Today is the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the song contest "Eurovision 2017" to be held in Kiev.

At the moment, opinions upolnomchennyh Russian showbiz insanely disagree about the prestigious competition. Such artists as Joseph Kobzon , Oleg Gazmanov and Philip incline all to boycott the music competition. In the media and social networks continues consideration of a possible boycott of the international contest "Eurovision-2017" on the part of the Russian Federation. Not once expressed doubts about the safety of Russian artists who go on "Eurovision". Supporters version of refusal to participate believes that Ukraine will not be able to ensure the safety of participants, in spite of all the declarations of the organizers of "Eurovision". March 12 deadline is indicated when the artists can apply with a song in the competition.

Recall that the "Eurovision-2017" will be held 9, 11 and 13 May at the site of International Exhibition Center in Kiev.

"Eurovision 2017": who will go from Russia

In that case, if you ignore the issue related to a possible boycott, it becomes clear that the Russian Federation in 2017 to choose between the two artists from the show "The Voice": Alexander Panayotov and Daria Antoniuk. Give to any of them, preference is still difficult, because no specifics on this issue does not comment.

Meanwhile, there is very little up to the moment when the rules of "Eurovision" Russia should give the name of the candidate, or the sound another solution, namely the boycott.

The right choice of the participant from the Russian Federation was granted the First Channel. However, he still has not made a final choice, which is slightly unnerving the public. Previously it informed that the decision will be announced by 13 March. There remains only one day.

As for the reasons that can be mentioned in the official report from the Russian side, so it is impossible to organize the security of the participants in Kiev from Russia. However, before the Ukrainian authorities have stressed the fact that they will do everything possible to the event was held at a high level without incident.

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