The main characters of the New Romantic show the channel halves - not like all of the external parameters or worldview. Barbie girl and asexual, a gifted autistic and model-amputi, a former nun who had returned to the world, and gay, who decided to become heterosexual. Society does not want to enter such persons in the generally accepted standards and thus deprives them of the opportunity to be loved. Halves fix it, find for each character is really a soul mate and arrange a rendezvous dreams that can forever change their destiny.

In the 6th edition of the show 03.10.2017 halves awaits Ruslana. She deliberately hidden from the public. She believes that black - it is part of it, and it is - part black. She is comfortable on the "dark side." However, Ruslan already uncomfortable one, so she wants to learn to love. Bogdan - a bright young man who enjoys every day. However, it's hard to find a girl who will understand him and share with him enthusiasm. What will be the first meeting of Ruslana and Bogdan?

Vladislav - a very beautiful girl. The 6 release from 10.03.2017 show Halved Power will tell you that does not feel desirable. On the contrary - felt that abominable men. And all because Vlada cerebral palsy. The girl had a relationship, but the guy told her that his power is not worthy. Now she does not trust men, but do not lose hope to find love. Paul - a survivor of an unusual experience - lightning struck him. Why his body is completely burned. Still, Paul was able to accept himself as he is. What will happen with power and Paul on the first date?

The first date of Ruslana and Bogdan got crumpled, Ruslan frankly did not trust Bogdan. And she did not like herself. Project expert Vladimir Naumenko has decided to help the girl to open up. To this end, the expert has created a special room to Ruslan she found a way out of this situation. How it was the second date, and Ruslan Bogdan said - watch online in 6 release Halves 3 on the New Channel website.

The first appointment authorities and Paul ended for girls despair. She can not accept themselves full-fledged woman, man. project expert Natalia Cholodenko offered Vlad pass through experiment "cleansing of the mind" to show Vlad, the problem is not in her body, and in the perception of ourselves. How to change the power, what will be her second meeting with Paul and the young men say to each other, see the online release halves 6-3 on the New Channel website.

A week later, see the next edition of the show halves.


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