Cleopatra - the last of the pharaohs, the first of the women - politicians, I dream of the Egyptian-Roman Empire. Empire has become a real fact, after the death of Cleopatra with a difference only in the fact that the rulers of the empire were descended from Octavian, Caesar's nephew and not of Caesarion, his son. Cleopatra story of life, love and her tragic death is still not solved until the end. More than two thousand years, the image of Cleopatra is shrouded in a romantic aura of mystery. Historians agree that Cleopatra was a woman of exceptional intelligence, power-loving, charming, daring, ambitious, unscrupulous, insightful. She spoke seven languages, was the author of books on philosophy, units of weight, measurement and monetary system, as well as books about the hairstyles and cosmetics. Cleopatra expression now acquire interesting meaning.


Cleopatra revived the ancient rites of the religion of Egypt, adopted the symbol of the goddess Hathor - the daughter of the God Ra, and felt that a representative of God - the Sun on the Earth, the mediator between man and the gods.

On the walls of Egyptian temples (Dendera, Hermonthis) are reliefs depicting the Cleopatra, talking with God Amon. In the later years of the reign of Cleopatra dated events, leading the countdown "on (or after) Cleopatra alliance with Ammon."


The myth of Cleopatra's divine connection was not something surprising or original. Mythological fiction of this kind was used in ancient Egypt in respect of births Hatshepsut and Amenhotep III.

Cleopatra sought the desired result your brilliant mind, courage and boundless optimism, with the help of tricks, games, tricks, intrigues.

As esoteric saying, "Run thought forms or mental images to the materialisation" and then "let go of the situation" and achieved desired.

For the Roman poet Horace Cleopatra was a woman of "crazy enough to bear the most fantastic hopes of being the darling of destiny".

Cleopatra was the last queen of ancient Egypt, one of the daughters of King Ptolemy XII. She became queen at age 18 and remained until his death a person, which tell the most beautiful and most mysterious stories. Here are some of them:

* Cleopatra was identified with Isis, Venus - Hathor, Venus - Aphrodite. There is a legend that one of her famous pearl earrings was cut into two pieces and Venus statues graced the ears of the Roman pantheon. coins have been found, which depicts Cleopatra as Aphrodite with the baby Caesarion, who represented Eros.

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* In the ancient city of Ephesus (modern Turkey) it was discovered the tomb of the sister of Cleopatra - Arsenault. Analysis of the remains suggests that the mother was an African Arsenault. Scientists suggest that the mother of Cleopatra and Arsenault had a concubine of Ptolemy XII. Perhaps in Cleopatra African blood flowing.

However, according to Arthur Weygand in his book "Cleopatra. Last Queen of Egypt "," Cleopatra in the veins, probably flowed and the proportion of the Syrian blood, as her grandmother, her grandfather's mistress Latira Ptolemy, was out of the nation. Cleopatra, of course, was Macedonian, Greek and Iranian genes. "

* From the story of the ancient Greek philosopher Plutarch known that Julius Caesar "conquered proof courageous mind Cleopatra" when she told Apollodorus from Sicily to roll her in blankets, tie a rope, and so carry through the palace gates to meet with Caesar.

* Julian calendar, which is based on our present calendar system has been developed by a group of Alexandrian astronomers headed by Sozigenom and introduced by Julius Caesar from January 1, 45 BC. e. by offering to invite Cleopatra to Rome her court astronomers, who introduced a new calendar system, based on the Egyptian calendar.

* When Mark Antony Cleopatra called the first meeting, it postponed it several times. At this time, Cleopatra secretly threw up a huge ship - surprise. The huge vessel of precious wood under crimson sails, exuding a fantastic fragrance, sailed to Antony at dusk to the sound of soft music. When Anthony came to his senses from the shock, the twilight deepened, and the ship was lighted grand illumination.


* In the historical chronicles mentioned bet Cleopatra with Antony, the essence of which was the fact that she can easily spend an amount equal to several hundred thousand sesterces per meal. When the end of the feast Anthony calculated the total cost, Cleopatra said: "Now I will try to spend a specified amount on myself." The queen took off her earrings with two huge pearls, each of which cost more than half of the amount stated in the bet, he took one of the pearls, threw it into a bowl of vinegar and drank the contents.


* According to Plutarch, after the feasts that Cleopatra organized for Anthony, the queen gave each guest a sofa on which he was lying, goblets, standing in front of him on the table, and the most important guests - palanquins with slaves porters. Less important guests it provided a golden horses in harness.

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* To commemorate the marriage of Antony and Cleopatra were minted coins, which depict their heads, and their names are written. In honor of this event Cleopatra beginning of a new chronology of his reign, and on the coins, issued six years later, next to the head of Anthony and the queen is the inscription: "In the reign of Queen Cleopatra, in 21 minutes, which is also the 6th year of the Goddess."


* For the entertainment of the Romans at the feast, Cleopatra once ordered to strew the floor of the banquet hall rose two feet in height. Flowers form a continuous carpet through nets that were stretched over them and attached to the walls, and the guests went to their lodges for fragrant carpet.

* Waste of Cleopatra knew no bounds, and it seemed an inexhaustible wealth. The alchemists of those times believed that the queen held the philosopher's stone, which gave her the opportunity to turn base metals into gold.

About Cleopatra said that the queen does not get drunk because of the magic ring with amethyst, which has the ability to expel fumes from the head of the one who carries it.

* Galen (ancient physician) remained a curious recipe of Cleopatra for the treatment of baldness. Perhaps this was the recipe that it was Caesar who hides his bald pate under a laurel wreath Emperor. As treatment advised Cleopatra "Pound red sulfur and arsenic mixed with oak resin. Putting the mixture on the cloth, and applying pre-lathered well bald spot. "

* Cleopatra gather a collection of various poisonous potions and often went to prison, there to conduct their experiments on convicted criminals.

* Of all the stories told about the huge scientific curiosity of Cleopatra, the most unusual is the story set forth in the Talmud (Nidda). It tells about the experiments conducted by the queen with her maids, was sentenced to death. Experiments were conducted to determine the point at which the fetus takes shape, becomes an embryo. I am trying to establish when really born persons by entering into his soul.

* The historian Christopher Schaefer believes that Cleopatra did not die from a snake bite, and from the deadly cocktail of opium and hemlock plants. After studying ancient medical texts, the scientist said that the death of a cobra bite occurs within a few days and appear spots on the body of the victim. Cleopatra wanted to remain beautiful even after death, so use a mixture of opium with poisonous plants.


Interesting facts about Cleopatra

However, they are all writers of antiquity issue of lethal force snakebite and the intended use of his Cleopatra, allowed Eliane Claudius - Roman writer and philosopher. He wrote, "it is extremely difficult to detect symptoms or signs of snake bites and snake venom surprising speed. When the court Octavian noticed two tiny puncture and trail snakes in the sand, they realized that without the serpent there has not been. "


Cleopatra's death was a kind of ritual acts with deep meaning, ritual, subordinates strict canon. Cleopatra, Octavian asked to resolve to bury Mark Antony in Egypt. She wanted to be buried next to her husband, wanted to play as the myth of Osiris and Isis.

Tomb of Cleopatra was part of the temple buildings, the remains of Queen rested on the shrine of the Goddess Isis, with which it was identified. Mausoleum hit its height and was built of precious marbles. Plutarch reports that on the orders of Octavian, the last queen of Egypt was buried beside his defeated wife - Roman.

The Roman historian Dio Cassius asserts that the body of Cleopatra as Antony was embalmed. But that's where the tomb of Cleopatra and Antony, nobody knows.

Earthquake, tsunami, armed conflicts erased from the face of the earth the ancient quarter, where generations of families have lived Cleopatra 300 years. Now the greatness and glory of ancient Alexandria buried deep in the seabed.

In April 2009, the Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass of Egypt said that a radar survey of the temple Taposiris Magna (modern Abusir) showed three important anomalies. One of which may be the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

Osiris Temple is located 45 kilometers west of Alexandria and was built during the reign of King Ptolemy II. This sacred place - one of those where the legend has been buried body Osiris (or one of its fragments).

120-meter tunnel filled with sand was found under the ruins of the temple. After cleaning it, scientists have found a death mask of Anthony, the statue of Cleopatra and 20 coins with her image minted in Egypt during the reign of Queen.


Cleopatra pre-plan everything - how to live it, how to die and how should find her sarcophagus. It remains only to wait for the completion of excavation.

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