Lieutenant General Sergey Viktorovich SIVER

The commander of the 29th missile division from 09.2004 to 07.2006
Born June 24, 1962
Graduated from the Rostov Higher Military Command Engineering School (1984), the command department of the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces named. Peter the Great (2000), the Military Academy of the General Staff (2004).

He served in the Missile Forces in the following positions: Engineer Group, Head of the calculation, the chief of department, deputy commander of the start-up group, the commander of the group start, the deputy commander of the regiment in combat management, chief of staff of the regiment, regiment commander, chief of staff of a missile division (Barnaul) commander of a missile division (Irkutsk), Deputy commander of the missile army (Orenburg).

In June 2004, after graduating from the Military Academy of the General
Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel SV Seaver is appointed to
the post of commander of the missile division.

In November 2005 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome combat crews
division was successfully conducted combat training launch of the missile complex "Topol".

In June 2006, Major General S. Seaver is appointed
Chief of Staff of the Orenburg Missile Army.

He was awarded the Order "For Service to Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces" III of degree,
medals "For Military Merit" and "For Military Merit".


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