"By their fruits ye shall know them.
Do men gather grapes of thorns,
or figs from thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit;
but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. "
(Gospel Matt. 7:16)

On With the advent Roksolany (Hjurrem) in the harem, its relations with the inhabitant of the Topkapi were extremely complex and contain only managed to female quarrels Walid, thanks to its position and authority and Ibrahim Pasha, the influential vizier and a close friend of the Sultan. The main opponent to Hjurrem was the third wife of Suleiman. And if Gülbahar was yet inaccessible to Hjurrem, then another harem battered by our heroine. Cunning machinations Hjurrem contributed to the fact that many of the lost beauty of the Sultan location. Some were donated to the harems of the Ottoman nobles, someone became the first victim of newfound knowledge Hjurrem about poisons. Especially disliked Hjurrem Slavic concubines.


Hjurrem bloody struggle for power.

Rumors about quarrels and Hjurrem Gülbahar, who was older than the new mistress, went beyond the Sultan's residence and were made public. For example, the Venice ambassador described the fight between two women, provoked Hjurrem. Gülbahar hearts arrogant opponent scratched face. After this incident, the ratio of the third wife of Suleiman has changed and has become the new favorite of the favorite concubine.


Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent (Kanuni)

It strengthened the position of the Sultan Hjurrem births. Firstborn - Mehmet was born in 1521. Altogether Hjurrem Suleiman and had five sons and a daughter. In Hjurrem favorite was her third son Selim (the fourth child), she in that whatever was decided to make the next Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Fearing increased influence on the Sultan, which has provided him Hjurrem, Walid Suleiman's mother tries to call to mind and gets in the way of Hjurrem. According to one version of the Turkish historians, Hjurrem twice tried to poison Walid, but killed only the servants of the latter. However, the mysterious death of Suleiman's mother suggesting in 1534 that the third attempt was successful poisoning.

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A year before the death of Walid (in 1533), Gülbahar was sent into exile.

After the death of the Sultan's mother, the Ottoman Empire shaken by news that the sultan's concubine Hjurrem was his official wife. Before this event, the traditions and practices of the Muslim court never more so not violated.


Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha

The next main rival Hjurrem became Vizier Ibrahim Pasha. We have already mentioned that he was a close friend of the sultan and was even with him in the relationship because he was married to one of his sisters. Ibrahim Pasha, a prisoner removed from the territory of modern Greece, he lived and was educated in Manisa, together with a small Şehzade (heir) Suleiman. The boys were the same age and were friends. After 1520, when he was Sultan Suleiman increasingly relied on Ibrahim Pasha, Grand Vizier of making it in 1523. Sam Ibrahim Pasha was a very educated, polyglot, a talented diplomat and governor. His work has brought many benefits of the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman was so fond of his grand vizier, which vowed that Ibrahim will never be executed during the reign of Suleiman.

But Ibrahim Pasha embarked on the road to power in an ambitious Hjurrem. She began methodically to inspire Suleiman, Ibrahim Pasha all their achievements in the political and military scene does not for the sake of the Sultan, but in order to elevate himself higher than the ruler of the empire. She assured Suleiman that Ibrahim Pasha organized a conspiracy against the Sultan. Then Suleiman decided to withdraw his oath on the sanctity of life his vizier. Chief imam of the Sultan issued a "Fatwa", that is, the decision to abolish the oath, but with the proviso that Suleiman will begin construction of new mosques in Constantinople.

So, Inviting Ibrahim, during dinner, he gives a sign Hjurrem, so she opened the door for the four executioners. Pasha killed long struggle noise and screams heard the whole accident Topkapi. Later, the mutilated body of a former close friend and relative of the Sultan was thrown outside the walls of the palace.

Freed in 1536 from last opponent, Hjurrem cemented his lofty position. Make important political decisions, he participated on a par with the Sultan in the political life of the Ottoman Empire ...

The tenacity with which Hjurrem was in power for 14 years, is striking. A result of her struggle puts Hjurrem in some of the most influential personalities in the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Selim to the throne!

Hjurrem, becoming the ruler of the Empire on equal terms with her husband Suleiman, began to clear the way to the throne for his favorite Selim. The boy grew up to indulge in, poorly managed. To somehow cope with a child

Selim II

Selim II

mother gave to drink his wine, while Selim became more calm. Desire to learn the boy did not show, preferring entertainment.

To his feet Hjurrem, figuratively speaking, put about forty were slain by her orders Suleiman children.

There is a version that the victim of the struggle for power has become the firstfruits Hjurrem - Mehmet. By order of the most sultanas he was poisoned (he planted cloth contaminated with smallpox). But this is only speculation level.

In addition to the boys born concubines Suleiman, who just could theoretically lay claim to the throne, Hjurrem dealt with archrival Selim.

Şehzade Mustafa, son of Suleiman

Şehzade Mustafa, son of Suleiman

Mustafa - the eldest of the survivors of the smallpox outbreak sons Suleiman was the main contender for power. Mustafa was the darling of society and greatly respected in the Ottoman army. To get rid of it, Hjurrem used the same method of struggle for power, as with Ibrahim Pasha. Mustafa announced conspirator. Suleiman ordered to execute him. Mustafa strangled green silk cord, which allegedly wove itself Hjurrem. After Mustafa Suleiman dealt with family grandchildren (children of Mustafa), the youngest of whom was three years old. Third wife and mother of Mustafa Suleiman Gülbahar went mad after the news of these executions.

Dzhihandira saved from the hands of his mother's congenital malformation. He was a hunchback and could not claim the role of the Sultan. But Dzhihandir, as a young man is very clever and kind, could not bear the thought that his mother killed his half-brother, and he died soon after Mustafa's execution in 1553.

Abdul was "lucky" - died in infancy.

Gate of Topkapi Palace

Gate of Topkapi Palace

But Bayazit - Hjurrem fourth son, felt the will of the mother, even after her death. Sow the seeds of suspicion against Suleiman Bayazit, Hjurrem already could not be eyewitness of the execution of his fourth child account, as had died three years earlier. Hjurrem could be satisfied with myself. The path to power for Selim was cleared. Suleiman, who survived his wife for eight years, handed over power to Selim, who made history as Selim II drunkard.

Beginning of the End.

Selim II of the long, only eight years. He received from his father a strong, rich empire to its peak of development. narrative framework does not allow us to dwell on educational and charitable activities Suleiman, who not for nothing called the Magnificent. His own son - Selim II preferred to spend his time in a fun and drunk, committing political and military one mistake after another. Finally, drunk after the military defeat of about Cyprus, he smashed his head, falling in the bath. And all the subjugated peoples cheered when he realized that the Ottoman army is not so invincible.

Turkish historians point during the reign of Selim II as a point of beginning of the end of the great Ottoman Empire.

Here's a role-played Roxolana Hjurrem in the history of the Ottoman Empire, leading to the power at the cost of many lives your pet - Selim.

Until we meet again, with respect, Elena.

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