While the tale evolved, composer Gennady Gladkov wrote to her music. Couplets immediately liked not only group working on the film, but their singing and other studio members.

Gennady Gladkov, Inessa Kovalevskaya, ...., Max Zherebchevsky


Studio "Soyuzmultfilm" did not have the necessary capacity to record the music as the composer conceived it. Long agreed with the studio grammzapisi "Melody". We invited the quartet "Accord", while very popular, consisting of two female voices and two male.

  • Record was scheduled for the night - another free time to "tune" the studio was not found. Recorded music orchestra of small, made up, which consisted of mostly young musicians. Orchestra conducted by the composer himself, Gennady Gladkov.

It was the turn of singers - performers. Party offered to sing Troubadour Oleg Anofrieva - stage actor with a pleasant voice. At the last moment it turns out, the quartet "Accord" did not attend the post! Really abandon studio "Melody", produced with such difficulty? Catastrophe! Middle of the night we managed to get through to the singer and the singer Elmira Zherzdevoy Anatoli Gorokhov .... Here we are!

Anatoli Gorokhov


With barely started recording ... It's just fortunate that in making the film attended a wonderful sound engineer, and later composer Victor Babushkin. Recorded serenading troubadours, their duet with Princess. Turn came ensembles. And it turned out that Oleg Anofriev - a good simulator. Sound engineer recorded the singer on individual tracks, then all joined together, adding juicy bass Anatoli Gorokhov. Bo-o-Olsha secret! - she sang for the King weak tenorochkom Gennady Gladkov. We got to the verses of these robbers, and again a dead end ... At the head of the gang should be a woman - Atamansha. Lyric soprano Elmira Zherzdevoy did not suitable for this. Then Oleg Anofriev offered to sing and atamansha! All were dumbfounded. But he insisted, then asked which of the actresses have to "see" as atamansha? - Most likely, Faina Ranevskaya? - Well! I will try to "turn Ranevskaya"! - said Anofriev and went up to the microphone.

Oleg Anofriev and Elmira Zherzdeva


Recording ended safely. All we sighed with relief. As stated in the Russian proverb - a blessing in disguise! Grammzapisi from the studio "Melody" went home in the morning. Not yet awakened Moscow with clean streets and rare car seemed to be wonderful, life - amazing and quite happy ...
Zherebchevsky Max and Inessa Kovalevskaya

Source: //www.adme.ru/tvorchestvo-hudozhniki/bremenskie-muzykanty-nepridumannaya-istoriya-615355/

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