The judges decided to test how well the participants of the master chef children know each other. To take responsibility for themselves or to share with others? Win alone or with the help of others? Save a friend from a black skirt or dress it up for a competitor? Learn to choose the young chefs?

The participants decided to make a real culinary revolution in the normal school cafeteria. But what cooks could offer to change the hungry students instead of the traditional semolina and obschepitovskih chops?

At the battle of black aprons come Kseniya Slobodskaya, Sonia Shidlik Dasha Marfina, Ilya Vasyutinskii David Mitko. To stay in the project, the children should prepare classic dishes, working in the costumes of classic paintings. Find out who left the project this week?

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Do not miss the 27th edition of the Master Chef children in a week!


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