Badyaga - is crushed and dried sponge. This applies to the order being coelenterates (silicon), and lives exclusively in freshwater. Find unique medicine will not be easy. Meet badyagu on the shelves can be in the form of powder or gel.


As a general rule, most prefer to buy potrebitelnits badyagu powder. It is believed that in such a product is better retains its medicinal properties, and contains no extraneous additives.

The principle of action of the drug resembles skin resurfacing. It is a quality and makes it so versatile: from the application to the face prior to treatment of problem areas on the body. But, of course, only by grinding badyagi use in national treatment is not limited. It is used for fast healing of bruises, scars and remove all kinds of scars after acne.

We can say that badyaga - an inexpensive version of black African soap, used exclusively in the spa-salons.

However, despite all the above advantages, badyaga Stretch rescues due to deep skin peeling. White stretch marks are not capable of resorption and, therefore, to deal with this nuisance should just grinding. By the way, from the red stripes on the body to get rid of a lot easier. White stretch marks - this is the last stage.

Badyaga of stretch marks:

It is necessary to warn that the methods of application badyagi could not be better characterize the expression "through the thorns - to the stars" . A little really have to suffer. Badyaga pricked and scratched. The powder consists of small needles - penetration of the skin occurs deeper, but the feeling passed sharper.


Badyaga with hydrogen peroxide

Take a small quantity of powder badyagi, dilute hydrogen peroxide (3%), the resulting rub gruel problem areas, leaving 10-20 minutes and rinse with water. Carry out procedures better at night (as the skin turns red after treatment). Apply the medicine should only be wearing gloves, avoid contact with eyes.

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Repeat the procedure for 4 days. On the last day of the skin on the field impact of funds will begin to peel. It should also take into account that the treated areas of skin after the procedure will be very susceptible to the influence of the external environment, so from sunbathing to be on time to abstain in order to avoid pigmentation.

Badyaga stretch marks olive oil

A small amount of powder badyagi grind with olive oil and rub into the skin of problem zones after thorough peeling hard sponge. Food wrap film. Wash off after an hour. Executes the specified procedure 10 days in a row.

However, it is better to stick to an individual program. Skin at all different, with its own characteristics. If you feel that it is better to leave some time and do not bother, it is best to do so.

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