Girls is a godsend! After only 15 minutes a person looks like in the magazine 😉

Of consumption on the chin and on the nose:

0.5 tsp gelatin;

1 tsp milk (water);

0.5 Activated charcoal tablets;

Stiff brush;

Tablets were ground coal is mixed with gelatin and add milk (water).
Carefully stir (do not dissolve, so it should be) put in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Gat, we are waiting when it's not hot flame. I put on steaming skin after a bath.

Stiff brush first "drive in" the pores, and then I put or render a thin layer on top.

We are waiting for complete drying (~ 10-15 min.) And remove (tried integrally) mask-film.

I have it cleans the pores (in contrast to all purchased, including bars), as well the pores are narrowed.

After nanoshu moisturizer.

The result, as they say, there 😉

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