Bad breath is not only aesthetic, moral and ethical issue, but also, perhaps, a serious disease. In fact the owner of such a delicate nuance can not guess that is the source of odors. But over time, it is sure to find a well-wisher, who initiated him into the heart of the matter. It is seen from the side - and it really relates to this issue. Others may be at so much trouble to communicate with a person who goes out of his mouth stench that the only possible is only to inform the other party about it directly. Of course, this is unpleasant to hear. Especially to those who brush their teeth regularly and monitors oral hygiene. The only solution in this case will be examined by a doctor system to identify the source and cause bad breath.

The causes of halitosis.

One of the reasons that lie on the surface, there is a problem with the gums and the presence of carious teeth. No matter how well you cared for oral home, in diseases such as caries, periodontitis and others must still appeal to the dentist. Chronic food residues in tartar, bleeding gums and teeth can produce crumbling fetid breath.

Another cause of bad breath can be a problem in the throat: tonsillitis, laryngitis, sore throat and other inflammatory diseases of the tonsils. In this case, a good solution would be to seek help from Laura.

Finally, it would seem far from your mouth, gastrointestinal tract turns can cause mouth odor. For example, gastritis with low acidity retards food remains in the stomach that causes rotting. And this in turn - the trouble in the form of breath.

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Methods of combating halitosis.

If the cause of odor in the mouth is inflammation in the oral cavity - will chewing lemon, mint or parsley.

When an unpleasant smell in the mouth due to problems with his throat, use an infusion of rosemary.

And when you have reduced gastric acidity overcome this bad breath help kefir.

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