Since childhood, Madonna - Louise Veronica Ciccone - would like. Admired men and women burning envy. In its five years of little Louise vengeance he flirted with the milkman and the seller in a nearby pastry shop. No, she did not need the cake. She just liked it when paying attention to her. For the sake of admiring glances she spat on corporal punishment, which often resorted strict Catholic school teacher, where she studied the future queen of show business, cut to a minimum strict uniform skirts, she paints her lips bright scarlet lipstick and walked with the boys.

However, if during their studies at the school in order to take possession of glances was enough to slightly shorten the skirt, then, came to conquer New York, Louise realized that her slight increase (of some 154 centimeters) and is not particularly noticeable face is easy to get lost in the crowd . But even then Madonna to shiver like to become a celebrity.

What tricks or had to go to win the audience's attention and sustain interest to the person! On the stage had to be the rock girl in a tight-fitting T-shirt and with aggressive make-up on her face, the vamp, provocatively dressed in a pointed bra or a corset, the girl from next door, the prophet of Eastern philosophy with his hands, covered with mysterious inscriptions in Sanskrit, the feminine and elegant beauty.


As a result of all these manipulations with the image of the naïve viewers the impression that they are the favorite over the years, does not age, but only changes its appearance. Probably something like say her favorite Indian philosophers, when talk about life as an endless chain of rebirths.

However, only one experiment with clothes, hair and makeup is not enough to mislead millions of people and make them believe that you'll stay forever young. This Madonna understood perfectly.

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her diet 

Somehow Madonna has admitted that, whether it will, it would only ate caviar and popcorn. However, when such a diet will not help to keep the figure is no yoga. And if so, I had to force myself to like cereals, half-baked fish and other low-calorie ingredients of Japanese cuisine.

The composition of authorized products rather meager: vegetables, unrefined grains, chicken or fish (once a day), pumpkin seeds, sunflower or sesame seeds (only as a condiment), apples, pears and a handful of nuts. Mangoes, grapes, bananas, meat, coffee, sugar and fizzy drinks are strictly prohibited.

Neutral singer breakfast consists of cereal or oatmeal, lunch - from soup made from pureed vegetables twice and dinner Madonna prefers a set of green salad, brown rice, steamed, and a small piece of white fish.

In between the main meals you can afford to chew celery, eat a slice of carrot circle cucumber or slice of lemon. Not very nutritious, but it allows you to save a great complexion and not have to worry about cellulite.

Her face   


Madonna has always been proud of the fact that, unlike most Hollywood parties celestials her face never touched the knife of a plastic surgeon. The injection of a special gel on the mouth - not in the bill, the more so compared to many peers Madonna augment the lips just a little bit.

However, the star managed to make the show even from the fact that ordinary women prefer to hide. In 2003, the 44-year-old Madonna shot a video in which viewers saw singer literally younger in front thanks to Botox injections. Of course, the shots in the clip were not real, but the scene is reproduced so real that it can deceive many.

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So there is nothing particularly fantastic in the video footage there, especially because the singer did not hide the fact that from time to time it is necessary to resort to life-saving injections.

To hide the age, I had to do away with aggressive make-up. Madonna sure he ages about five years.

her body


Even as a young girl, Louise knew for sure that it is by no means impossible to get fat. At its growth, even a few extra kilos will look as if she scored at least a quintal.

In his youth, to stay slim assisted acrobatics and dance classes. It dances helped Louise to survive in New York - the first time the budding actress and waitress part-lived on in countless dancers troupes. Money to visit the gyms and fitness clubs was not enough, so had to keep in shape with the help of available funds.

Residents of an apartment building, where under the roof lived Madonna, gradually accustomed to the fact that their neighbor makes daily hour and a half races up the stairs and long paces in a nearby park.

Then Madonna fell in love with a thick book. Not that she really enjoyed flipping huge tomes, books were simply excellent substitute dumbbells, the purchase of which could not manage to carve out finances.

Once there was a success on the stage, and with it the money to fight for the ideal figure connected personal trainers singer (currently five), and under the guidance of their star began to learn new sports.

The only it is not engaged! We were walking, and acrobatic rock 'n' roll, and fencing, basketball, and that the short stature of the singer was almost a feat for the sake of love (while Madonna was having an affair with the famous basketball player Dennis Rodman), and even boxing. Occupy the last Madonna began after she married actor Sean Penn.

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The fact that the hot Irishman often beat his famous wife, and Madonna has decided that she needed to learn to fend for themselves.

However, the most favorite sport to become a singer yoga.  

Once upon a time Madonna came across a statement by one of the Indian sage: "The one who managed to penetrate the secrets of yoga, like a blacksmith's anvil on which forged a lot of experience, but she is unchanged."

"Is not the motto for the fighter for eternal youth?" - thought Madonna and began to explore the exotic exercises which still devotes at least three hours a day. During yoga worked almost all the muscles, and as a result the eastern gymnastics fans have become not only relief muscles, but also the amazing flexibility.

And the fact that Madonna has been successful, it is obvious to all her fans.

Positive attitude, good nutrition and regular exercise - these secrets are available to you. They will help you in 45 years to look at the 30.

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