ProjectorParisHilton 2017 returns to the screens of monitors and television sets on Saturday, April 29! The latest release is entirely dedicated to leading and certainly the news from around the world.

As before, the four permanent leader continues to discuss the news and high-profile events around the world. Sharp dialogues, humorous barbs, plenty of humor and a positive communication with the guests. humorous show will lead Alexander Central Committee, Garik Martirosyan, Ivan Urgant and Sergei Svetlakov.

After three years break, the first channel resumes ProjectorParisHilton in 2017 and released her sixth issue of April 29, 2017.

In this issue, leading once again to discuss in scintillating sarcastic manner the main news of the week. Namely: a feast proposed to introduce Putin, followed by Medvedev that Moscow is waiting for the rich and what career chose former finance minister of Germany - these and other relevant news to discuss leading. The company has made them the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

See the new issue of ProjectorParisHilton a week!


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