The show left four members: Vic Podlepenskaya David Mitko, Sirota Masha and Marina Litvinenko. To prove their right to play in the super final project, participants collected a culinary star. When Hector Jimenez-Bravo Marina Litvinenko made 4 times to redo Dorado with potato scales, she realized that from now on there are no exceptions will not.

Judges are prepared for the participants of the special European dishes-country. Their total area is 7 square meters, and cooks should lay the territory of each country's delicious restaurant meal. Of course, they themselves could not have done, so the judge was invited as an assistant relatives of the young participants.

Marina Litvinenko Masha Sirota first show took place in the super final, but Vick Podlepenskoy and David Mitko had yet to earn the right to fight for the victory. The judges gave them a culinary duel. The same set of ingredients and complete freedom of action. What dishes prepared duelists? And who was the third superfinalistom show?

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