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    No new posts Hello! You had the feeling that neponyatki kind and good a man but as a girlfriend zamichaesh attracted physically well, in terms of sex? I am 19 years, if that. I have a boyfriend who I have first in terms of sex and I'm with him for 1.5 years. But when her friend walk in the park or watching a movie at her house that I want to kiss her. Well, she certainly act as leads that touches me Tipo accidentally or dresses with me. The guy I'm afraid to say it at me jealous. But she had more want his girlfriend - / can I lesbian?

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    Until paprobuesh not uznaesh 😋👍🏻 not paprobuesh Budišov to think how it could be.

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    Never mind. At this age, there are many experiments.

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    Properly do not tell a guy figure it out first in itself. Think of yourself if you are a half years with a guy like you can suddenly become a lesbian? Maybe you're just bi. Then you no matter whom to love. You mean not attracted a certain floor, but the man himself.

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    That no zamarachevaysya! You're okay with the boys tochna😜 Lizbiyanki not gulyayut😂

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    It seems to me simply because nothing happens ... So the guy does not suit you or bored)

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    My friend had a friend, and so it is up to 20 years, met with the guys and then become a lesbian, she is now 27 years old. And it happens, listen to yourself, do not look for tips here

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