye movements, but with age is changing dramatically, and without any special protective measures for a century, is definitely not enough.

Of course, visiting beauty salons and use makeup just necessary but also homemade mask for age with timely and proper use of will be a great ally in the fight against aging.

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Masks for rejuvenation century - homemade recipes:

Mask of the swelling of the eyelids

Edema of the eyelids are the most common eye problem. They arise from the violation of the circulation of lymph. Help eliminate them special masks. The most famous and effective homemade mask to combat swelling of the eyelids is popularly considered a potato mask.

For its preparation take a raw potato, carefully wash it under running warm water (you can use a brush) and rub on a small (preferably plastic) grater.

The resulting slurry was divided into two parts, put them on the gauze and apply to the eyes. After 15 minutes, remove the mask to wipe the eyelids and eyes with a cotton pad soaked in strong tea.

Mask anti-dark circles

The causes of dark circles may be lack of sleep, stress, proximity to the skin capillaries, sedentary work and, of course, heredity. The best medicine in this case - a sound sleep, proper nutrition, sport and properly fitted (cooked) funds.

Take Art. l. fresh cream and add to it for hours. l. chopped coriander and cucumber. The resulting mixture was spread over the skin around the eyes, and after 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool water. A mask for the age to do a couple of times a week, and soon you will notice a great result.

Mask anti-wrinkle treatment

As we have previously mentioned, the main cause of wrinkling is dry skin, respectively masks for age should be moisturizing.

A remarkable moisturizing effect of aloe juice has. They can lubricate the skin around the eyes before going to bed. Just sell special gels for 99% consisting of aloe juice.

Vegetable oils are also pretty effective way. They enjoyed more our grandmothers. Suitable oil peach, apricot, almond and jojoba. Apply them to be padded ring finger, gently patting their skin.

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Castor oil and burdock addition humidification also strengthens the cilia. And the next century mask gives the effect of "glittering eye". For its preparation you need to mix 1 hour. L. banana puree triturated in 1 h. l. Cold cream or cream. The resulting mixture was apply a dense layer on the eyelids and the skin around the eye, and after 15 minutes wash with cool water and lubricate skin with ice.

Do not forget that caring for centuries, should eliminate the factors that lead to the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Try to protect yourself from stress and anxiety, sleep at least 8 hours a day, eat only healthy food, give up bad habits and, of course, sport.

Do not forget about allergies, so before using a mask for the elastic eyelid skin test your skin. You can do it on your wrist, where the skin is thin and delicate.

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The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, so much earlier ages. Reinforce the process poor diet, stress and insomnia, smoking and alcohol, as well as a lack of vitamin E. Fix the case and "erase" wrinkles from the face to help anti-aging mask around the eyes. Skin of the eyelids often need to mitigate, relieve fatigue, swelling, additional nutrition and hydration. With age, it stands for watch even more carefully to avoid wrinkles.
Exhibit remarkable rejuvenating effect to mask skin around the eyes in the home, making it possible to delay the start of aging of skin, loss of elasticity and wrinkling. One of the most effective tools in the prevention of wrinkles around the eyes is parsley. Parsley is rich in vitamins A, C, E, has a toning and smoothing effect on the skin, in addition to this, it slightly whitens, making wrinkles less visible.

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