H e will be no exaggeration to say that the choice of perfume is an art - and not every woman owns. Perfume creates an aura around us that affect our feelings, emotions, creates a mood, can repel or inspire. When choosing a perfume, we choose, in fact, themselves.

Therefore, some tips for choosing the spirits:

When choosing a perfume is primarily focused on the contents of the vial, and not on his appearance or advertising as seen on TV. Although packaging color can help you choose: as a rule, the lighter tone of the package, the more delicate and lighter scent itself, and vice versa.

Never buy perfume on the market or in the underpass, only in stores deserving trust networks or proven boutiques.

These spirits can not be cheap by definition.

Is not the time to select the spirits in the critical days, when our ability to smell is significantly reduced; the best period - a few days before the beginning of menstruation.

Before visiting the store, do not use perfumed deodorants, perfumes and other toilet waters.

Test no more than 2-3 flavors of one approach: the olfactory recipes quickly "clogged" and all the smells you start to look the same. To restore nasal sensitivity to odors can smell the coffee. Typically, the container with coffee beans available on the shelves of perfumery departments.

Smelled perfume from the bottle or from cork, the concentrated smell you nothing to say, the fragrance is revealed in a free, volatile state. Spray it on the blotter paper strip, and wait a minute, do not sniff the paper, and the air around it. Take a blotter and home again check to see if you smell a disappointment.

The fact that the perfume is revealed gradually, a complex perfume composition, which consists of three notes - aromatics varying degrees of volatility. The initial note gives the first impression of the fragrance, then note reveals the "heart", and after 10-15 minutes appears basic, basic note. It determines the overall perfume character and holds, according to their persistence, from 4 to 20 hours.

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In order to make the final choice, be sure to apply your favorite perfume on your skin. After all, every person they "sound" differently.

The choice of perfume it is very private, but still can give you some general guidelines:

Blondes will like flower clean, fresh, maybe slightly bitter flavors.

Red women, these contradictory natures more in tune with the sensual scents, chypre and aldehyde perfume.

Brunettes, suitable perfume spicy, with aromas of orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, narcissus, with a base note of musk, amber and leather.

Nature-haired women are more consistent with spicy aromas of heliotrope, Bulgarian and Moroccan roses.

Golden brown-haired, frail and feminine ladies with delicate complexion, will appreciate the floral perfume, especially with notes of acacia, honeysuckle, sweet peas, gardenia.

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