Meet the new 13th edition of the show MasterShef. Teenagers from 25.04.2018! Today, the first test for teens will become a well-known competition - Crocodile. Ten chefs MasterShef 2018 fight not only in the chef's skill, but also demonstrate their acting skills. After all, their main task - to show his team a dish without words! Well, as without a dirty trick on MasterShef? The main intrigue of the contest Crocodile will be that each of the participants is very easy to be able to be ... in a black apron! Do not miss! Such a sight in the kitchen MasterShef you have not seen!

In the 2nd part of the show MasterShef. Teens 2018 Issue 13 teens will have to blindly guess the famous dish! Captains, being behind an impenetrable screen, will be engaged in tasting culinary delights, and try to blindly find out what is in front of them. After that, they will dokrichatsya their teams and convey all the details of the preparation of dishes and features presentations. Will the young chefs to cope with such a task?

In 3 of the 13 participants of the release of 25.04.2018 MasterShef. Teenagers have to fight the hardest battle in black aprons. Just six teens - Jaroslav Varholyak Mark Levinsky, Alexander Lukomsky Tatiana Kurylenko, Carolina Zalevskaya and Yuri Turchin - will fight for your life in the kitchen cooking MasterShef! And who among teenagers leave the first ten best chefs MasterShef 2018 you will learn by watching our video! Do not miss! See a relentless battle black aprons

Do not miss a week the new issue MasterShef. Teens!

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