Tattoo - a painful procedure that involves the skin mikroprokoly and contact with blood.

If nature is not your face flashed bright colors, do not despair. There are such people who do not even make brighter, it is a specific feature. This looks attractive in its own way, you get used to it quickly. But if you do decide to correct the defects of nature, that is a way to easily fix everything - it is permanent makeup.

The main question of interest to those who intend to make a permanent make-up - how long the effect. Medium term - three years, but depending on the patient's skin type and pigmentation, can be up to five years. The procedure is slightly painful, but skilled craftsmen using the latest pain relievers - basically, this is a local anesthesia. Immediately after the results of the procedure do not expect the skin to restore. If there was a procedure on his lips, then formed a crust, it should fall off after about two weeks, but not before, it is very important for uniform results. After about a month and a half for the lips need this corrective procedure. The second time is usually not so painful and not scary. As for the eyebrows and eyelids, the desired effect is fast enough, the eyelids do not need to be corrected, and on the brow you will advise the master conducting protseduru.Kraska using a special machine is introduced into the epidermis under the skin, it is important that the pigment was held under the epidermis and is not I flaked. Over time, the paint may become less bright, but does not completely disappear. Painted the same colors of the beauty of the faces of two different people may look completely different, this is due to the individual characteristics of kozhi.Ne should choose bright colors and tattooing once and lips, and eyes. Better to start with the lighter shades of paint. If you will be satisfied with the result, its density can be strengthened during the correction procedure protsedury.Esli held with all the hygiene requirements, use a good paint and disposable supplies used qualitative painkillers, then there is no harm to the body is not permanent makeup naneset.Kogda woke up this morning you will see in the mirror reflected a moderately bright lips and shaded his eyes with thick lashes, and admire itself, is it not the most good? After all, your spouse will also admire you at any time of the day.

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An additional plus-that the "ink" and "lipstick" not smazhutsya and shall run, and not have to spend time on their daily nanesenie.Ni in any case impossible to carry out the tattoo of lips procedure if herpes lips. We'll have to wait until the fever heal, otherwise the result will not be uniform.

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