Forums cookery I do not know how to cook. Where to begin? Prompt the simplest dishes.
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    I am 18 years old, vopityvalas in an orphanage. I am going to move to live with the guy. Recently tried to fry an omelet, it's all stuck, the view was awesome. With such culinary skills no man would want to take me as his wife. Prompt where to start training this hard business. And in some programs offer delights to cook.

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    AMBER do not worry! Everything has its time. Of course you will learn. In the meantime, you can start with the potatoes, and cook it is possible and cook and bake. The meat is also not difficult. And can be all together as "hot" to cook. Cut into cubes and the same fire away 20 minutes with stirring. And then under the cover add water and another 20 minutes on low heat. Do not forget to season with salt and pepper. To your health!

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    Fried eggs, pasta, kartofan ... not heard? 🙄😏😆

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