Vagit Alekperov

September 1, 1950( 09.01.1950 ) (65 years old)

Baku , Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic , USSR

Vagit Alekperov (Azeri. Vahid Yusif oğlu Ələkbərov ; September 1, 1950, Baku) - owner and manager; Director General of the production association "Kogalymneftegas" (1987-1990), assistant (1990-1991) and Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR (1991-1992), president of the oil company "Langepasuraikogalymneft" (1992-1993), president and co-owner of the largest oil companies Russian "Lukoil" (1993).

With a personal fortune of $ 8.9 billion, in 2016 it took the 9th place in the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes [1] .

Vagit Alekperov, was born on September 1, 1950 in the village of Stepan Razin (Baku, Azerbaijan SSR) in the family of oil worker and was the fifth child in the family. His father - Kerbalaevich Yusuf Alekperov, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, the executive committee of the worker, an ethnic - Azeri and mother Tatyana Fedorovna Bocharov [2]  - Russian [3] , a Cossack. His father died in 1953, when Vagit was three years old, and his mother raised the children alone [4] .

From 1972 to 1974, Vagit Alekperov worked as an operator for oil and gas production association "Kaspmorneft" [2] . In 1974 he graduated from the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute in specialty "Mining engineering technology and complex mechanization of oil and gas fields" [3] . In the period from 1974 to 1979 he worked as a Senior Process Engineer District engineering and technology services N 2, shift supervisor, foreman of oil and gas production, a senior engineer, deputy chief of the oil NGDU name A.Serebrovskogo ON "Kaspmorneft".

Subsequently he worked at different positions in the guiding oil industry [5] :

In 1995, Alekperov was elected chairman of the "Imperial" the bank's Board of Directors. In the same year he was inducted into the College of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy [2] . The head of "Lukoil" has developed into a big business in Belarus. He owned one of the largest private oil traders involved in the supply of oil, its processing and export, the largest private network of filling stations, as well as a joint venture for the production of additives to motor Novopolotsk "Naftan". [6]

According to Forbes magazine, personal wealth Alekperov for 1996 was 3.7 billion [2] . First wage Alekperov was officially unveiled in 2002 in connection with the forthcoming deployment of ADS on the state-owned stake in the company. At that time, according to the five-year contract, salary President "Lukoil" was $ 1.5 million per year plus annual bonus - $ 3.336 million (150% of salary) [7] .

According to the rating of Forbes, published in March 2009, the state Alekperov reached $ 17.8 billion, he is ranked 27th in the world rankings of the richest people [3] . As of February 16, 2012, Alekperov held the 5th position in the list of richest Russians with a fortune of 10.6 billion dollars [8] .

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In 2015 Forbes list ranked the 6th place with a fortune of $ 12.2 billion [9] .

Alekperov owns only - 20.4% of the company "Lukoil" under evaluation "the Forbes" [10]

Vagit Alekperov conducts extensive social and charitable activities. His main creation in this area - Fund of regional social programs "Our Future" - was founded in 2007 and has since been actively promoting and supporting social entrepreneurship in Russia. Vagit Alekperov also included in the Fund "Skolkovo" board and is the founder of a number of other charities.

In October 2015, the mansion-Zinoviev Yusupov in Greater Afanasyevsky lane was opened Museum of Numismatics International, based Vagit Alekperov. In it exhibited the numismatic collection Alekperov, pre billionaire spent building restoration (ruinirovannom was in a state of [11] ), which lasted five years [12] .

Vagit Alekperov, has repeatedly publicly stated and confirmed that, according to wills its stake of "Lukoil" (more than 20% of the company) will be transferred to a specially created charitable foundation [13] .

When he was the head of "LUKOIL" Vagit Alekperov defended his thesis on "Formation conditions and the sustainable development of vertically integrated oil companies," the example of the company headed by him, and in 1998 received a doctorate in economics. In the same year two of his books have been published [14] .

In 2014, Alekperov was awarded the title "Honorary Professor of Volgograd State University" [14] .

Vagit Alekperov also is an active member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences [3] .

Vagit Alekperov is married, the spouse - Larisa V. Alekperov. In 1990, he became the father Yusuf, who graduated in 2012 State University of Oil and Gas. Gubkin in "the development and exploitation of oil deposits" [5] .

In his spare time, he prefers to communicate with friends, travel [22] , to play tennis; Relaxing prefers Crimean [5] .

Vagit Alekperov hobby - numismatics. The existence of the collection was confirmed in October 2015, its exact composition is unknown, but according to some sources, it is among the three largest private collections in Russia [23] . According to Forbes, the private Museum of Numismatics Alekperov exhibited more than 700 coins, which is about a quarter of the entire collection. Basically it up gold coins from antiquity to tsarist Russia, a small amount of silver coins, and platinum coins 3 [24] .

In the spring of 2016, the media actively discussed has information on buying Vagit Alekperov vineyards in the Crimea, shortly after joining the peninsula to Russia. Company "Elias", allegedly affiliated with the billionaire, bought 36 hectares of former vineyards "Massandra" [25] . In this case, for the site, under the terms of sale exclusively for the cultivation of grapes, it has been paid several times more than its market value. In this regard, there were fears that the new owner can take buildings of this land, and destroy the vineyards.

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Most criticism in connection with probable bargain Alekperov suffered by Ukrainian media, the Russian legal experts point to a high risk of sanctions against entrepreneurs from the EU and the US, in case of buying the information is confirmed [26] .

In 1974 he graduated from the evening department of the Azerbaijan Institute
of Oil and Gas. Azizbayov specialty "mining engineer for
technology and complex mechanization of oil and gas

From 1972 to 1979, Vagit Alekperov worked in oil and gas governance. A.P.Serebrovskogo
Production Association "Kaspmorneft" (OGPU them.
A.P.Serebrovskogo ON "Kaspmorneft") drillers (1972-1974), an operator
of oil and gas production engineer (1974-1977), chief of
shift (1977-1978), master (1978), a senior engineer - deputy
chief of the oil (1978-1979).

From October 1979 to 1985 Alekperov worked in Siberia
Production Association (PA) "Surgutneftegaz". In 1979-1980 years
he worked as a senior engineer, chief of oilfield №2 NGDU
"Fedorovskneft" PO "Surgutneftegas" (Surgut Tyumen region).

In 1980-1981 he was the head of Central
Engineering and Technology Service NGDU "Kholmogorneft" ON
"Surgutneftegaz" (pos. Noyabr'sk the Pur district of the Tyumen region).

From 1981 to 1983 he served as Chief Engineer - Deputy
Head of the OGPU "Lyantorneft" PO "Surgutneftegas" (village Lyantor.
Surgut district of the Tyumen region).

In 1983-1985 he worked as head Alekperov NGDU "Povhneft" ON
"Surgutneftegaz" (pos. Kogalym Surgut district of the Tyumen region).

From 1985 to 1987 he was the first deputy general
director of Western Siberia "Bashneft" (pos. Kogalym Surgut
district of the Tyumen region of the RSFSR).

"Kogalymneftegas" was the General Director for 1984-1990 years.

From January 1990 to 1991, Vagit Alekperov, served as deputy minister of oil and gas industry of the USSR.

In 1991 he was appointed First Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR.

Since 1991, Alekperov - the vice-president of the International Oil Consortium (MNCs). Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Oil Exporters.

In late 1991, Alekperov has initiated the creation of the Oil
Concern "Langepas-Urai-Kogalym-oil" (later - "Lukoil"),
recorded November 25, 1991 as a division of
the Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

From 1992 to 1993 he headed the oil Alekperov group "Langepas-Urai-Kogalym-oil."

April 5, 1993 the State Concern
"Langepas-Urai-Kogalym-oil" was transformed into a joint-stock company
"Oil Company" LUKOIL ", presided over by the Alekperov.


From 1993 to January 2000 Alekperov was chairman of OAO "LUKOIL" the Board of Directors.

In 1995 - 1998 years Alekperov was the chairman of the supervisory board, a member of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Bank Board of Trustees of "Imperial".

In 1995 - 2000 years - Chairman of the Board Bank "Petrocommerce" directors.

In 1996 - 2002 years was a member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Volga-Kama oil company."

In 2001 - 2004 he headed the board of the Association of Scientific and Technical Center of NK "LUKOIL".

In 2001 - 2006 he was the chairman of OAO "RITEK" board of directors.

Since 2000 - Chairman of the "LUKOIL International GmbH" supervisory board.

Since 2005 - a member of the government commission on
fuel and energy complex and reproduction of mineral resources

In April 1996 - during the presidential campaign of the Russian Federation - Alekperov was a confidant of President Boris Yeltsin of Russia in the Tyumen region.

In 2000, Alekperov joined the board of the Russian Union
of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP). He subsequently twice - in
2003 and 2006 - was re-elected to the board. In June 2006,
Alekperov was headed in created in the RSPP Committee on
energy security, energy efficiency and the development of industries

Alekperov - PhD, member of the Russian
Academy of Natural Sciences, the author of several books and scientific publications, including
monographs "Vertically integrated oil companies
of Russia: Methodology of formation and implementation" (1996) and "Russian Oil:
Looking top manager" (2001 ).

Vagit Alekperov - twice winner of the Prize of the Government
of the Russian Federation, awarded four orders and eight medals,
including the Order "Badge of Honor" (1986), Friendship (1996), Glory Order (for
merits in development of economic relations between Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation),
the medal " for development of mineral resources and development of oil and gas complex in Western
Siberia, "the Order" for services to the Fatherland »IV degree (2005).

According to the rating of Forbes, published in March 2007, the state of Vagit Alekperov reached 14.3 billion dollars in 2007.

According to the rating of Forbes, published in March 2009, to
2009, Vagit Alekperov, was one of three Russians, included in the
hundred richest people in the world. Alekperov state, according to the magazine,
reached $ 7.8 billion. In the world ranking of the richest people in
the world in 2009, it occupies 57 place.

Alekperov is married, in 1990, his son was born - Yusuf.

The material is based on information RIA Novosti and open source

According to the newspaper "Kogalym Vestnik» № 37 (75) September 2005

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