"Chorus" (eng.  The Glee  - Glee polyphonic song; in Russia, also known as the "Losers" ) - a television series with elements of musicals, dramas and comedies broadcast by the TV channel Fox in the United States and Canada. In the center of the plot - the school choir "New Directions" (eng.  The New the Directions ), created in the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio [1] . The plot line of the series affect the relationship between the choristers, including eight main characters, director of the choir and part-time teacher of the Spanish language, as well as overbearing coach school support team that is trying to close the chorus [2] .

Series sponsored by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. The pilot episode was broadcast May 19, 2009, immediately after the final show American Idol [3] . The second episode was released on September 9, 2009, and the last episode of the first season - June 9, 2010. The second season aired from September 21, 2010 to May 24, 2011, the third - from 20 September 2011 to 22 May 2012. The fourth season was shown to September 13, 2012 to May 9, 2013. The fifth season aired from September 26, 2013 on May 14, 2014. Selection of actors was based on the level of vocal and acting skills in view of the features of the show that make it close to the musical. Songs performed on the show gained popularity. In total, it has sold more than 42 million units singles and 21 million albums [4] ; 200 issued compositions and singles occupied places in the chart Billboard Hot 100 , which is the highest result since The Beatles and Elvis Presley [5], [6]

At the beginning of the broadcast series has received mostly positive reviews from critics, he was nominated for nineteen awards "Emmy" award four "Golden Globe", six "Satellite Awards" and fifty-seven other nominations. "Chorus" twice was awarded the "Golden Globe" in the category "Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy" - in 2010 and 2011. [7] ; in 2010, the actor Chris Colfer was awarded in the category "Best Actor - Miniseries, TV series or TV movie" [8] . Actress Jane Lynch was awarded the "Emmy" for "Best Actress in a Comedy Series" [8] , Neil Patrick Harris - "Best a guest actor in a comedy series," [9] , and in 2011 - Gwyneth Paltrow as "Best invited actress comedy television series " [10] .

One of the main characters, Will Schuster, Spanish teacher, begins to organize the choir engaged in production of the musical. Initially, the team attracts students being bullied by classmates. Schuster spins choir, and he's joined by other participants will not have problems in relationships with peers. Gradually becoming a team, choir members gain confidence and develop immunity against the stereotype of the caste of the school system that divides students into "popular" and "losers."

During casting one of the creators of the series Ryan Murphy was looking for actors, which could manifest desire to perform theatrical roles. Instead of traditional phone calls, he spent three months observing actors of Broadway, where noted, Matthew Morrison, and, impressed by his performance in the musicals Hairspray and of The Light in the Piazza (Eng.), She offered him a role in the series. There you find Leah Michelle Murphy, who played in a production of "Spring Awakening" and Jenna Ushkowitz occupied in the musical "The King and I" [11] . 

Come to normal listening, in addition to the demonstration of acting skills were required to demonstrate vocal and dance numbers. Chris Colfer, who had no previous professional acting experience, auditioned for the role of Artie Abrams and performed composition «Mr. Cellophane "from the Broadway musical" Chicago ", however, the casting directors were so impressed with his vocal abilities, the character Kurt Hummel was written especially for him [11] . Actress Jayma Mays performed while listening party «Touch-a, Touch-a , Touch-a, Touch Me» from the musical of The of Rocky Horror Show (Eng.)And Cory Monteith through his agent gave the creators of the video series in which he plays a pencils on a makeshift drum set of containers for food. Ryan Murphy praised the video, but noted that he would like to hear the vocals Monteith, as it is one of the criteria for the role in the show. Monteith recorded his performance of the composition «Can not Fight This Feeling» American rock band Speedwagon the REO [11] , and later took part in a "live" listening in Los Angeles. Actor Kevin McHale came to the audition with his band, but a four-person role was only McHale that Murphy later explained the reluctance to take too many actors of facial features, because the show is a multi-directional [11] . Actress Jane Lynch was originally considered for a guest role in the series [12] , however, the pilot episode of its joint venture with Damon Wayans series for ABC fell through [13] , and Lynch signed a contract on a permanent supporting role in "Glee," but her character is one of the the most charismatic in the series and in several series was pushed to the fore. The actress contract, it was stated that her character can count on a major role in a feature film based on the series [14] [15] , but Murphy has decided to abandon the filming of the feature film and release a live documentary [16] , which was released 12 August 2011 [17] . 

As a result, "Chora" volume were fifteen actors who have received a permanent role. Morrison landed the role of Will Schuester - Spanish teacher and part-time school choir leader [18] ; Jane Lynch received character Sue Sylvester - domineering coach school support team, which conflicts with Will Schuester, and intends to close the choral club [13] ; Mays won the role of Emma Pillsberri - young school psychologist suffering from obsessional neurosis that has the attention of Will Schuester [19] ; the role of wife Schuster (and later - ex-wife), Terry Schuster received Jessalyn Gilsig [20] . Among the singers role of Rachel Berry, the leading soloist of the band and a target for ridicule classmates, went to Leah Michelle [20] , and Monteith landed the role of Finn Hudson - top of the school social hierarchy, the main soloist of the choir and the captain of the football team [20] ; Amber Riley joined the composition as Mercedes Jones - dark-skinned student with a strong voice, which evinces often complained about the lack of her solos; Chris Colfer played Kurt Hummel - openly gay, who suffers humiliation from the other students, and thanks to his countertenor sometimes performs in the chorus female parts [21] ; McHale got the role of Artie Abrams - student with paralysis of the lower limbs, moves in a wheelchair; Ashkovits landed the role of Tina Cohen-Chang, an American of Korean origin, who pretends she has a speech impediment; Mark Salling appeared on the show in November as "Puck" Puckerman, team-mate Finn on the football team, who later also joined the chorus; Dianna Agron Quinn Fabray got the role - Captain support team and later one of the chorus girls; Naya Rivera and Heather Morris got the role of the secondary characters of Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce respectively, in the second season were promoted to the fore [22] . Mike O'Malley played Burt Hummel - father Kurt, who in the second season, also received a regular role [23] .

In the third season, Murphy decided to bring to the forefront two characters - a dancer and singer Mike Chang, played by Harry Shum Jr., Kurt and boyfriend of Academy Dalton Blaine Anderson, played by Darren Criss [24] . In June 2011, Murphy said that at the end of the third season, the cast of the series is partially replaced, as the plot of the characters will have to finish their schooling, but Brad Falchuk said that the end of schooling does not mean that the characters leave the series [25] . At the moment, it is known that Lynch and Morrison will be in the role of the characters in the fourth season [26] . In the third season, it became known that not all of the series and the characters are graduates leave school after the end of the season. In particular, the first and second episodes of Artie, Tina and Blaine reported that they a year younger than his colleagues in the choir.

In the series from time to time take part invited actors, including figures of music, such as Olivia Newton-John [27] , Josh Groban [27] , Britney Spears, Eve [28] , as well as Whoopi Goldberg, Perez Hilton, Lindsay Lohan. The notable roles were Neil Patrick Harris, Gwyneth Paltrow and Adam Lambert. First he played the role of Brian Ryan, a former classmate Schuster [29] , and was awarded for his role "Emmy"; Paltrow has appeared in three episodes and the concert film in the role of Holly Holliday - substitute teacher and a brief romantic interest Schuster [30] . It was in 2011 awarded the "Emmy" [10] ; in the series Paltrow sang cover versions of three songs, including mashup «Singing in the Rain / Umbrella» Gene Kelly and Rihanna, respectively, along with actor Matthew Morrison. In the fifth season, he played the role of Adam Lambert Gilbert Elliott, appearing in five episodes. He performed a cover version of «Marry The Night» and several solo songs in the company of actors of the series. In the series «The Rocky Horror Glee Show», devoted to the production of the musical of The of Rocky Horror Show (Eng.), Attended by Meat Loaf and Barry Brostvik, played a role in the film adaptation of the musical in 1975 [31] , and in the series «The Sue Sylvester Shuffle» cameo role performed by American journalist Katie Couric [32] . In the final episode of the second season, «New York», cameo itself played an American Broadway actress Patti Lyupon [33] . 

Their participation in the show as guest actors Javier Bardem confirmed, Anne Hathaway [34] [35] , Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan. In spring 2010, Ryan Murphy said that Hathaway will appear in the role of a lesbian aunt of Kurt Hummel, however, since the details of the future appearance of the actress were not specified [36] . Ricky Martin appeared in the twelfth episode of the third season as a Spanish teacher at McKinley School [37] and the Latin American singer Gloria Estefan sang the role of the mother of Santana Lopez [38] in the final episode of the third season.

The idea was born from the television series, written and directed by Ian Brennan based on his own experience as a member of a high school choral club Prospect in Mount Prospect, Illinois [39] . Brennan originally planned to release "Chorus" as a film, not the TV series, and the first scenario for him was prepared in early 2005, but interest in the project did not appear in the next few years [40] . Mike Novick, a television producer and Brennan's friend, Ryan Murphy gave a copy of the script [41] . Murphy, who was himself in the school was involved in the choir, approved the script and suggested to his friend and colleague Brad Falchuk start shooting a TV show. Brennan's script was partially rewritten, and after only 15 hours after giving it to the TV channel Fox project has been approved. Murphy commented on the concept of the new series, comparing it to a popular project American Idol , which is designed to interest viewers music. Murphy and Falchuk steel producers series, and Brennan with Novick steel executive produced [42] . The scenario of the first two seasons was written by Brennan, Falchuk and Murphy [43] .

Action television series takes place in Lima, Ohio [1] . Murphy chose the Midwest, as he grew up in Indiana, and it reminded him of his childhood visits to the theme park Kings Island in Ohio [44] . Although the action takes place in Lima, shooting the series are in Hollywood Studios at the studio the Paramount [45] . Murphy said he had never seen the movie "High School Musical", which is often compared to "Chorus", and his interest as one of the showrunner was to create a "postmodern musical," to some extent similar to the format of the Broadway "Chicago." According to Murphy, the show was a success because of its differences from the rest of the broadcast TV programs and serials - about lawyers, police or science fiction [42] . Also, he said, "Chorus" is going to hold the air for at least three years [46] .

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Most episodes were written and directed by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk. During the first two seasons of episodes of the script I was completely under their control, as well as the directors were invited Alfonso Gomez-Redzhon several times, Adam Shankman, Eric Stoltz, Elodie Keene, Paris Barclay, Joss Whedon, and others. Most of the material for Sue Sylvester writes Brennan for Kurt - Ryan Murphy and Falchuk ideas belong most of the scenes between Kurt and Burt Hummel [47] . Since the third season to the team joined the writers Allison Adler, Marti Nokston, Michael Hitchcock, and others [48] , and the fourth episode of the third season, «Pot of Gold», became the first episode of the series, issued without the participation of the founders of the trio [49] .

Characters show performed cover versions of various songs [50] . According to Murphy, who is responsible for the selection of songs, he tries to strike a balance between hits from the charts and original compositions composed by especially for the show: "I want to be in every episode there was something for every viewer. To balance it all - a very tricky, but at the same time the important thing. The choice of songs is an integral part of the story. Each episode has its own theme. After the story was written, I choose songs that contribute to the development of history " [51] . In an interview in 2010 Chris Colfer said: "A couple of times I went to Ryan Murphy and told him a story or two of his life, and then he used this material in the show. Or he would ask me what song I wanted to sing in a given situation. I do not think anyone of us tries to directly contribute to the creation of characters and stories, but they are definitely borrow from us some things " [52] . In the second season, in an attempt to cater to the age group of 18 to 49, there has been a shift towards greater use of the songs from the list of the forty most popular songs of the US charts [53] .

Murphy was surprised at how easily record labels were allowed to use their compositions in the show, and commented: "I think the fact that they liked the essence of what we do. They liked the fact that this show is about optimism and (mostly) children, representing what has become a classic, a new audience, " [50] . A small part of the performers refused permission for the use of their music, among them: Bryan Adams, Guns N 'Roses and Coldplay. However, in June 2010, Coldplay have reconsidered his decision and gave the "choir" of the right to use its catalog [54] . Adams wrote in his account on Twitter, that the series producers never asked his permission, and strongly advised them to "answer the phone" [55] . Composer and musician Billy Joel offered many of his songs for the show [56] and other artists have offered use of their songs for free [57] . A series of albums with the soundtrack to "Horus" was released on the label Columbia Records. Songs that are present in the show, available for download through iTunes up to two weeks before the release of new episodes to air, as well as through other digital sales networks and mobile operators a week later [46] . Music producer Adam Anders series added to show the original music, including two original songs «Loser Like Me» and «Get It Right» in the episode «Original Song» on March 15, 2011 [58] .

Choreographed "chorus" Zac is Woodley and each episode contains from four to eight dance numbers [59] . Once Murphy selects a song, the legal issues with publishers clarifies administrators, and music producer Adam Anders arranges it for the cast of the series [46] . Conducted pre-registration, during which Woodley developing accompanying dance parties, which are then rehearsed actors and removed [41] . After that there is a studio recording tracks. The process begins six to eight weeks before we started shooting and can end the day before it. To create each episode, according to the creators, leaving at least $ 3 million and up to ten days of shooting because of the complex choreography. In late 2010, Bloom said that the process was even shorter, "a few weeks" [60] . When you create the second season of publishers and record labels have suggested creators listen supposed to use the song in advance, so that production starts before the settlement of legal issues [53] .

Before the premiere of the second episode, the cast "Chora" went on tour across the country, which held concerts including several Hot Topic stores network. Actors sang the US national anthem at the third game of the 2009 Major League Baseball, the series [61] . They were also invited by Macy's to speak at the annual parade held in honor by Thanksgiving, but the NBC television channel to prevent this because of the broadcast, "Chora" in the rival network [62] [63] . Murphy responded to this as follows: "I understand NBC's position, and I can not wait to Jay Leno will realize what a mistake he had made" [64] .

Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer voiced their characters - Will, Sue, Rachel, Finn and Kurt respectively in cameo roles, the episode "The Cleveland Show" shown January 16, 2011 [65] . Michele, Monteith and Amber Riley appeared in the premiere episode of the twenty-second season of "The Simpsons" [66] .

Lynch, Colfer, Monteith, and Riley took part in the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards September 12, 2010 [67] . When Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith took part in frank photo shoot for the November issue of GQ magazine, the show fell down a barrage of negative criticism by PTS Organization (Eng.  Parents The Television Council , Rus. Parents Television Council ). PTS president Tim Winter said that the "chorus" and a lot of young viewers, "agreeing with this, almost pornographic, demonstration, creators of the series have shown, what they expect from the development of the show. And it's not good for families " [68] .

The poster of the first season shows the actors, the right hand showing a sign of «L», inserted in place the letter L in the word «glee». Posters on the second season of the actors, standing in pairs, throwing the camera iced fruit cocktail (Eng.  Slushies ), which is regularly featured in the series. At that time, as the tour Glee Live! In Concert! began May 15, 2010 and took place in four US cities, will continue until the end of the month, its second version is almost entirely renewed setlist was held for four weeks, from May 21 to June 18, 2011 in the United States and Canada, and after twelve more days continued in the UK and Ireland from 22 June to 3 July 2011 [69] . Also part of the series appeared in the seventh season of the British television show of The the X Factor (Eng.)December 5, 2010 [70] . 

Hints on tour appeared in the Twitter microblogging more participants at the beginning of 2010 [71] , but the official announcement took place only March 1, 2010 on Fox [72] . With the success of the show, in the spring of 2010 I went to part of a large-scale tour - the Glee Live! In Concert!  - after the end of the first season, visiting Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and Rousmont [73] . "There was so immediate reaction of the fans to our little show, we wanted to thank them live and in person," - says Ryan Murphy [74] . In addition, the artists recorded a cover version of the song «Last Christmas» Wham !, the duo that was released as a single in late 2009, but has not been shown in the series until the episode «A Very Glee Christmas» December 10, 2010 [75] . As a "warm-up" with the actors performed a dance troupe LXD of The (Eng.), Which involved Harry Shum Jr., who plays the show Mike Chang. Christopher Scott choreographer who has worked with both the main actors, and with a group of dancers, said that the show was different from the series for the most part because of the cooperation with the LXD of The [76] . The second part of the tour has a set list of the second season and with three new actors - Darren Criss, Cord Overstreet and Ashley Fink [77]  - was launched in May 2011 and was held in eighteen cities in the US [72] [78] and three European cities - Dublin, Manchester and London, to be completed in early July. Tour received favorable press reviews and became commercially successful in North America, the first part of the tour saw more than 70 000 people, and the amount received from the sale of tickets, more than $ 5 million, which put the Glee Live! In Concert! to ninth place in the list of "hot rounds" in 2010 the magazine the Billboard [79] . Total charges for 44 performances of more than $ 45 million with 99% of tickets sold [80] [81] [82] [83] . 

The first season of the series consists of 22 [84] . The pilot episode was aired May 19, 2009 [3] . Further broadcasting continued from September 9, 2009 [85] , and the show went on the air on Wednesdays at 21:00 until December 9, 2009, just thirteen episodes left. September 21, 2009 another nine episodes of the first season were Fox Customized [86] , the first of which aired April 13, 2010. These episodes aired on Tuesday at 21:00 [87] . January 11, 2010 it was announced that Fox approved the release of the second season. Its production started in June 2010. [88] [89] , and the show was launched September 21, 2010 with the release of the series on the air at 20:00 on Tuesday [90] . Total second season consists of 22 episodes. Show Fox was elected to fill a vacant time period, follow the broadcast of Super Bowl XLV in 2011 [91] . Initially it was planned to move the show at 21:00 on Wednesday, so that it went right for review of Super Bowl [92] . However, later Fox decision was reversed, and "Chorus" continued to be aired on Tuesday with the aim of strengthening the weaker essential grids Tuesday and Thursday. The third season was ordered by Fox on May 23, 2010. The early renewal of the show just a few seasons ahead allowed the creators to cut costs and plan writing a story in advance [93] . Broadcasting the third season will also take place on Tuesdays at 20:00 [94] .

The choir was purchased for distribution in many countries around the world, including in Australia, which the artist visited with an advertising campaign before the series premiere in September 2009 [95] , as well as in Russia, where c September 15, 2010 the first season of the television series under titled "The Losers" was shown on TNT [96] and in March 2011 under the name "Chorus" was shown repeated 22 episodes of the first season [97] . The second season was shown on TNT in the New Year holidays in 2013. The third season will begin on TNT at night from 6 to 7 May 2014. Also, the show is broadcast in Canada [98] . In addition, the show is broadcast in New Zealand [99] and Fiji; South Africa show is produced by the direct broadcast of Fox episode in broadcasting center M-Net in Johannesburg, not by transferring film [100] . In addition, the show is broadcast in the UK [101] , Italy - show a week later in the United States and the Italian dubbing - in Lithuania [102] . In Ireland, the majority of episodes shows a twenty-hour delay compared with the first night in the US and thus is a European premiere [103] . Among Asian countries, "Chorus" broadcast the following: Philippines [104] , India [105] , Malaysia [106] , Singapore [107] , Indonesia and Japan. July 2, 2011 the show began airing in Brazil in the Rede Globo network [108] .

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In addition to the first season of "chorus" were released three albums with soundtracks: Glee: The Music, Volume 1 , Glee: The Music, Volume 2 and Glee: The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers [109] [110] [111] . Two mini-album (EP) was released together with episodes of «The Power of Madonna» and «Journey to Regionals»: the Glee: of The the Music, of The the Power of Madonna and Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals , respectively [112] [113] . The Glee: the Music of The, the Complete Season of The the One , the album-collection, which includes 100 studio recordings of the first season, was released exclusively through Store the iTunes [114] . Five albums with soundtracks, accompanied by the second season of "Hora»: the Glee: the Music of The, of The Christmas Album with Christmas songs and Glee: The Music, Volume 4 , were both released in November 2010. [115] [116] [117] ; Glee: The Music, Volume 5 [118] , the Glee: the Music of The Presents the Warblers the [119] and Glee: The Music, Volume 6 [120] were released in 2011, in March, April and May respectively. Mini-album, titled the Glee: the Music of The, of The Horror of Rocky the Glee Show , was released along with an episode of «The Rocky Horror Glee Show», timed to the Day of All Saints [121] . Now Target were released two mini-album of six tracks - the Glee: of The the Music, Love Songs was released in the last week of 2010, and included songs from the episode «Silly Love Songs» [122] , and Glee: The Music, Dance Party released in September 2011 [123] . The second Christmas album series - Glee: The Music, of The Christmas Album the Volume 2  - released November 15 [124] , the eleventh album, Glee: The Music, Volume 7 was released December 6, 2011 [125] , and the twelfth Glee: The Music, Graduation Album of The  - May 15, 2012 [126] .

Several DVD was released and Blu-ray box sets "Chora". Glee - Pilot Episode: Director's Cut includes a pilot episode and a preview of the second episode of «Showmance» [127] . Glee - Volume 1: Road to Sectionals comprises first thirteen episodes first season [128] , and Glee - Volume 2: Road to Regionals comprises nine [129] . Glee - The Complete First Season was released September 13, 2010. It was also released Glee Season 2: Volume 1 [130] .

Publisher Little, Brown Books for now is in the process of release of five teenage novels related to the "Chorus", which are created in cooperation with the producers and creators of the show [131] . The first three novels were written by Sophia Lowell; First, «Glee: The Beginning», was released in August 2010 and is a prequel to the events of the television series [132] . Subsequent novels include «Glee: Foreign Exchange», released in February 2011 [133] , and «Glee: Summer Break», released in July 2011 [134] . Apart from the teen series was planned that Sue Sylvester, the character actress Jane Lynch, will write his autobiography in the second season; Murphy also planned that it will be released as a real book and Lynch go round in a supporting role Sue [135] [136] . But the book is not mentioned in the series for a second season, and has not been prepared for release. 20th Century Fox Consumer Products plan to release a line of products related to the "Chorus" [137] , which will include games, electronics, cards, clothes and stationery. Macy's launched a clothing line associated with the series, but Claire's - a line of accessories [138] .

Series rating on the website Metacritic , which exposes the assessment based on the weighted arithmetic mean of all reviews, is 78 points out of 100 based on 18 critic reviews [139] . In addition, the show from the very beginning was appreciated film and television critics. James Ponivozik, publications columnist Time The , ranked "Chorus" one of the best TV shows of the year [140] . He noted that the show had been flaws, but praised its ambition and "funny to the loss of breath" speech Jane Lynch as Sue [140] . Lisa Respers France of CNN noted that "leading to a catastrophe" plot, the charm of the show and its bravura been enough to attract the audience [141] . Following the pilot issue Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times called the show "Fortunately, unoriginal in a witty, imaginative way," and I found the characters stereotypical, but noted "a strong sarcastic pulse that does not detract from the character's personality and does not eclipse of acting composition" [ 142] . David Hinckley of The Daily News commented that the show "is not close to perfect," but "is equipped with a nice characters, a good sense of humor and skillful influence of music" [143] . Episode «Wheels» elicited criticism from artists committee with disabilities, according to which the election of a healthy actor for the role of a disabled student is unacceptable, what Brad Felchak said that despite his understanding of the complaint and frustration advocates of people with disabilities, McHale had the talent , charisma, and the ability of the actor and singer needed for this role [144] .

After the release of the episode «Showmance» Parents Television Council called "Chorus" "worst show of the week", describing it as "an adult, sexually-oriented TV series, which is not suitable for children" [145] . Nancy Gibbs of Time wrote that familiar with the opinion of working with the young preacher who openly called a series of "anti-Christian" and spoke:

The series has repeatedly been criticized by a number of public figures who believe homosexuality is too sharp display. In particular, after the release of April 26, 2011 «Born This Way» episode, whose central theme was the sexual self-determination of a few students, in an interview with ABC News conservative critic Dan Gainor said that Ryan Murphy was "the latest depraved initiative to promote his gay subjects ", and added:" This is a view only of Ryan Murphy, and not much of America, on how growing up should take place. This is a school in which the majority of parents do not want to give their children " [147] . After the episode with the first kiss Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, in which there was an American actress and defender of LGBT rights Kathy Griffin in the form of a policy of "facial features Sarah Palin" and member of the Tea Party [148] , Victoria Jackson, a former member of the show Saturday Night Live and active leader conservative tea Party, expressed his reaction in a column publication WorldNetDaily: «you have seen a series of" Chora "this week? Nauseating! <...> And besides, pushing its gay things in our throats, they make fun of the Christians again. It is interesting that in their turn? Hey, producers of "Chora", what's on your agenda? Nobody needs tolerance "- thus noting a negative reaction to the series of religious communities [149] . Another journalist and conservative, Larry O'Connor, noted that most matters is not the image of gay characters as such, but "intolerance and bigotry creators", aimed at the development of this topic [150] . Religious wing touched the use of the compositions of the singer Gaga, which itself becomes the object of criticism; series dedicated to her two tribute episodes.

Magazine columnist Variety , Brian Lowry was critical of the first episodes of the show, highlighting the development of the plot and the root of the problems described, and pointed out that the adult part of the cast "too similar to clowns, except Jayma Mays" [151] . Although Lowry praised the actor's play Chris Colfer and Lea Michele and certain aspects of characterization, he said that the talent show was squandered by his vague attitude, and the series was a "show one-day" [152] . However, after watching half of the season Lowry wrote that, despite the challenges of the series, its actors and musical numbers was enough to keep him at the screen, and in spite of these shortcomings, "the airwaves becomes poor, with the departure of" Chora "" [153] .

John Doyle of the Globe and Mail criticized the process of creating the series, writing that while the early episodes were nice to look at the success of the show has drawn attention to the main characters and the plot towards the invited celebrities and "lost its original sense of humor," [154] .

Several episodes of the second season have been targets of complaints of human rights societies. In particular, episodes of «Britney / Brittany», where the choir under the influence of anesthesia hallucinate images of Britney Spears, «Blame It on the Alcohol» , where students have a party, and Blaine Anderson after the intoxication begins to question his sexual orientation, and an episode of «Sexy "which addresses the issue of awareness of schoolchildren about sexual education. Parent TV Council episodes have been called the worst in the corresponding week of the show because of their explicit content [155] , and a series of «Sexy» also been criticized by the Organization for the Protection of Children Kidscape (Eng.)Which is described as "completely inappropriate" jokes about the Gary Glitter [156] . Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation opposed the use of the term «tranny» to refer to transgender in the episode «The Rocky Horror Glee Show», considering it offensive [157] . Episode «The Substitute» was negatively otsenon National Alliance of Mental Disorders for incorrect picture of bipolar disorder [158] . Nevertheless, the positive was estimated storyline relations Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson; several reviewers noted that "it was joyful to finally see Kurt happy" [159] [160] . 

In total, the series has been executed more than 300 cover versions and original songs, of which as singles released over 280 musical numbers have become a commercially successful: more than 42 million copies of the single cast member "Horus" was sold via digital distribution and more than 12 million albums purchased worldwide [4] . In 2009, 25 singles artists of the show hit the Billboard Hot 100 , which was the best result since in 1964 there was present 31 the Beatles song of The [5] . In 2010, greatly exceeding the previous record in the Billboard Hot 100 were already 80 singles [161] . In February 2011, the "Chorus" has surpassed Elvis Presley as the artist, most of the songs that were in the chart Billboard Hot 100 , but less than one-fourth of them stayed on the charts for more than one week [6] . Compositions «Do not Stop Believin '», performed by artists of "Chora", was awarded gold status October 13, 2009 with total digital sales exceeded 500 000 copies [162] , and on March 16, 2011 - Platinum, when sales exceeded one million [ 163] . A cover version of the song «Take A Bow» had a positive effect on sales of the original version of the singer Rihanna, raising them by 189% after the song was performed in «Showmance» episode [162] .

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However, from the critics it was also condemnation of the actors performed songs. So, John Dolan from the magazine Rolling Stone noted that Matthew Morrison "can not escape from the rehearsals 98 Degrees», and Andrew Leahy site Allmusic felt that Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron "can not sing as well as their colleagues " [164] . Joal Ryan of E! Online criticized the show for pereprodyusirovanny soundtrack and, in particular, complained that many songs rely too much on the height adjustment of the program sound, such as Auto-Tune. "For every too short when Lea Michele sounds rough and pleasant in" What a Girl Wants "or when Monteith sings amazingly credible REO Speedwagon in the shower, be sure to have Michelle Monteith sounding like Sher-nineties in the" No Air ", or Monteith that sounds like Monteith-XRZ-200 vnedushevoy version of "the Can not Fight This Feeling" » [165] .

During the second season, Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone noted the tribute episodes Britney Spears and the musical of The of Rocky Horror Show (Eng.)as examples of cases in which he praised the "Chorus" and the choice of music for the show. He paid tribute to Murphy for the choice and the resurrection of the "forgotten" pop songs and compared with the uniqueness of the show "at the height of the MTV", as the embodiment of popular culture [166] . In the third season episode salute to Michael Jackson, releasing "by Michael" episode, and set their own version of the musical "West Side Story." 

Some artists, including Slash, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters, refused to use his songs in the show that upset creator Ryan Murphy, and even caused the verbal attacks on the performers address unexplained fact that the ban on the use of music in the show was, in the opinion of Murphy, a bad decision [167] .

To refer to "Chorus" fans used the word "Gleek" [168]  - contamination word "glee" (eng. The chorus ) and "geek" (eng. Bonkers ). After the release of the episode «Furt» of the second season, whose name is a combination of the names of Finn and Kurt, the fans in a similar way have started labeling your favorite pair of series - Finchel ( Fin n + Rey pers ), Brittan ( Brit Tani + San tana ), Klein ( K urt + B lane ), etc. [169] . "Chorus" - one of the most frequently mentioned in the Twitter microblogging network TV shows [170] ; as Fox TV station hosted a competition "The Biggest Gleek", measuring related to "chorus" fan activity on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, and found that the growth of fandom surpassed sci-fi channel series [171] . The first cast member mini-tour, which took place in music stores Hot Topic network, was named «of The Gleek Tour» [172] . In addition, fans of the series have created many musical numbers - tributes to the show - and distribute them via YouTube. Following this trend, show producers included instrumental versions of some of the songs on the soundtrack to it [170] .

Pilot episode 9.62 million viewers watched [180] , and the number of viewers subsequent series ranged between 6.10 million and 7.65 million [181] [182] , from 8.13 million in mid-season [183] . In April 2010, after returning from the break, the episode number of viewers reached at the time a record for the series level at 13.66 million [184] , with the following ratings with 11,490,000 for 12,980,000 [185] [186] , falling to 8.99 million in the last episode «Funk» [187] and with 11.07 million as at the season finale [188] . As a result, it gave "Horus" the high rating of the final episode of the TV season of 2009-2010 [189] . In calculating the average number of spectators, only the first twenty episodes were taken into account, since the last two came after summing up [190] . After the game, the Super Bowl February 6, 2011 "Chorus" reached a record high in the number of viewers - 39.5 million people [191] .

"Chorus" received a number of awards and nominations. In 2009, the series won five "Satellite Awards" "Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy," Michelle Monteith became the winners in the categories of "Best Actor" and "Best Actress - Musical or Comedy," respectively, Jane Lynch won in the nomination "The Best actress "and Kristin Chenoweth was the best in the" Special award best actor invited in the series "category [192] . In 2010, the show was awarded "Golden Globe" in the category of Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy, and Morrison, Michele and Lynch were nominated as the best actors of the first and the second plan [7] . The series was nominated for two awards Guild writers in the categories of "Best TV series" and "Best new series" [193] . In addition, the "Choir" won in the category "The best cast of the comedy television series" 16 awards ceremony Guild Screen Actors [194] , and Pepis Barclay and Ryan Murphy won awards for best director of the television series of the Directors Guild of America [195] . In July 2010, the show received 19 nominations for the prize "Emmy", including "Best Comedy Series", "Best Actor in a Comedy Series" for a game Morrison and "Best Actress in a Comedy Series" for a game Michelle, and won four of them, including "Best actress in a comedy series" for the game, Lynch and "a visiting Best actor in a comedy series" for the game Neil Patrick Harris [9] .

In 2010 and 2011, the series was an award winning GLAAD Media Awards in the category "Best Comedy Series". In January 2011, the series was again the winner in the category "Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy" at the awards ceremony "Golden Globe" and the actors Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer won awards for "Best Actress - Mini-series, television series or TV movie "and" Best Actor - mini-series, television series or TV movie, "respectively [8] . In July, the show received 12 nominations on "Emmy" [9] . Cast of "Horus" was invited by Michelle Obama to the White House for the performance of the songs during the traditional Easter egg rolling [196] . In September 2011 Gwyneth Paltrow for her role of Holly Holliday has been awarded the prize "Emmy" for "Best invited actress in a comedy television series" [10] , beating other actresses "Hora" - Dot Jones, who played in the series coach Shannon Beast, and Christine Chenoweth, which played April Rhodes. The series was nominated in the category "Best Comedy Series" and Chris Colfer - "Best Actor in a comedy television series," but did not receive awards.

Based on chetyrohnedelnom North American tour Glee Live! In Concert! Film "Chorus: Live Concert in 3D», where the actors in their characters fulfill the composition of the series, was released in the United States August 12, 2011. The painting, which became a director Kevin Tancharoen, in addition to performances, also includes behind the scenes filming and was available in a limited box office for two weeks [17] . The film shows a 1.5-hour [197] concert singers "New Horizons" in West Rutherford, New Jersey, where the characters appear with the compositions of the first and second seasons [198] [199] . In addition to performances, the movie included a voiceover points and shooting fans, showing how the TV series influences the fans: homosexual, a teenager with Asperger's syndrome, and participant support team, from complexes because of low growth.

Critical reviews of the film were mixed. Site Metacritic put a picture of 48 points out of 100 [200] ; site Rotten Tomatoes rating of the film is 60% with an average rating of 5.7 / 10 based on 84 reviews, which, in particular, mentioned that "the audience who are not familiar with the TV series, the film will cause bewilderment, while fans will get exactly expect that " [201] . The film was released exclusively in 3D 2040 movie theaters around the world and the first output earned $ 5.7 million [202] , which was about two times less than expected the creators [203] . Rolled film two weeks raised $ 15, 298, 911 [202] with a budget of $ 9 million [204] .

In January 2010 it was announced that there would be an open audition for three new roles that appear in the second season of "Chora". Listening was open to professionals and amateurs from 16 to 26 years, and was conceived as a special multi-part television project, which is intended to release the creators as a supply for the premiere of the second season of the fall of 2010 with the announcement of new actors in the first episode. Murphy commented: "Now everyone has a chance to get into a show about talented losers. We want to be the first interactive musical comedy on television, " [205] . In June 2010, Joseph Edelien from the magazine New York Magazine said that the reality show will not move off the ground due to the desire Murphy concentrate on the main series, and fear that the turmoil of reality shows may harm "Hora". Edelien said that despite this, the number of winners will be selected and invited in the series for at least one episode of [206] . In June 2010 it was announced that the channel of Oxygen (Eng.)will broadcast reality show in June 2011, in which performers will be competing for a place in the "Glee" [207] [208] . The project was called The Glee Project , and began to be broadcast June 12, 2011, and the last episode was broadcast August 21, 2011 [209] . The main prize - the appearance in seven episodes of the third season of "Chorus" as a guest actor - got two parties and the two other finalists received dvuhepizodnye role [210] . 

June 7, 2010 the British Broadcasting TV network Channel 4 began airing Gleeful: The Real Show Choirs of America on your channel E4 (Eng.). The documentary covered the American phenomenon of show choir, inspired by the TV series "Choir" [211] . The story told by TV presenter Nick Grimshaw [212] , leads behind the scenes of these choirs and recounts the famous alumni of show choirs, such as Lance Bass, Ashton Kutcher, Blake Lively and Anne Heteuey [213] . The project was chosen edition of The Guardian and is recommended for viewing with the following comment: "It's a fascinating look at the real life," New Horizons ", and it does not lag behind its TV progenitor" [214] . Lucy Mangan responded positively about the film, writing: "It is, anyway, make your heart burst", and added: "It follows that" Chorus "is not just divinely funny, polished piece of escapism. It vérité of cinéma » [215] . It has been visited 411,000 viewers, representing 2.3% of the total audience network [216] . 

In summer 2010, Channel 5 in the UK aired the Do not the Stop Believing  - talent show, inspired by the success of "Chora". The show included live performances in which the new or experienced teams competed with each other, performing well known songs in new arrangements, and the winners are determined by voting viewers [217] . Looks as solo performers to unite with the groups to present the UK in the American League choral clubs [218] [219] . Channel 5 commentator, Richard Wolfe, commented: "There has been a surge in the medium of musical groups, and Do not Stop Believing will be very to the point on this fertile soil" [220] . Host of the show became Emma Bunton [221] , who said the publication of The Belfast Telegraph , that it was "a big fan" of the series [222] . The judges of the show were former actress of the British soap opera EastEnders Temsin Ousveyt, a member of the band Blue, Duncan James, singer Anastacia and choreographer of the film series "High School Musical" Charles "Chuckie" Klepou [223] .

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