Do not miss in the seventh edition of I'm embarrassed of his body ...

The case is a two-year boy, Misha, who has congenital "cleft lip" and "palate". At this age, he has already had to carry out important operations for the state account. But Misha's mother rejected them. Another girl asked for help in the project after the ear plastics. And in the house where the participants live a psychological program to combat OCD appeared live pig. How did they react to this?

With the problems of the genital organs immediately asked the two men - Fedor Dybtsa and Igor Zinchenko. Fedor difficulties with potency, and Igor - the specific structure of the penis that gives his partner pain during lovemaking. Valery Oslavsky decided to experiment and see how the Ukrainians knowledgeable in matters of an intimate nature. Also, their treatment outcomes shared girl who underwent a unique operation on the "horse's foot."

For the participants of the program of psychological struggle with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) project psychologists have prepared a special test. The house ... there was a live pig. How exactly it helped the animal to deal with problems, and why one of the participants decided to leave the house?

Valery Oslavsky told about the normal duration of sexual intercourse. And also - that no symptoms of dangerous diseases can be a problem in bed.

Lyudmila Shupenyuk with the help of volunteers conducted an investigation, which showed some severe trauma can cause experiments in sex.


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