At week 16, project experts' top models in Ukrainian "decided to send participants on a virtual journey into the world of fashion. After all, professional models often travel around the world. And the closer you are familiar with the culture of the country where you have to work, the better. One of the stops on the way participants was Japan. Country gadgets, subcultures and self-expression. All these national features, the project expert and model booker Sergei Nikitiuk decided to show on the catwalk in the style of Fruits.

While preparing for the fashion show costume and make-up artists have come off in full. Colored wigs, lenses that make your eyes a huge pupil with phones instead of headphones and speakers hoops with gadgets. Even the most severe members were delighted with their images. And most of all the crazy parade glad Helen Feofanova. Finally she got into his element.

In the 16th edition of Top Model in Ukrainian on 12/15/2017 during the second test, participants will learn the features of modeling in African countries. Those who will be the best on the test, get to Cosmopolitan magazine. That's only because of the approaching sunset Samvel and Elena can generally be left without a photo. What do the participants decide in this situation?

During the third test five models will be filmed for a movie about Europe. Their main task - in any case, do not stray from the rhythm, and dance the waltz. Which pair and not be able to fully understand the problem? And arrange on-site Helen Feofanova? See 16 online edition of Top Model in Ukrainian on 15/12/2017

In the fourth trial, participants will be the heroes of the film "Titanic." They will depict the orchestra drowns, but continued to play. At some point Elena panicked, and she begins to literally drown Samvel. How will this test? See 16 online edition of Top Model in Ukrainian on 15/12/2017

During the ceremony, pasture experts invited all the participants to the verdicts at the same time. On the project there were only 5 people, and now the right to the last chance is no more. Who will leave the project this week? See 16 online edition of Top Model in Ukrainian on 15/12/2017

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Do not miss the next edition of Top Model in Ukrainian in a week!

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